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Shingles journey in pictures

So here is the timeline: November 2018 my shoulder blade burned and itched. My doctor sent me to get an allergy test,  but I was negative for everything. December 2018 the burning sensation moved to the base of my neck. No rash or anything, but just a headaches that would not go away.  January 2019 the bumps started out small so I thought I had broken out in acne or I had an allergic reaction, but as the month went on the small bumps just spread. My eyes were getting sensitive to light and it felt like bugs were moving under my skin. February 2019 I woke to what felt like a dagger being plunged in my eye. I was diagnosed with shingles and sent immediately to the eye doctor who had to numb my eye to even hold my eyelid open to look at the back of my eye. Happy Valentine's Day you have shingles. Start of the long road to fight for my eyesight and the beginning of terminal nerve damage. Hard to describe the pain and itch. I once explained that is was like having fire ants trying to bu

February 24, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/Podcast on Healing Ever been accused of something you are not? Or deserving of punishment that doesn’t fit the non-existent crime? When your integrity and character come into question? Feel the heat toward the void of faceless accusers? You can become angry, defensive, and urged to become like-minded and mean-spirited. Or you can turn all those emotions and thoughts to the only One who can calm your spirit and make a clear path of options on how you respond. Classy response: just move on-you can’t argue your way to vindication-actions speak louder than words  Confirm: The absolutely worst thing you can do–is to respond in kind, to give as good as you received. That would be childish and immature, and all it would do is confirm in the minds of the onlookers that the putdown was correct. Convert: don’t focus on the offense or offender, but there is always an audience to focus on instead. Eye for an Eye does nothing  Course: The right thing is not to de

February 17, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/Podcast on Discouragement What do you do with discouragement? When recovery from a medical condition seems impossible. When recovery from addiction hovers and consumes your progress. When anxiety and depression seeps into every pore of your body. When the prayer you have been praying seems to have no answer. When tragedy strikes leaving you feeling there is no repairing your broken heart. When those who want to destroy you physically, mentally, or socially. When those disparage your reputation within your career. When your identity comes in question then moves into condemnation. I can understand each of these and can admit that I have given into discouragement. I lost my confidence in many areas of my own life. I allowed the words of enemies to discourage me. I have allowed myself to be gripped in fear so I stay silent for many years. I have let my voice be drowned out and deter me from being what I know to be true about mysel

Elective 203: Disciple Making: Devine Mentorship Personal Paper

Elect 203: Disciple Making Reflection Paper While I’m on this road you take my hand Somehow you really love who I really am I push you away, still you won’t let go You grow your roses on my barren soul Who am I, who am I, who am I To be loved by you? Who Am I by NeedToBreathe “Encouragement is God’s native tongue” (Cordeiro, 10) When I began reading the book, The Devine Mentor, I was not sure what I was expecting but at first I thought this book would help me navigate to find a good mentor. Then I found myself feeling a bit dimwitted as this book is revealing to me that the best mentors, I could look to are the people of the Bible. In the lyrics above, I thought what an amazing discovery that in the pages of this majestic book are the mentors that I have read about multiple times. I have connected with them and in their lives, God answered the question of who am I to be loved by you. As the words came to life as I read how God loved them so much, he died for them,

Believe your eyes: pics and videos you need to see for yourself

Remove God from our schools you get the indoctrination below Here are some links to videos: Is Transgender Logical? If There is No God, Murder isn't Wrong. Stand Up For God No Matter The Cost! Articles worth reading: Black Lives Matter Brings Critical Race Theory, Gender to K-12 Education Liberal left adult speaks out at what the consequences of re-gendering kids look like

February 10, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/Podcast on Celebrating Your Culture When I taught, this was the month of celebration of cultures. We watched Martin Luther King Jr. speeches and read about the life of Maya Angelou. There were many others like the Tuskegee Airmen who were the first African American soldiers to successfully complete their training and enter the Army Air Corps. Nearly 1000 aviators became the first African American military pilots. So many other examples to list here.  Never in the time I taught that even through their perseverance and accomplishment they died in oppression. No matter how much they proved to be the greatest of heroes and heroines really made no difference as half of the classroom is doomed to be oppressed based on being students of color. And the rest of you deserve to be shamed into obscurity as all you have done is be oppressive.  A bit of hyperbole, but that is what Critical Race Theory does to students. Instead of sharing and appreci

February 3, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/Podcast on Schools and Divine Mentor Intro. Unbelievable headlines: 1. Lawsuit: illegal alien parents are suing the US Government that they should have the constitutional right to “family integrity.” They claim they were caught sneaking across the border and separated from each other in 2018. Reason why the non-documented are separated? It is called human trafficking. Safety of the children should be a high priority over the inconvenience of the adults. -also if I endanger my child I am condemned as an awful irresponsible parent, but not if I cross our border illegally with a kid. -Only in America can you come over our border illegally and sue for constitutional rights. 2 . It is almost laughable that these single men who crossed our borders and New York put them into high end hotels and are now refusing to leave until the taxpayers give them permanent homes. We have so many families struggling to keep a roof over their heads, but be