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One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard

 One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard   by Ben Carson Founders: -recognized the possiblity that government, drunk with power, might not submit to the will of the people and use the military to suppress the will of the people 2nd Amendement-protects the right of people to bear arms and shall not be infringed -our system was designed to prevent anyone in any position from escaping the will of the people  -don't take for granted that provides people with so much power, so lern how to use it and understand our responsibility to use it correctly Point: Vigilantly guard your rights as voters Take some steps: -understand that government works for us and not the other way around -learn you have basic rights, such as freedom of speech, expression, of religion, property -watch for government overreach -watch for wrongdoing when  party puts politics over people tht treatens the nation -know who you are voting for: research each person and groups they take part in -know ways you can vote and plan f

"Simple Church" Book Review

  Tanya Attebery 05 February 2022 Leadership 101: The Central Way “Simple Church” Book Review 1. I read % of the book I read 100% of the book 2. What is the author’s main purpose in writing this book? The author’s purpose is to explain that a simple church isn’t easy as being in leadership is extremely challenging, but to chisel down the church’s focus so the design of ministry is simplified. Reiner and Geiger begin the book with reference to Jesus being the “revolutionary.” Jesus is asked about which are the two greatest commandments and he responded to love God and love people. “He was not lowering the standard of the Law. He was not abolishing it. He is capturing all its spirit, all of its essence, in one statement. He summed up 613 commands in two. Jesus took the complexity and the advancement of the Law and made it very simple” (Reiner & Geiger, 17). The author’s make it clear from the beginning that the church is just the vessel to one simple truth