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June 25, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/ I go back and forth with myself

You know what I miss? I just miss eating food like greasy spicy tacos, cheesy nachos with jalapenos, popcorn, cereal that demands extra sugar, fat-filled desserts with heavy cream, real butter, brown sugar, and real processed yummy sugar. No substitutes. There was a time when I entered anywhere food I would be drooling in anticipation. Now, I enter a room with food and a sense of dread comes over me and my mind scrolls the laundry list of what I can’t eat because it just makes me sick, gives me heartburn, affects my shingles, has an effect on my kidneys. I sucked on an otter pop today and just a little bit of sugar had me reaching out for tums. It is just a sad sad day only because I really really wanted nachos today. Sad face 🙁

On a high note, I hiked at Red Rock Sunday and it is just such a magical place. I ran across an Apache Plume which I had to look up because it was blooming and it was the strangest thing because at first I thought there were little white caterpillars all over the plant, but it was more like soft fuzzy white little worms. Crazy! Then others had wispy bunches of feathery little bunches with pink ends. The transformation is one that I had not appreciated before but tucked behind one of the mountains is this meadow filled with these Plumes. If you look up close it almost looks like a coral flower from under the sea. I highly recommend you go out on a nature walk and take time to just take it all in.

Thinking about my nature walk reminded me of the book I read called “Why the Universe Is The Way It Is” by Hugh Ross. When we lose the awe of creation and that God created the universe and us then what are we left with? Humans can’t mandate, regulate, or environmentally justice anything that God has created.

Faith in Action:
“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible” (Hebrew 11: 1-3).

Innumerable conditions to support humanity and civilization:
-Earth’s rotation: Tidal forces on Earth by sun and even more by moon keeps the planet’s rotation rate to 24 hours per day-Creation of day and night-Ideal for human life
-Fossil fuels: Bacteria in crust turns into petroleum into natural gas-human life only able to thrive due to petroleum exploitation and coal formation at the exact and equal timing for Earth to support human life
-Solar stability: Sun’s radiation is consistent to sustain global human civilization, layers of life remove greenhouse gasses from atmosphere in just right amounts to compensate the Sun’s heat-producing solar luminosity
-Human era coincides with the ideal surface temperature and ideal abundance and diversity of plants to support civilization
-Need of removal greenhouse gasses so need plant photosynthesis for livelihood
-Carbon dioxide is necessary for efficient photosynthesis
-Less plants = less animals = affect humans
-Perfect eclipses: humanity’s arrival in the solar system coincides with eclipse window
-Plate tectonics: lifting of continental landmasses timing perfect for human life-landmass perfect size, shape, distribution, and elevation, positions of continents, islands, and oceans optimal for human civilization
-Humans arrive on Earth too early-radiation exposure of volcanoes and earthquakes would be destructive, Later- no nutrient-rich volcanic soil to sustain human life-essential
**Lineup of so many independent time windows with the brief human moment on the cosmic calendar speaks powerfully of purpose-Creator of such an environment must possess unfathomable power, genius, and resources

Prayers that nature brings you joy. May the sun regenerate your soul. May the sound of the breeze through the trees bring you peace. And the sounds of the movement of water bring you rest.

I heard a new song by Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury called “You will be Found.” Beautiful message:

Even when the dark comes crashing through
And when you need a friend to carry you
And when you're broken on the ground
You will be found
So when the sun comes streaming in
You'll reach up and you'll rise again
If you'll only look around
You will be found

Blessings to you all, (new postings this week so check them out)

The five false religions that supposedly “secular” Americans are picking instead of Christianity!

 The five false religions that supposedly “secular” Americans are picking instead of Christianity. Is failing to vote immoral? Is America a post-constitutional country?

5 fake religions filling the void:

Earth worshipers- environmentalists

Religion of Power- government, teachers unions

Religion of Scientism- Rachel Levine, covid mandates

Religion of Tolerance-difference between being compassionate and tolerant, Christians are not called to be tolerant of evil, 

Religion of anti-racism-most dangerous and infectious-also the cult of diversity

-immediate threat to our democracy (CRT, Social Justice, SEL-Social Emotional Learning, & DEI-Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

If you are not a Christian then you must accept the fact that as America becomes less Christian something damaging will replace it. 

Society-the question is America heading in the right direction as we become less Christian? The facts show no-we are more depressed, more drug addicted, more divided, more hateful, etc…

Manufactured Synthetic Worldviews- Satanic influences- Demonic elements-creating moral and societal chaos 

As America becomes less Christian it becomes less free

Why Left Hellbound to push transgendering our society? our kids? Agenda:

-they do not believe in the innocence of children(Dr. Kenzy-”a view of sexuality -

“The only unnatural sex act for a child is that which a child cannot perform”

-belief kids are sexual beings and should be having sex with adults

-They believe they are liberating children from the Christian Western norms of saving yourself for adulthood for sexuality

-You liberate yourself to higher consciousness if you engage in sexual behavior at a younger age

-perverts and groomers-pastors should be speaking out of it 

-Trans deal

-2 fundamental truths is there is a God and we are not him

-these 5 fake religions do not acknowledge these truths

-Trans agenda being supported by abortion advocates is we are here to make nature in our own image

-They look at themselves in God-like terms 

-fundamental philosophical agreement abortionists have is that we human beings should be able to determine life and death because we want to be like Gods 

-They yearn for the power that only God has

-Bible is clear that murder is wrong-it is prohibited-commandment 

-vertical religion of scientism & abortionists

-Modern science founded by Sir Frances Bacon-popularized by Sir Issac Newton-Christian based on a logos to the world-we explore with wonder and awe, but we did not create the world

-not change nature to our liking-laws of nature are to be inquired not changed to human liking

-1800’s German historians strove to change nature to human liking-reconfigure nature- creating the eugenicists movement that Nazis used to try to exterminate the Jews-

-based on the will of the human being to exert  control over nature because I want it that way

Trans movement:

-same philosophical idea pathogen that I am going to change the chromosomal make-up of a human being because I want it that way

Biblically: the use of “I will” is used by Satan 

Christian: “God will”

-trans fight is fundamental

-it is war on Biology, truth, language, natural design, child innocence, vocabulary, reconfiguration on our norms and practices, for a mentally delusional minority, and requires us to reconfigure all of society for people who are obviously tormented by something and instead of giving them compassionate care we have to change our language, our bathrooms, our sports, etc…

-They want to introduce a pattern of thinking that your nature if you do not like you can go through a series of choices to wage war on creation itself (this is dangerous but it is untrue)

-transmovement is deceiving. Gender affirming care-surgeries removal or additional body parts doesn’t change the DNA of a person, it is camouflage, it is a costume, it doesn’t change the being that you are 

-transmovement is a gateway-media building 1st stages of man merging with machine-it is trying to get you to be open minded to transhumanism 

-If your kid is under 5 years old and you can change your gender then you can change your species and hook up to a machine and be like God

Fear of not being kind in not speaking up in this culture war:

-more interested in telling the truth

-Jesus was not kind to people you used and abused their power 

-He was not kind to people who told lies

-He was harsh 

-Instead of being kind you want to be loving-to be loving is to tell the truth

-being kind means to affirm their lie (ex. Trans person)

-doctors lose license giving into mental delusions (ex. Liposuction to an anorexic to lose weight)

-If you love someone you tell them the truth to bring them to a place where they can flourish

-Psalm 97: 10 If you love God you hate evil

-God doesn’t command you to be nice or kind to people who are evil so if you love God then you must hate the acts of evil people

-cross exam evil with truth

-fear of being called a racists-makes for puppeteers-


End times?

-pointless fight-Calvary churches-eschatology

-it is irrelevant on what you will do and your actions today 

-occupy until I come-what do you want to be caught doing when Jesus comes back-If you truly believe then stand on courage-no promise it will be easy-

-non-conservatives movement?

-woke infiltrates the church, communities, schools, government

-be vigilant

-counterfeit religions coming for your state and if you be kind to those evil parts then you will lose your vote


-vote in or out of immorality

-hierarchy of the good and defiance  of the hierarchy

-business of the community-politics-who is in charge of your community-who is making laws in your communities-weak pastors not engaged-what is a human being-if God Jer. 29 7:2-welfare tied to city you are in-voting is the easiest-no vote means no care of city and people-act of defiance-no clear to me which side I should vote for? Church not essential? 

Trans People are the soul of our nation-by our government

-when you blow off the us constitution like lockdowns, mask mandates are post constitutional order- 

Juneteenth-federal holiday:

-Do you want a revival of the promise of 1776 or the bitter insidious lie attempting to divide and destroy of 1619 (1619 project)-racial complaining day-smear and slander white America-BLM-Critical Race Theory-

-If Juneteenth was really about emancipation, why not,

September 22, 1862 when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation?

Or January 1, 1863 when the Proclamation took effect?

Or December 18th, 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment?

Because it isn’t about emancipation, which was one of America’s great moral achievements. It's about creating a summer time, race-based competitor two weeks before July 4th, which should be the most unifying civic holiday on the calendar.

S.475 Juneteenth National Independence Day Act (2 independence days in our country-marxist racist agenda)

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June 19, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/Music for your soul this week

 No video of myself this week, but below are songs that will uplift you this week. I couldn't stop watching these young people who know how to worship. The song "My Story" is written and produced by TJ Onoja. Love love love the song:

Elshaddai Music - My Story | Featuring TJ Onoja

Elshaddai Music - Awesome God (Official Video) | Feat. Moses Onoja

You Are Good | Feat Moses Onoja | Elshaddai Music

Elshaddai Music - Ka Isa Yabo (Official Video) | Feat. Moses Onoja

Elshaddai Music - Experience Worship Medley | feat Moses Onoja, Elsaiah, and Wiseone Joe

Elshaddai Music - Covenant Keeping God | Victoria Orenze

Elshaddai Music - Too Faithful | Moses Bliss

(Elshaddai Music) Moses Onoja - Talk To Jesus (Official Video)

Elshaddai Music - Grateful (Official Video) (Ft. Moses Onoja & Winner Odeh)

We honored dads with root beer floats today at church. Here is a bit of trivia:

Q: What root beer is Kosher?
A: A & W root beer because it has an OU on the packaging (U is encircled by the letter “O”)

-forgive my ignorance but my assumption was that Kosher products were only in the Kosher aisle (felt a little dumb not knowing something so basic, but learned something new today)
-the symbol of kosher certification is from the Orthodox Union, one of the largest and most well-known kashrut agencies
So, next time you have a party make sure you use kosher root beer in celebration with your Jewish friends.

The messages this month have centered around Hebrews Chapter 11. It is referred to as “the hall of fame of faith” chapter or “the heroes of faith” chapter. It is a long list of Old Testament saints who were imperfect human beings but trusted in the Word and promises of God prompting them to act with extraordinary boldness and courage in some unexpected and often dire circumstances.

The list of various people speak to us through their lives as encouragement to hold onto our faith no matter the situation or circumstances.

“Through faith we understand that the world was made by the Word of God. Things we see were made from what could not be seen” (Hebrews 11: 3).

As I contemplated the message this Father’s day weekend, It got me thinking about the wisdom given to me by my dad. He was a marine and he would come to my classroom to teach my students the importance of honoring our nation. His love of America and its history kept my students’ attention. When he spoke of our flag his patriotism shined through. That is why it saddened and then angered me that our red, white, and blue was sidelined disgracefully at the White House for the whole world to see.

I went to an Aviator baseball game last night. A three war veteran was honored along with his son who was a two war veteran. We stood with hands over our hearts and sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” With seeing what disgusting behavior on our White House lawn to being in the moment of reverence to honor our true heroes I did choke up because I do love our country. I do love those who did and still fight and die for our freedom and liberty. Now we have so much freedom that our government desecrates the flag that represents America. The red, white, and blue stands on its own merit. It doesn’t leave a man behind like my dad would say. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

He also used a this quote often:
“If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.”

***At its core this adage is about the importance of decision-making that's guided by a set of values.

In honor of my dad this Father’s day, I reread Proverbs 4. It is a passage written from a father to his sons on the value of wisdom. We learn from our forefathers in which our country was founded. We listen to instruction because we cherish the values our fathers’ have passed down to us as a nation. Proverbs chapter 4 should be read as a whole, but here are some highlights that I gleaned:

“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life. Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evildoers. Avoid it, do not travel on it; turn from it and go on your way; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble. They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence” (Proverbs 4: 13-17).

Also a reminder that every person will eventually be held accountable even if they do not see or believe it.

Psalms 22:27-28 “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.”

All will be humbled, and “by Myself I have sworn. The Word has gone out from My mouth in truth, and will not turn back: ‘Every tongue shall (swear allegiance) will say that I am God” (Isaiah 45:23b). Jesus is the King of all the earth; our allegiance should be to him.

Prayers over our nation that we come together to hold our government accountable to “We the People.” May families come together to honor Fathers today and not the new interpretation of this cultural worldview. May healing come this weekend between family and/or friends. May our God cover us all in his love as our Father in Heaven and Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

I shuffle through songs as I love music, especially worship music. The album is The Lion and the Lamb featuring Moses Onoja. The whole album is just so inspiring. No big stage, but simply singing their hearts to God. Listen to them and try not to smile or shed a little tear. True beauty on display. It was difficult to pick one song to highlight, so I added links to other songs on my blog. Enjoy (posted a few more items)

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Red, White, and Blue dies to a new rainbow religion

“When I say to the wicked, ‘You wicked person, you will surely die,’ and you do not speak out to

dissuade them from their ways, that wicked person will die for their sin, hold you accountable for their

blood” (Ezekiel 88: 8)

Remember the formula: That Overton Window





Seeing this administration not only celebrating pride month with that flag hanging front and center

at the White House, but participating in making policies and laws that trample over the honor of the

American Flag. A topless trans activist unfurling a rainbow flag promoting a belief that is in opposition

of God’s design for His creation. 

Has America become a nation of “pride” as the new religion

Why did the White House display a flag that causes division? A flag that does not speak for all

Americans. A flag that symbolizes sexual depravity. The pride flag displayed on government buildings

that degrades and disrespects the sacrifice and honor represented by our national flag. 

Here is a a bit of history:

-June 14, 2023 is Flag Day

-Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States

-June 14, 1777 was when the resolution of the Second Continental Congress commemorates the

adoption of the flag of the United States. 

-National Flag Code was drafted by representatives of the Army and Navy under the auspices of the

National Americanism Commission of the American Legion. 

-June 22, 1942, Congress passed a joint resolution (later amended on December 22, 1942) that dictated

what is known today as the U.S. Flag Code.

-Etiquette required for our most national symbol

-national distribution of the flag code was given to everyone in 1923

-President Wilson in 1916 who called the nation to observe Flag Day with special patriotic exercises to

“give significant expression to our thoughtful love of America, our comprehension of the great mission

of liberty and justice to which we have devoted ourselves as a people, our pride in history and our

enthusiasm for the political program of the nation.”

***U.S. Flag Code reads, “The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the

highest point of the group when a number of flags of States or localities or pennants of societies are

grouped and displayed from staffs.”

This administration attitude. Set aside the history of our nation, all who died in the military to fight for

freedom and liberty, and those serving today. Their sacrifice is not match for the struggle the pride flag

represents. Which flag will you be pledging your allegiance to?

“To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech”

(Proverbs 8: 13).

“Each one should test their own actions. They can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing

themselves to someone else” (Galatians 6:4).

“I have spoken to you with great frankness; I take great pride in you. I am greatly encouraged; in all our

troubles my joy knows no bound” (2 Corinthians 7:4).

Beyond the Flag to AB 957:

-this bill will allow the state to punish a parent who does not agree that it is in the best interest of their minor

child to socially change their gender and/or to subject the child to experimental medical treatments and

hormone therapy. 

-this bill will effectively place non-affirmation of transgenderism on the same moral plane as child abuse,

substance abuse, and neglect.

-this bill demands that parents adopt the state-sanctioned position regarding gender identity or risk

losing custody of their child. This bill creates ideological litmus test for parenting

***a litmus test in politics is a question asked of a potential candidate for high office, the answer to which

would determine whether the nominating official would proceed with the appointment or nomination. 

Beyond AB 957 to a school and college campus near you:

The guidance also explains how educators should use gender neutral pronouns such as “they/them/theirs”

and “ze/hir/zir.” The state does not require children to have parental permission to change their name

and gender at school and staff should call a student by their “affirmed names and pronouns,” the guidance says.

It is the school staff’s duty to make sure that a student’s preferred name and pronouns are used when the child

wants them to be used, the guidance states. School districts should avoid lessons which separate students on the

basis of gender and should hold more “gender-neutral” activities, the guidance advises.

“The use of colors, images, or symbols that have been traditionally associated with one gender (e.g., pink vs. blue,

construction hats vs. tiaras) to divide or otherwise categorize students by gender is not recommended,” the guidance states.

The guidance advises educators not to use “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentleman” and instead use gender-neutral

options such as “friends, learners [and] pals.” School districts should provide students with gender-neutral bathroom options

but should also allow students to use facilities on the basis of gender identity, rather than biological sex, the guidance advises.

Beyond schools/colleges to churches:

Churches are celebrating “pride month” by hosting drag queen story hour and queer proms. The Bible is being used as a weapon

of exclusion. Blurring the lines between the worldview and Christian worldview eroding the distinctions between good and evil.

Men become their own gods as they keep repeating I live my truth. I live my joy. Now, participate in it!

Church Pride Month

The Pushback: Maybe we should start listening and fighting for the souls of our youth:

-As more young adult de-transitioners are speaking out and warning against this woke agenda of child

gender-affirming care. 

Chloe Cole transition surgery was the biggest mistake of my life

Teen Accuses doctor of rushing her as a child into gender transition

Middle Schoolers Revolt

Sex Education State Watch:

Indoctrination Map

2022-2023 Nevada Legislation Session Recap

There has been a lot of movement in this state. The legislation session is over so below are the end points on bills. Also our Governor has signed two bills that I fear is reflected by what I was worried about when he was running. I had hope. He didn’t get the school choice bill approved. But, more his stance on abortion is in-line with Sisolak. Also this forcing companies to pay for gender affirming care including surgeries for minors is just the making of parental nightmares. He is opening a door he may not be able to close.

Governor Lombardo challenged voters to read the “whole” bill so I did read through the bill. It is 38 pages long.  If you click on the link below you can also read the bill its entirety. The language does put limits on transition surgeries if just cosmetic surgeries, but it does put the cost on the company to pay for the whole transition process, such as counseling, psychiatry, and other medically necessary gender-affirming health care.  Basically, being Health Insured includes gender-affirming healthcare which is expensive and could take years so I do expect our health insurance prices will eventually sky-rocket. Also notice (b) Pediatric endocrinologists. 

Nevada Legislature NELIS site: SB163

Insurance Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care Bill

Example Sec. 1.3:

SB163 includes this statement on page 3, #5:

When determining whether treatment is medically necessary for the purposes of this section, an insurer must consider the most recent Standards of Care published by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, or its successor organization.

Here is a glimpse of the Goal for standard of care outlined on the WPATH site:

WPATH Standards of Care Version 8

This assistance may include primary care, gynecologic and urologic care, reproductive options, voice and communication therapy, mental health services (e.g., assessment, counseling, psychotherapy), and hormonal and surgical treatments. While this is primarily a document for health professionals, the SOC may also be used by individuals, their families, and social institutions to understand how they can assist with promoting optimal health for members of this diverse population.

Also passed is opposite of the pro-life stance Governor Lombardo campaigned:

Silver State’s Catalyst Fund allows Nevada’s lawmakers to dominate the state’s economy.

Corporation Seizes the NV Legislature

“The so-called Catalyst Fund was the Silver State’s most prolific foray into corporate welfare in a century. It was also a brazen violation of the Nevada Constitution, which expressly prohibits the state from donating or loaning money or its credit or gaining a financial interest in any private company.”

Investors driven by politics like Black Rock are here in Nevada forcing ESG norms including green energy, diversity, inclusion, & equity (DEI), and critical theory.

NV Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) 

Legislative sessions have ended so here are some highlights:

Nevada Policy Research Institute is a great resource as it has bulleted points of the action happening each week during the legislative session. The link below is Week 16:

NPRI Under the Dome: this week in Carson City

So you get solar panels and think your electric bill would be low as you are making energy for your home. Not if lawmakers have their way. Spread the solar energy around so I may be paying for the distribution of energy. 

NV Energy proposes massive rate hike for distribution

Here are the bills Governor Lombardo vetoed:

Lombardo vetoes $7 billion budget bill

Education related:

Nevada Democrats pass measure to find school boards $5K a day for transgender sports ban:

NV Dems-transgender sports ban

Governor Lombardo signed the bill elevating June 19 from observance to a state holiday:

Juneteenth State Holiday

US Dept. of Education promotion of all public schools to celebrate Pride month:

US Dept. Promotes Pride Month

AB400: Bad and Good News

Bad news: Democratic leadership did not pass The Education, Achievement, Opportunity, and Accountability Act. Shutting down the expansion of scholarships that would provide students with school choice.

Good news: transportation for charter schools and expanded the list of entities that can sponsor public charter schools, including cities and counties.

Power2Parent is also an excellent resource. Sign up for updates on bills that affect parental rights, education, and our children. Here is their recap of the 82nd Session. They also include links to the bill on NELIS:

  • AB357 Sex education: implements expansive, explicit sex education and changes parental permission for participation from opt-in to opt-out. This bill died.

  • SB439 Sex education: allows sexuality education to be taught in every course and allows outside educators (not accountable to parents) to teach the course (see sections 17 and 18). Sections 17 and 18 were deleted and passed.

  • SB74 - Grandparents rights: Grants grandparents and great-grandparents rights to their grand-children. This bill died.

  • AB175 Appointed School Board: adds four non-voting members to the board of trustees; one appointed by the county commissioners and three from the three most populous city councils. Appointed school board positions take the power away from parents to vote for and hold trustees accountable. This bill was passed and signed by the Governor.

  • SB172 allows a minor (under 18) to consent to medical treatment and healthcare services for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases including treatment of STD's and contraception without parental consent. This bill was passed and signed by the Governor.

  • SB163 - Requires certain health insurance to cover treatment of certain conditions relating to gender dysphoria, gender incongruence and other disorders of sexual development. Power2Parent recommended the following amendment: Amendment section 2 (a)-(d) and require written approval by both parents and/or all legal guardians. This bill passed but has not been signed by the Governor.

  • SB344 Defunds charter schools: Attacks school choice and charter schools by restricting local jurisdictions from funding charter schools. (see sections 9 and 10) This bill attempts to defund charter schools giving families fewer choices in education. This bill died.

  • AB423 Prohibits elected school board officials from adopting policies that would block biological males from using girls' private spaces and participating in girls sports. It comes with a fine of $5000/ day. This bill died.

  • AB330 Safer and Supportive Schools Act: Governor Lombardo's bill allows teachers to remove a student from the classroom if their behavior puts others at risk. This bill received bi-partisan support with an amendment. This bill was passed.

  • AB400 Education, Achievement, Opportunity and Accountability Act: Parents champion this bill put forth by Governor Lombardo that will give families educational choice to escape failing schools in their zip code. This bill was significantly amended and passed. It includes transportation for charter schools. Read by grade three. Investment in early childhood literacy. Allows city or counties to sponsor charter schools. Authorizes Teach Nevada Scholarships to boost teacher pipeline. The bill no longer includes Opportunity Scholarship funding.