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  There is a large sense of loss today. Headlines seem to focus on just promoting more division between people. That is a sad loss because I truly believe there are more people in this world that care for others more than the hatred that is being pushed by media. It is difficult to watch all the loss and the impact it has had on lives and livelihoods. I have talked with disappointed and struggling families that just see no hope, kids who feel their life is pointless, and a whole lot of anger between family members. The balance of keeping my faith to myself but offer counseling that give families answers to their pain can be overwhelming because I feel for these families. Fear is still a stronghold that limits students’ options to take a job, take a state test, be in a classroom, or just a walk outdoors. Parents love their kids and want to keep them safe, but it can smother the life out of kids who need more than just an online communication. I get a lot of “I miss” or “I wish I could”