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Liberal World Order : Warnings and Signs are Here

 Brian Deese – economic and political advisor for the Biden Administration – was asked in a CNN interview what he would say to American families struggling because of gas prices. His response left many people stunned. Deese told CNN anchor Victor Blackwell: "This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm."

Liberal world order? Are they serious? Of course, the first question is, what does that even mean? One thing is for sure, based on the agenda, and the disturbing legislation we’ve seen the radical Left pushing in recent years, it certainly doesn’t sound like a world where school choice, pro-life pregnancy centers, protected speech for all people, and secure borders are valued. 

It’s important to note that this was the answer Deese gave in response to a question about how the Biden Administration would answer working families struggling to pay these sky-high gas prices who ask how long this pain at the pump will last. His less-than-empathetic answer: “As long as it takes.”

Not “we understand and we’re really working on it.” The response from Team Biden is essentially: “Too bad. So sad. Not our fault.”

It’s mind-boggling. The Administration that claims to be progressive, to be compassionate and forward-thinking is finally behaving like the elitists they actually have been all along. Hopefully, more Americans will finally see it now.

My truth, your truth

Truth defined through subjectivity:

-everyone has their own truth which is at the heart of the transgender movement

-False truth=I have a different material truth and we can’t have some agreed upon precepts

-Education is teaching nothing has an absolute truth

-I spin my own course and destiny

-if you disagree with my truth then you get shut down 

How do I respond?

***plant seeds, love people, when tragedy strikes they turn to those with faith not their atheist friends-they believe no rhyme or reason for life so things happen. Those with faith rely on absolute truths to minister to those with no faith 

Standard of Truth 

When confronted with subjective truth Ask the question, is that true? 

Self-defeating statement doesn’t meet its own standard:

Ex. Is it true there is no truth because if it is true that there is no truth the claim that there is no truth can’t be true but it claims to be true.

-It is absolutely true there are no absolutes-Is that an absolute? All truth is relative so is that a relative truth? No, it is objective truth

-When told no truth, ask if that is the truth of truth? The argument defeats itself.

Ex. argument that there is no truth so the Bible teaches you are not to judge. Wrong!

When asked why are you judging me for judging you for judging me?(Circular argument-no standard of truth)

Biblical truth:

Jesus: didn’t say not to judge,but stated don’t judge lest you be judged. Jesus stated you will be judged as you have judged others-there is a standard so there is an absolute truth

Jesus tells people how to judge not to just  judge but he warned to be careful as you judge and he gave examples: When you judge the speck in another’s eye you may want to take the log out of your own eye first. 

*****Jesus was teaching about Hypocrisy

There is No God argument

Moral implications if there is no God affect societal moral implications:

-Determine own morality and own truth so what difference does it make to have children exposed to pornographic materials-all is relative

Reasoning from effect to cause:

The effect known as the universe back to a spaceless timeless immaterial cause


Romans 2:15 and Hebrews 10 both speak to the laws that are written on our hearts. 

-morality is universal-every person has a sense of right and wrong-can be skewed by warped darkness 

-new covenant at Pentecost with the Holy Spirit in the heart of the Christian

Laws are Affected 

Laws are pressing on us so what are the effects?

Morality brings in a standard of laws

Policies and laws do not regulate morality

Reasoning back from affect to cause:

No God, no right or wrong just your opinion (ex. Just your opinion and Hilters or whoever you believe to be evil)

Ask: What is not a matter of opinion?=  murder, rape, universal wrongs like stealing

Answer: Objectively morally wrong then there is a standard of what is good and what is bad

Ask: Where do we get that standard?


-Generation unable to differentiate what is real and what is wrong or right

-Plague of imagination-neuro profile damages from screen into real physical life

Argument: I don’t believe in God because I can’t see him

Ex. You can’t see logic but you believe in it like justice. It can't be seen but it works in courts when a person is treated justly or unjustly. Love is not a thing you can see, but 

Worldview: argue with a materialist who only believes in molecules-so when asked what is love his response was it is a chemical

*****Jesus-you believe he exists because he left his effects behind

I am spiritual not religious


Question: What do you mean the Bible has been proven inaccurate? What evidence do you have to disprove the Bible? 

Ex. Universe is a miracle as it came to be out of nothing-space time and matter began out of nothing-don’t have to argue the whole Bible but just the 1st verse that God created the heavens and Earth then everything that follows is possible

Ex. Miracle: how your organs work without you having to think about it.

Ex. Childbirth: as the baby comes out people don’t yell evolution, but what a miracle 

Ex. Truth of Jesus resurrection:

Arguments countered:

Principal of embarrassment: If the author is willing to put out there their own embarrassment then probably true as most people will not put out information that will make them look ridiculous

-won’t lie to make yourself look good but don’t lie to make yourself look bad

-Men wrote the new testament-men wrote about them being cowards and fearful of the romans-but depict the women as courageous as they were the 1st to go to the tomb after jesus death

-No sense to make up a story that gets you killed-doesn’t make sense


- No sense to make up a story of stealing Jesus body-get kicked out of synagogue tortured and killed

-Stole body while roman guards fell asleep, romans don’t want to look bad and if they fell asleep it was a death sentence for them-bad argument

-If a Roman guard fell asleep how do they know what happened?

Need non-christians writers vs. new testament writers were biased:

-All Jews but Luke a Gentile

-they all believed in yahweh and that they were the chosen people-why invent a story in which they didn’t believe would happen

-Jews not believe a man would claim to be God as it was blasphemy

-They didn’t believe a person could resurrect in the middle of time

-They knew we would all resurrect at the end of time according to Daniel 12

-If they knew the consequences, why would they say Jesus rose from the dead? 

Truth: Cold case for Christianity-by Jay wallace 

Murdered body-three reasons the person is dead

  1. Sex issue

  2. Money issue

  3. Power issue

Apply to Jesus murder and New Testament writers:

  1. Did this make them popular with the ladies? 

  2. Did they get money?

  3. Did they get power?

NO-they were all persecuted. Ex. Paul had power and gave it up to be persecuted 

Christianity: is not true because we put together a series of documents put under one binding we call the Bible that says it's true

-Christianity would be true if the Bible never existed because there were 1000’s of Christian before the Bible was ever written because they were witnesses-they saw the truth of the resurrection of Jesus

-Christianity didn’t begin with a book, but an event-the resurrection-result of the resurrection these Jews wrote it down and went to their death sentences saying resurrection is true

-New Testament writers didn’t create the resurrection-the resurrection created the New Testament writers

God implication death of God-politically-totalitarianism and socialism

Roe v. wade decision=we are not a theocracy-you can’t push your religion on people

Argument: we are not imposing religion, we are not legislating religion, not telling people how where when to worship-not telling people they have to part of a church or believe certain things about God so not legislate religion 

Trying to legislate morality: All laws legislate morality-all laws say one behavior right and the other wrong-people who say they have a right to abortion is a moral decison-trying to put that into law and they are absolute right 

If your solution to your problem is a dead baby you have the wrong solution-never a solution if it requires a dead baby

Defender of the moral point of view is essential not have to be a believer- If we lose self-evident truths grounded in our creator- only 2 ways to govern= govern by the truth principle or govern by power-left by power not principle-shutdown-cancel debate-impose our will on you-can’t defend their view-without God there is no way to have a right to anything so they just impose their opinions on people, 

***Reference: I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist- by Dr. Frank Turek

Transition to no God

Live and let them rule has taken over the philosophy of  live and let live

Gender movement

-laws of nature-natural law-God created Man and Woman-secular humanist go after our children-hormone blockers-reality of what they do to a body-chemical castration-teenage girls-lie pause puberty-pills to kill off reproduction parts-then the lie you can just pick up on puberty when you want-arrow pointed toward girls

-only get over self-image if you change your gender-if not feel comfortable in your body which is normal and work through it-but popular as trans-surgical intervention-irreversal surgical-it is propaganda-abusing your child to not want transitions-gender affirming care-chemical castration

-Education teachers and counselors should not affirm you, but continue challenging you to bring you toward goal

-Educators should not pacify with the attitude of meeting kids where they are at-instead clinical therapy is pushed so result is not  to build self-esteem

-instead effects are a generation ofmost suicidal, sexual confustion, gender normative and confusion

-hyper radical messages-who is behind it: pharma will make money off your children. No confidence in big pharma: money and power go back to book (Turek) Parents need to speak up

-irreversible mental and  physical damage

Lie: God made me this way

-Christians are being deceived or not speaking up due to a defeatist attitude

-Church should speak up against “God made me this way so I can’t do anything about it.”

Truth: absolutes and standards

-If it is true that you can do anything you want to do whenever you want to do it then alcoholics would be the freest people in the world. 

-But truth: Alcoholics will tell you that being alcoholic is not being free. Other Ex. drug addicts, hoarders, etc…addiction Bible: Paul wrote about drunkenness 

-Freedom is restraining yourself from your fleshly impulses as it keeps your soul at peace 

-dont indulge in sin-need more and more drugs-hit bottom-then need to seek absolute truths

****Point North is North (truth) even in middle of a storm or battle 

Churches mistakes

-Church-love them accept them but Jesus calls us to love them so tell them the truth

-Jesus accepted sin because he dwelt among the least so he saw nothing wrong with sinners so let people live in their own truths

Wrong: Jesus loved them so much not to validate them but bring them out to live in liberty-Jesus said  have a heart for humanity, but don’t lie to them. Ex. when he would tell people they were forgiven he would tell them to go sin no more-get out of that lifestyle-Ex. Jesus constantly debated with Priests and the Pharisees as their hearts were dark and mistreating those who need the light the most.

Worldwide consequences (U.S. the target of destruction)


What do the World Economic Forum, Chinese Communist Party, and Bill Gates have in common? Buying up farmland 

-Chinese own 100 million acres of farmland

-ability to produce food-bread basket of the world-give us strategic advantages

-use free market-we allow our enemy to come in and buy farmland that could end up in food shortages

-Bill Gates gets approval to buy the majority of farmland  in North Dakota? 13.5 million dollars. He is the single owner of farmland in the united states-270,000 acres owned 

-currency collapse is coming-whoever owns the food supply will be rich-if currency collapses there will be a need for a barter system-restructure new currency coming in

-rebranding independent truck drivers to “gig worker” puts them under working directly for the government and therefore under their rule (go green products, electric grid, electric vehicles, devaluing the U.S. dollar)

Go Green Go broke:

3 functions needed: Food, water, energy (fundamental necessities of life)

Not diversity, equity, and inclusion

US has abundance of these necessities 

#1 in farmlands, water reserves, and oil in the world 

-Wrong: windmill and solar panels are going to power the world

-not close to a green energy power grid 

-today world powered by fossil fuels-80% of global energy (oil, gas, coal)

-India and China uses more fossil fuels not less

-Media is ignorant-politics-social justice climate justice can’t just rename things, but doesn’t change the need for power grids

-oil and gas will be necessity to run power grids in a non-negotiable way

-US is rich because we are rich in natural resources 

-Notice: shortages in food and energy-prices rise because we don’t have enough of them

-Biden blames PUtin tax increase: gas and grain

-Gas buddy did a study over twenty years to see when gas prices skyrocketed. Before Russia ever went to war with Ukraine gas prices started to rise-Putin couldn’t secretly take over US gas and its prices

Ex. Rising gas prices November 2020-November 2021 rise in gas prices 66%, Highest gas prices since 2002-

-Joe Biden campaign: He promised to end “fossil fuels” by canceling pipelines and terminated oil and gas leases, he rejoined the Paris climate agreement with no explanation

-If climate is such an existential crisis and China and India are using more fossil fuels than they did 10 years ago and no one is saying anything about it then maybe this climate change global warming is not 

Biden administration:

-Rights are not inalienable written in the constitution, but that the constitution is fluid  

-Democratic party says there is no God so opposite of founding fathers that said our rights come from God and the government should protect those rights. 

-Politicians loan you those rights instead-and can take them back at any time based on your level of obedience 

-government decides what drugs to inject in your body- if you can have BBQ at your home, repay student loans, landlords evict tenants who refuse to pay rent, price of rentals and home buying out of control, 

***Biden tells you what rights you have and under what condition-no permanent rights as an American Citizen so states and local governments have no rights either

Ex. Law banning child chemical castration, but Biden not like that law so anti-dicrimination laws will be put on notice by the department of justice and department of health and human services that laws and policies that provide care for transgender minors conflict with constitution and federal law 

Ex. Politicians can’t tell doctors what to do-because the constitution protects the right to minors to get chemically castration when it falls under transgender rights-called the gender ammendment

***Gender affirming healthcare is a constitutional right-life saving of youth to allow them to transition as minors- calling it best practice-to cut off parts and puberty blockers 

-Puberty blockers: mental and physical consequences

-Agenda: gender affirming sex education material for little kids, is it normal to watch porn? Yes, intended for young children. One video shows a kid masterbating in front of a computer screen. Another video kids learn all about oral sex (cartoon friendly)-upt to you on what you believe is sex-5th grader-your decison-no parental involvement 

-point is to destroy parental authority-destroy the core of the family-

-libs of tiktok:teacher bragging to kids about her sex life and telling them she is pagan so she is a witch that is gender fluid 

-sex and religion shoud not be intruded by the governemt to overrule parental input into their childs life -Biden want control over family values beliefs

-in reality over centuries-if an adult showed up on a playground and showed nude pictures would be committing a sex crime-want control 

***EX. Politicians push allegiance to pride flag 

***attack on don’t say gay law in Florida-which is inaccurate-guy in charge of transportation on the view calling you a criminal beacuse you not ingested his views about sexual values 

No answer but attacks they have no plan to deal with inflation and gas prices 

Remove women:

Hawley: Why are you using the term “person with a capacity for pregnancy” instead of woman?”

Bridges-berkeley law professor: “Your line of questioning is transphobic and opens trans people to violence.”

Hawley: “you’re saying I’m opening up people to violence by saying women can have pregnancies?”

Fight for Educational change

Comprehensive school choice. Free exercise clause. Parental choice. 

Supreme court-the money follows the independent choice of the parent.

Self-government requires self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. When people don’t follow an accepted standard moral code, the government keeps passing new laws to try to force them to, which creates bigger government and more expense and less freedom for everybody.

If we react to setbacks based solely on what feels good right now, we greatly lower our chances of enjoying a happy future. But if we believe there is even a remote possibility that our actions have lasting implications beyond the immediate, both within and beyond our lifetimes, it should cause us to think differently, live differently, and leave a different kind of legacy.

 If we possess a soul capable of living beyond our lifetimes, then the seeds we plant in this life will yield fruit forever. If you believe those things, the ultimate becomes more important than the immediate.

Videos for reference

Monday, July 4, 2022

Education: Race and Groomers


****No abnormality and no normality

****Alfred Kinsy opined that humans are naturally bisexual but religious precepts and prejudices have forced people into chastity, heterosexuality, and monogamy-endorsed sodomy-saying that all forms of anal intercourse are natural and healthy

Alfred Kinsey: ‘Father of sexual revolution’ who claimed babies have orgasms and child rape is benefiial to the victum. (His research influenced social and cultural values)

-Kinsey reports “Sexual Behavior in Human Male” (1948) & “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” (1953)

-Biologist whose goal: revolutionizing sexual customs to normalise and legitimise his many illegal fetishes

-Kinsey’s Reports include infant orgasms where he hypothesized that infants are orgasmic from birth, so incestual relationships and paedophilia benefit children

-”Children are sexual and potentially orgasmic from birth (womb to tomb), are unharmed by incest, adult/child sex, and often benefit thereby.”

-belief that “all orgasms are ‘outlets’ and equal between husband and wife, boy and dog, man and boy, girl, or baby

-Kinsey wanted sexual taboos and sex laws to be eliminated so called for “cultural conditioning” 

-1960’s sexual revolution embraced Kinsey’s sexual behaviors theories as an instrument social reforms 


Kinsey-based sex education has put children at risk

A Movement: Government-SDC-Education-your kids

-CDC used a study called “Adverse Childhood Experiences” which looked at various childhood experiences that affected their development and foresee could result in early death. 

-CDC list of negative childhood experiences:

1.Physical and emotional neglect

2. Emotional and sexual abuse

3. Domestic Violence

4. Divorce

Recently added

5. Discrimination (CRT and transectionality, added gender identity to curriculm)

6. Community Disruption

7. Lack of Opportunity

8. Social Capital 

***CDC points that all students can be categorized in one of the above areas so the government has a duty to develop a plan to tailor education in a way that “helps” kids. 

Government intervention model (government’s solution based on CDC today called “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child.” This model changes the role of schools and teachers into places of therapy. This model assumes that every child has some issue. The trick is to identify a label for every student  ex. Oppressed, oppressor, gender confused.

List of model intervention in 10 key areas of education:

  1. Physical education and activity

  2. Nutrition

  3. Health education

  4. Social and emotional climate

  5. Physical environment

  6. Health services

  7. Counseling, psychological, and social services

  8. Employees wellness

  9. Community involvement

  10. Family engagement

***Notice that the role of teacher is one that is an advocate not to stick to the subjects of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. The goal is not to ensure a student gets an education but has been replaced with indoctrination of restorative justice and gender identity. To destroy all constructs of education:

Ex. schools need to have a “Gender Support Plan” as early as elementary school

Ex. allowing teachers to hide circumstances where children change their gender at school (Gender Closets)

Ex. counselors provide “safe places” to receive gender identity support 

Ex. assume that outside of school students are having adverse experiences

******Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used as a guise of “trying to protect kids” therefore a need for promoting puberty blockers and getting surgical altered without the permission of the parent/guardian

Progressive Plan: 

-Social Emotional Learning= equity-centered systems and structures

-Cultural Proficiency= inclusiveness 

-our kids are being brainwashed and it starts with the content they read, see, and hear as toddlers, preschool, and throughout the public school system

-attack and transform the definition of woman that strips away the work women fought for with Title IX-death of NCAA women’s sports

***man can be a woman and win medals in women’s sports as it is in his truth that he is a woman

***society didn’t draw a line when boys/men wanted to use women’s bathrooms and use of locker rooms

***Chromosomes don’t change so men will always have an advantage even it transitioned 

-feminists no longer fight for women’s rights as men are now women

Sex education

 consisted of human biology, reproducatin, hygiene, and marriage. Now school boards are advocating teaching children that they are “sexual beings” from birth and that they need to be aware of all types of sexual behaviors.” 

-Example: trans debates entertains chemical castration of children

-Example: traditional marriage is not promoted, but liberation of relationships to redefine sexual norms

-Example: not such thing as a man or woman -intersex and asexual genders 

-Example: dead naming is using the original name of transitioned person

-No definition of what a woman is

-Men can become pregnant (men become the oppressed group)

History education

-Constitution is a liberal document

-American history through lens of Critical Race Theory-so no pride in growing up an American

-Founding fathers were racist and only wanted white privilege to prevail

-Must break the oppression held over people who deserve reparations


Purpose of education is to gas light, remove parental rights, and build programs based on propaganda

-gay flag in classroom

-adult comes out to kids of sexuality and push students to think about their own pronouns

-promote activities like “drag queen story hours”

-become social justice warriors

-become gender fluid

-there is no moral truths so each person has own truth so no absolutes regarding being a citizen or sexual being

-recognize deteriorating society so need for mass liberation

Infiltration of LGBTQ vision on our kids…………


  1. Tolerate-is not bothering me than I just will not say anything

  2. Accept-if you do speak up to disagree then you are a bad person (canceled)

  3. Celebrate-take your kid to gay pride parade or trans story hour

  4. Participate-no age limit on hormone blockers, x on birth certificates, no gender or gender fluid, schools and government promote kids to change identity without family input

Seems like this is happening more often:

Disney and Sesame street push propaganda into the minds of our children. In this cartoon series “Baymax” has a boy character that menastrates and promotes same sex relationships of young kids. (June 30th)

Progressive Agenda:

Tyranny-watch your language, your word choice, you or association, you social media comments always as if someone is watching and if you say something wrong your life will be derailed and if you answer yes then you are not free.

Grooming children- 

Example: teachers talk about sexuality to elementary students 

Example: assignments like draw places in your home where you can touch yourself in private

Indoctrinate kids-

-Hate America

-Only see through lens of race and gender oppression

-Only accept collective thought

-Removal of any individuality but conformity

-Demoralize, confuse, and force people to submit to progressive will 

-Disagree then you will be canceled

-All careers embrace pronouns and gender identity

***example: military run with transgender flag not American flag

-Women are not special so replace women with “birthing persons” and “menstruating persons”

When government becomes God you get the following:

Disrupting Dehumanization and Affirming the humanity of BYMOC (boys and young men of color) and their village

-Racialized trauma that stunts healing to thrive in healthy villages

-provide safe and supportive spaces 

-culturally responsive programming

-CDC involved with health consequences of individuals who sustained trauma

-Racism linked to discrimintation so outcomes are negative health outcomes like substance abuse and depression

-Toxic stress: emotionally costly that affects brain development so consequences for behaviors need to be seen through the lens of race

Racialized Trauma

  1. Historical dehumanization-US history no longer taught by dominant culture-being proud of our history is dangerous in inflicts pain on people and communities

  2. Cultural/spiritual dehumanization-removal of Judeo-Christian values that whitewash other cultural and spiritual practices

  3. Social dehumanization-juvenile justice systems removal of consequences but resources spent on reforms in disproportionate minority communities

  4. Emotional dehumanization-police are a trigger of people of color as their emotions have been trampled upon so fear and injustices need to be addressed 

  5. Physical dehumanization-thoughts, feelings and actions of dominant culture put blame on people of color as they are the only threat to communities-consequences of behaviors is undeserved when seen through the lens of dominant culture-white lens 

***Only way to heal is to address all the above to ensure reframing of all policies in homes, schools, communities, and in governmental control

What can you do to combat and be ready for the battle? PragerU has a number of short videos that can help educate parents and families. Find out what is being taught in your kids’ school. 

  1. Go to board meetings

  2. Join the PTA

  3. Get to know the teachers

  4. Look at curriculum

  5. Ensure opt-out options

  6. Watch the social media your kids’ participate in 

  7. Watch who your kids’ are friends with in person and online