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  Random thoughts from last few weeks: At times, I wish I could have the attitude of the geese as they cross the street. No matter who they hold up they just slowly strut across the street with no care of hurrying or even looking left or right. Just a casual stroll like the whole purpose for walking across the street will be there when they get there. I watch them and think about how blessed to have that kind of freedom.  I got a compliment, but before I get the compliment the person always says “I hope you will not be offended, but….” I know what is coming and if the person would just say hey, you look like so and so then I would not feel so unsure and then how do I respond to, “but you look just like Sally Field.” I usually just smile and nod. Awkward! I have come to have disdain for working from home. I don’t want to hate it because I am home with my family. We are safe. I need my workspace and I don’t want to hear anyone who has made a home school space that is amazing. You s
  I hit 10,000 steps New Year’s eve (morning) and New Year’s morning. All I can say is tears did flow. If any of you have read my story you know I am 1 month shy of the virus, shingles, that hit like a train disrupting my health and daily life. As I finished today, I thought, Wow, I could make videos on how I went from 10 steps back to 10,000 steps which looking back would have been better and much more effective. Oh, well! Maybe my movie star youtube calling was not meant to be LOL! But what a journey this has been! Look, I have no clue if I wake tomorrow and all my nerve pain will be gone or if it will be with me the rest of my life. I just know that pushing through it day by day is the one step we can all take no matter what life circumstances throws at us. It is not that I had no down moments or I never dropped down into the darkness of self-pity. I can honestly say, I stayed human through it all, but today I just felt energized, refreshed, and optimistic. I felt the breeze