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Satan's Trojan Horse for the Christian Church: Compassion & Christian Nationalism

The full interview with Charlie Kirk and un-woke pastors link and my notes from the interview is below the crazy headlines. Our churches need to regroup with headlines like these:

Methodist Church Calls on Minsters 'to Repent of Any Hurtful Language' like 'Husband' and 'Wife."

Self-Proclaimed 'Ecosexual' Takes Nature Loving to the Next Level, Says She's in Relationship with Tree

Link to the full interview:

Race, gender, sexual preference = wokeness of the church

Interlace the above with the trojan horse of compassion

Prepare your people to be hated for the cause of Christ!

Pastors should do:

 -need to be okay with people leaving when addressing the issues

-Jeremiah 36-words to people-to kings- in church today

-equip people on what we believe and why we believe it

-giving people a foundation in scripture 

-not stress over hurt people’s feelings, but be emboldened with truth of Scripture

-youth ministries need to tell the truth

-stop compromising with “your turning off young people from the church” because you are preaching talking biblical values

-doing right by people who have no foundation of what they believe, tell them the truth

-teach convictional truths and stop watering down the Bible 

-stop editing the Bible to reach people-false convictions 

-Scriptures = preaching of the Word that saves people

Consequences of a woke church:

-evangelicalism: idea need to impact the culture, be relevant, teachings of the world mix it with bible 

-Where is the compassion? Water down! Is not loving 

-pastors/leaderships' job is to be nicer than Jesus in the Bible

*****not the job of pastors/churches to be the PR man for Jesus

-pastors who remove truth do not Biblically love people

-pastors that embrace wokeism: they have removed themselves from teaching the Old Testament

-disorder/desire to be approved, accepted, and respected by the left politically, theologically, let to pastors compromising on sexuality, compassion muscle, duped by the schemes of the enemy, 

-worldview is rooted in culture, youth is raised on this with what the culture teaches and really do not know the bible

-fear of world backlash

-Bible is watered down: you are doing just fine but you would do them better if you just had Jesus

Ex. out on a Jesus shirt and go to a drag queen story hour

-cherry pick the Bible, so only teach the parts I like

-confuse compassion with not speaking

***the goal is for the culture to look at them(pastor/church) and say you are great

-they want the praise of the world

*** they do not like Christians to point out their is problem so not willing listen to brothers and sister when calling them out on their secular wokeness

***If they like me then they will like Jesus

*** I compromise on what is most important to you and I give that to you so you will love Jesus

-feminize Jesus-He knew how to be tough

-promise eternity with secular labeling like a false pronoun-knowing it is contradictory from God’s truth 


-cru: campus crusade: their standard operation to use pronouns even if it is not true

-DEI advisory boards 

-false! proven way to start conversation is compromising God’s word to win a soul

-lie a little to save them big

-I know better than Jesus

-good intentions is not God’s wisdom

Should do:

-affirming is keeping them captive with Satan 

-transgender-welcome them in-but not affirm them in the lie-tell the people of truth

-truth: God made male and female and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply = God’s definition of family

-transgender-represent love of God in your interactions with the person, but you can say no to using false pronouns 

-same woke ideologies taking over the church, Christian colleges, and Christian music

-abuse frames every relationship with oppressor and oppressed

*****critical theory and intersectionality = the more grievance laden oppressed labels layered on one person the more oppressed so deserving of all they are saying must be embraced and followed 

Ex. Intersectionality 

Church: Biblical approach? Or a secular approach?

-the church is downstream from culture and needs to impact:

-law, entertainment, government, family, education, and the church 

-Christians can’t just stay in their little bubble-Satan coming for all people

-seminary and Christian colleges are being infiltrated with woke culture and compromise 

as they have their DEI boards

-secularism guts the gospel of saving power

-Biblical viewpoint is becoming the minority

-we need live and engaged churches

3 types of churches today:

Fully Woke = compromised God’s word top point of being an apostate

(Apostasy is the rejection of Christ by one who has been a Christian. …" "Apostasy is a theological category describing those who have voluntarily and consciously abandoned their faith in the God of the covenant, who manifests himself most completely in Jesus Christ.)

Soft Woke = sensitive to woke people and woke issues, but haven’t necessarily abandoned conservative biblical theology. They will just be quiet about controversial issues.

Not Woke Churches = just trying to teach the truth with grace and represent the word of God to the best of their ability, so God is blessing them as they lead the way to revival

Which Church do you want?

-people want pastors who are clear, have convictions, who show courage, and are compassionate

-Liberalism says to be soft on the truth to be able to love people

-legalism says to be soft on love in order to truth people

Good advise:

Dennis Prager: When I read the Torah and I find a part I don’t agree with then I assume I am wrong and the Torah is right. 

Politics doesn’t belong in the church: 

-the world shouts that the right wing politics have destroyed the church, No, the left wing politics may have ruined the church-But the church cannot be destroyed!

Why it matters:

The world uses truth and error, so it take truths that all evangelical believe and relativizes them 

-the world moves the window a little to the left and creates a new synthesis

-systematically moving the church to the left to justify punching millions of Christians who are questioning things like I don’t want to trans their kids, or  there is something wrong with DEI ideology, economy, or climate justice doesn’t make sense, etc……

*****Christians are told they shouldn't care about: politics, ethics, theology, worldview, morality, 

-the war of truth and error goes back to the Garden of Eden

Christian nationalism: 

-false-liberation theology for white people


-How did God order the world?

-It looks at how we want our society to be ordered and governed.

-Do we want globalism or tribalism?

-More practical and realistic option is nationalism

-US nationalism looks at society: values govern society and the way we govern ourselves, so will secularism be our guiding value system in society?

****myth of secularism: it is not a neutral environment, everyone just do their own thing, we will all thrive together, we will all prosper together, we will all be so tolerant and love and hippies and puppies for everyone, no such think

-people are either going to choose Christianity or various options like Islam with sharia law, -founding fathers letting the values of scripture  guided their governing vision for America

5 counterfeit worldviews-


-new spirituality

-post modernism



****the world uses “Christian nationalism” to push   that churches are pushing a form of Sharia law who are trying to overthrow the republic and the constitution with blasphemy laws (twisted wokeism)

-try to call Christians/churches Nazis without using that word

-liberation ideology accuses the right of tyranny and are the oppressors 

****Truth: secularism has its blasphemy laws = not affirming gender or pronouns they are shunned from society 

*****Truth: coercing religion doesn’t make Christian 

Now what?


-freedom and liberty is God’s idea

-told us what are the 2 greatest commandments: love God, love people

-taught us how to pray 

-Christians have a new life in accepting Jesus

-Jesus shapes our view on all aspect of life, politics deals with life such as sexuality and family so Pastors/Christians cannot avoid politics

-founding fathers’ quoted Deuteronomy as they penned our founding documents 

-we must have values and morals in society

****believers are not expected to overthrow the government, but work with it through a biblical worldview to flourish-through our laws 

God established 3 spheres:

-family, church, and civil government

-church leadership role is not to govern society, but it is to teach and disciple Christians' (only one sided)

*****all spheres of government led by the recognition of  the kingship of Jesus over all spheres of governance but have them remain separate

7 Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” 8 Yes, this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: “Do not let the prophets and diviners among you deceive you. Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have. 9 They are prophesying lies to you in my name. I have not sent them,” declares the Lord” (Jeremiah 29: 7-9).


-wrong for churches/Christians to do nothing with attitude of no point as we are in the end times 

-live like he will come tomorrow/ it is not an either or but an and still plant trees and live life as God has planned for you-live with hope

-Jesus will return-we don’t know the day or time-so let Jesus find you working diligently for His Kingdom

“I am not on the planning committee I am on the welcome committee”

Is it time to leave a woke or soft woke church? Red Flags:

-pastors who have people retreat and not fight for the kingdom of God

-if a pastor waffles then the youth will follow that waffling-leadership trickles down

Red Flags:

-waffling on female pastors, 

-part of social justice movement, 

-racial recognition

***Jesus already did that. He already reconciled the races

-must stick with what the bible teaches, so when a pastor skips over scriptures is a red flag

-if the pastor is afraid to offend, so skips over controversial chapters like in the 1st book of Romans 

-secular identity can be rooted in Christ = no such thing as a stealing Christian

The cleansing church:

-send pastor words of encouragement is leadership is ready to remove wokeism

-encourage others to focus on Jesus as Lord of your life

-refocus on surrendering your own life and will to him

-expect a pruning season a church or person goes through when you truly choose Christ and to follow him wholly

-speak the truth and know it will be tough for 2-3 weeks, but then it gets better leaving those who want truth and expect church leadership to center in on Jesus and only on His Biblical truths

Best advice:

Choose hated by the world because you are outspoken for God rather silent of God and loved by the world

Even Jesus went through dark times:

“From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land. About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?’ (which means “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”)

“For creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the Son of God.  For the creation was  subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Romans 8: 19-21).

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Ever heard of Paulo Freire? 1970 book named "Pedagogy of the Oppressed"

 Who is Paulo Freire? 

-He also built his philosophy  on Mao? Influences America’s education today!

-Problem-posing education, coined by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire in his 1970 book Pedagogy of the Oppressed, is a method of teaching that emphasizes critical thinking for the purpose of liberation.

-Freire was decidedly Marxist, but his language never canvassed the political landscape with the usual Marxist-Leninist argot.

“He did, however, view capitalist education as reproducing the social relations of a dominating and exploitative social order, and that the typical nostrum of “improving one’s lot” through education was often an ideological veil channeling human solidarity into false narratives of individual hard work, reward, and progress.”

What was Paulo Freire's contribution to education?

-Freire developed an approach to education that links the identification of issues to positive action for change and development. While Freire's original work was in adult literacy, his approach leads us to think about how we can 'read' the society around us. For Freire, the educational process is never neutral.

What are Paulo Freire's views on education?

-Critical Pedagogy - Freire believed that education should challenge learners. Teaching should require students to examine existing power structures and the inequality inherent within them. Education can allow people to attempt to transform these structures.

-The main objective of Paulo Freire and his philosophy is to educate people about their own potential as human beings, to show them that they have the power to change themselves and the world around them for the better.

What does Paulo Freire argue that education should be in his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed?

-In the book, Freire calls traditional pedagogy the "banking model of education" because it treats the student as an empty vessel to be filled with knowledge, like a piggy bank. He argues that pedagogy should instead treat the learner as a co-creator of knowledge.

What are the main tenets of Freire's critical pedagogy?

-A central tenet of Freire's critical pedagogy is "conscientizacao" or critical awareness that precedes action. Critical awareness begins when learners become aware of sociopolitical inequities and then take action to mitigate those contradictions.


-Freire’s literacy programs for empowering peasants are now used in countries all over the globe, and Pedagogy of the Oppressed is currently the third-most-cited work in the social sciences, and first in the field of education.'s%20literacy%20programs%20for%20empowering,in%20the%20field%20of%20education.

Critical Pedagogy:
-Knowledge should relate to and develop from the lived experiences of participants
-Knowledge should be co-created between all participants in the learning process
-Education is inherently political
-To become aware of one's own and other's oppressions
-To make connections between personal experiences and wider social forces
-To develop critical thinkers who create knew knowledge
-Co-create a flexible curriculum using authentic materials, generative themes, and finding teachable moments
-Cultivate hope and symbolic resistance
-Pursue democracy and equality in learning environments 
Sound familiar?

Education today: Maoism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism-United States of Freire

-Implementation of DEI is a virus in America


-diverse against the American values and free enterprising System so it means outside the American values system so you bring in those who are against. It is the excuse to hire people who are against American and our values of your company and institutions


-administered economy where all shares are adjusted where citizens are made equal. Also the definition of socialism


–policies they feel welcome and that they belong to all the time, by removing people who disagree with them, giving them special accommodations, giving them special policies and rules. Letting them have a seat at the table, letting them take over your thing from the inside

-Crude social credit system without the digital aspect of it yet 

Let’s Review DEI:

-Identity politics: 

-Maoism: It is a doctrine to capture State power through a combination of armed insurgency, mass mobilization and strategic alliances. The Maoists also use propaganda and disinformation against State institutions as other components of their insurgency doctrine.

-Mao model-social credit system-just get youth to enforce social emotional set of values-denounce and hate the history of our country

-Marxism: The model of Mancuso who followed the Mao Model of Deconstruction-whatever must not exist must be relentlessly criticized until you reduce it down to nothing= family, marriage, virtue

-remove capitalism and reshape the mass culture to shape personal desires

-Marxist worldview: equals victimhood, victimhood is noble, currency, and only way to aristocracy. We are living in the oppression olympics. There are incentives to find victimhood labels. You are automatically important if you express a label (ex. Trans-gender person of color=oppressed and victimized by society)

Communism: oppression is bad because we are on the outside so move to middle to be the oppressors

-socialism is the first stage of the worldwide transition to communism

Socialism: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

The DEI Disaster :

Original video with Christian Watson

Points Made:

-Diversity used to mean: People of different backgrounds were free to join a group or association.

-Equity used to mean: Enforcing equal standards for all individuals and groups.

-Inclusion used to mean: Allowing people of every background and identity to participate in a group or association.


Now diversity, equity, and inclusion all mean applying unequal standards to ensure preferential outcomes for individuals and groups based on Race, Sex, and Gender Identity.

DEI Goal:
Advancing only those who are not white, heterosexual, and male at the expense of a white heterosexual men regardless of their respective qualifications 

How to Combat?:

I refuse to be lectured about racism (or any other topic) by someone who hates white people