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Worldviews in Popular Culture Presentation-click read more-then click the link

 Here is the link to my presentation on worldviews in today's culture: Individualism Naturalism Postmodern Pantheism Christianity

How To Lead When You’re Not in Charge

Tanya Attebery 13 April 2022 Leadership 102: Self-Leadership How To Lead When You’re Not in Charge      I have learned a lot from this book. The most significant statement that stood out to me was “the first and foremost responsibility that is fully under your care is yourself. You are in charge of you. You are in charge of your attitude, your development, and your growth.” (Scroggins, 31). During my Central lessons I also found that I am living out my life for an audience of one also connected to my own thoughts about me being a leader when I am not in charge. That audience of one is God and how I live out my life matters to Him. It is what will be replayed as I enter eternity with Jesus. Following the example of Jesus is important to me so I gleaned three points that I plan on using though out the rest of the time God gives me on this Earth. Point 1: “When you’re not in charge, there is something that wants to get into your heart and your mind and make you unhealthy” (Scrog

A Tale of Three Kings Book Response

  Tanya Attebery 27 March 2022 Leadership 102: Self Leadership Where to buy link: A Tale of Three Kings Response Paper      “A gift is worn on the outer person; an inheritance is planted deep inside” (Edwards, XVII) is the first quote that stood out because like a seed planted under ground and not seen can bloom into a vibrant plant or flower. A seed planted in the heart fills the inner person which when it blooms is seen on the outer as the true reflection of God cannot be hidden. He bursts through people in vibrant colors even in times of pain, sorrow, and challenging times in life. Job 6:10 states “at least I can take comfort in this: Despite the pain, I have not denied the word of the Holy one” ( ). Samuel in David’s youth told him he would be Saul’s successor as his heart sought after God’s own heart and throughout the book David in his youth refused to respond normally to Saul’s angry