Thursday, June 1, 2023

June 1, 2023: No Middle Road: Woke or Unwoke?

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.

But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).

If you haven't checked out you should. A great educational tool and I love the Fireside Chats. Very unwoke, so I watched this short video and it really had a lot packed into it. Educate yourself on the evolution of being woke and how it has impacted generations to get to where we are today. 

Unwoke Inc.

What I learned:

Woke is defined as: being alert to invisible injustices perpetrated against disempowered classes of people. Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation

Borrows from the troupes of Marxism-oppressor oppressed narrative

Woke-merging of Marxism and Identity Politics defined as you are nothing more and nothing less than the genetic stock that you inherit on the day you’re born

Woke- moved from being a challenge to the system to becoming the system

Origin of wokism-is to understand academia

Counter wokism academia = Patrick Henry college

Taught in colleges: There is no Truth-meaning that agenda was to undermine the objective truth you believe in and all truth is relative and follow it up with our truth - today we are going to jam our truth down your throat-and you better kneel

Generational Attitude-nobody can disagree with you being taught on college campuses then that shapes their worldview-not a friend of truth-not a friend of freedom-now a friend of repressing anybody that doesn't follow the party line. 

Politics-heart mind and soul, man wants to government, mantra of corporations, social media giants, etc.. Totalitarian bureaucratic system impulse is the opposite of liberty and freedom

-remove foundation-not a democracy and not a republic

-transgender rights are civil rights 

-teach a generation that truth is subjective and evolving, brainwash them to accept no alternative viewpoint-it’s the woke way or no way and then you release them into every industry in our society

ex. ‘Misgendering’ Is ‘Act of Violence,’ Colorado University Says.

ex. Oxymoron:  ‘Queer, Trans Nuns.’ 

Indoctrination tool of the masses = entertainment

-fight the radical gender theory being pushed on children 

Sports: Standing up for what you believe in may be harder but will become more necessary 

Being canceled: Build products and services that provide Americans with alternatives who are unwoke

ex. Jeremy's razors and the The Daily Wire

Future: This was a great quote "Be brave where others are fearful" by Warren Buffett

"One person can’t do everything but each person can look at themselves in the mirror and ask how can I make a contribution" Vivek Ramaswamy

A woke world=

Why the border matters: 

Mexican cartels have made the United States the "number one nation on Earth" for child trafficking, in part by exploiting ports of entry.

GLSEN’s goal is to make K-12 schools a safe place for LGBT students by preventing bullying and harassment, according to its website. In practice this has meant encouraging teachers to use children’s preferred names and pronouns while keeping students’ transgender identity a secret from parents, along with numerous other policy recommendations supporting youth gender transitions.”

People opting to identify as ‘transabled’, some even choosing to make themselves handicapped

ex. woman identified as being blind and went to the extreme by putting acid in her eyes-making her blind

Man in a princess dress greeting kids in Disneyland

Make it a norm-children don’t see anything wrong with perversion 

It is like kids that grow up with addicted parents end up being addicts as adults. Or when you speak to adults who were abused as children they just thought it was the norm in families. 

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