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I am heart-broken at the terms: essential or non-essential. Just my opinion, it is degrading and pits people against each other. I am tired of political beings making decisions on who is important and who is not. Which business is important and which is not. I am not dumb. I live with the shingles virus alive in my body everyday. But, what I do know is these pauses (Nevada on pause 2.1.1) is killing our economy and the lives of those who gave everything for their business and livelihood. How does our society choose who is essential and who is non-essential? I am still trying to figure that out. I also do not agree with pastors and leaders who just say trust God and let it all just flow. I don’t believe the Bible tells people not to sound the alarm that this is not okay. I read the Old Testament and all the prophets predicted the consequences as they spoke boldly against believers who hide under the radar, but called them to stand firm and not bow down when we see attacks on our Biblic