Monday, June 26, 2023

The five false religions that supposedly “secular” Americans are picking instead of Christianity!

 The five false religions that supposedly “secular” Americans are picking instead of Christianity. Is failing to vote immoral? Is America a post-constitutional country?

5 fake religions filling the void:

Earth worshipers- environmentalists

Religion of Power- government, teachers unions

Religion of Scientism- Rachel Levine, covid mandates

Religion of Tolerance-difference between being compassionate and tolerant, Christians are not called to be tolerant of evil, 

Religion of anti-racism-most dangerous and infectious-also the cult of diversity

-immediate threat to our democracy (CRT, Social Justice, SEL-Social Emotional Learning, & DEI-Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

If you are not a Christian then you must accept the fact that as America becomes less Christian something damaging will replace it. 

Society-the question is America heading in the right direction as we become less Christian? The facts show no-we are more depressed, more drug addicted, more divided, more hateful, etc…

Manufactured Synthetic Worldviews- Satanic influences- Demonic elements-creating moral and societal chaos 

As America becomes less Christian it becomes less free

Why Left Hellbound to push transgendering our society? our kids? Agenda:

-they do not believe in the innocence of children(Dr. Kenzy-”a view of sexuality -

“The only unnatural sex act for a child is that which a child cannot perform”

-belief kids are sexual beings and should be having sex with adults

-They believe they are liberating children from the Christian Western norms of saving yourself for adulthood for sexuality

-You liberate yourself to higher consciousness if you engage in sexual behavior at a younger age

-perverts and groomers-pastors should be speaking out of it 

-Trans deal

-2 fundamental truths is there is a God and we are not him

-these 5 fake religions do not acknowledge these truths

-Trans agenda being supported by abortion advocates is we are here to make nature in our own image

-They look at themselves in God-like terms 

-fundamental philosophical agreement abortionists have is that we human beings should be able to determine life and death because we want to be like Gods 

-They yearn for the power that only God has

-Bible is clear that murder is wrong-it is prohibited-commandment 

-vertical religion of scientism & abortionists

-Modern science founded by Sir Frances Bacon-popularized by Sir Issac Newton-Christian based on a logos to the world-we explore with wonder and awe, but we did not create the world

-not change nature to our liking-laws of nature are to be inquired not changed to human liking

-1800’s German historians strove to change nature to human liking-reconfigure nature- creating the eugenicists movement that Nazis used to try to exterminate the Jews-

-based on the will of the human being to exert  control over nature because I want it that way

Trans movement:

-same philosophical idea pathogen that I am going to change the chromosomal make-up of a human being because I want it that way

Biblically: the use of “I will” is used by Satan 

Christian: “God will”

-trans fight is fundamental

-it is war on Biology, truth, language, natural design, child innocence, vocabulary, reconfiguration on our norms and practices, for a mentally delusional minority, and requires us to reconfigure all of society for people who are obviously tormented by something and instead of giving them compassionate care we have to change our language, our bathrooms, our sports, etc…

-They want to introduce a pattern of thinking that your nature if you do not like you can go through a series of choices to wage war on creation itself (this is dangerous but it is untrue)

-transmovement is deceiving. Gender affirming care-surgeries removal or additional body parts doesn’t change the DNA of a person, it is camouflage, it is a costume, it doesn’t change the being that you are 

-transmovement is a gateway-media building 1st stages of man merging with machine-it is trying to get you to be open minded to transhumanism 

-If your kid is under 5 years old and you can change your gender then you can change your species and hook up to a machine and be like God

Fear of not being kind in not speaking up in this culture war:

-more interested in telling the truth

-Jesus was not kind to people you used and abused their power 

-He was not kind to people who told lies

-He was harsh 

-Instead of being kind you want to be loving-to be loving is to tell the truth

-being kind means to affirm their lie (ex. Trans person)

-doctors lose license giving into mental delusions (ex. Liposuction to an anorexic to lose weight)

-If you love someone you tell them the truth to bring them to a place where they can flourish

-Psalm 97: 10 If you love God you hate evil

-God doesn’t command you to be nice or kind to people who are evil so if you love God then you must hate the acts of evil people

-cross exam evil with truth

-fear of being called a racists-makes for puppeteers-


End times?

-pointless fight-Calvary churches-eschatology

-it is irrelevant on what you will do and your actions today 

-occupy until I come-what do you want to be caught doing when Jesus comes back-If you truly believe then stand on courage-no promise it will be easy-

-non-conservatives movement?

-woke infiltrates the church, communities, schools, government

-be vigilant

-counterfeit religions coming for your state and if you be kind to those evil parts then you will lose your vote


-vote in or out of immorality

-hierarchy of the good and defiance  of the hierarchy

-business of the community-politics-who is in charge of your community-who is making laws in your communities-weak pastors not engaged-what is a human being-if God Jer. 29 7:2-welfare tied to city you are in-voting is the easiest-no vote means no care of city and people-act of defiance-no clear to me which side I should vote for? Church not essential? 

Trans People are the soul of our nation-by our government

-when you blow off the us constitution like lockdowns, mask mandates are post constitutional order- 

Juneteenth-federal holiday:

-Do you want a revival of the promise of 1776 or the bitter insidious lie attempting to divide and destroy of 1619 (1619 project)-racial complaining day-smear and slander white America-BLM-Critical Race Theory-

-If Juneteenth was really about emancipation, why not,

September 22, 1862 when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation?

Or January 1, 1863 when the Proclamation took effect?

Or December 18th, 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment?

Because it isn’t about emancipation, which was one of America’s great moral achievements. It's about creating a summer time, race-based competitor two weeks before July 4th, which should be the most unifying civic holiday on the calendar.

S.475 Juneteenth National Independence Day Act (2 independence days in our country-marxist racist agenda)

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