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  I listen to a lot of books by many different authors, but the one I am listening to now starts off with the author explaining himself as an agnostic and then how his views changed. He then goes into explaining his friend who was an atheist. Never really thought about understanding those points-of-view before, but he made a very intriguing revelation for me which was that progressives have a mindset that if they destroy America at its religious foundation then they can save humankind and bring about a globalist utopia. This battle outcome is an illusion. In the end, Jesus wins. We just need to stay informed and aware of the changes that are being pushed. I know people don’t like to talk about politics, but if we are not talking then how ar e believers going to be ready for a movement we have never seen and how it will affect our America . The church should not put their faith in politics, but make sure that their faith is reflected in the politics making decisions for Americans. If i