February 3, 2023 DDF Breathes New Life Post/Podcast on Schools and Divine Mentor Intro. Unbelievable headlines: 1. Lawsuit: illegal alien parents are suing the US Government that they should have the constitutional right to “family integrity.” They claim they were caught sneaking across the border and separated from each other in 2018. Reason why the non-documented are separated? It is called human trafficking. Safety of the children should be a high priority over the inconvenience of the adults. -also if I endanger my child I am condemned as an awful irresponsible parent, but not if I cross our border illegally with a kid. -Only in America can you come over our border illegally and sue for constitutional rights. 2 . It is almost laughable that these single men who crossed our borders and New York put them into high end hotels and are now refusing to leave until the taxpayers give them permanent homes. We have so many families struggling to keep a roof over their heads, but be expected

Biblical Romans Worldview Lie

  Biblical Romans Worldview Lie Mark 3:25 says, “And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” Let us pray for the church in America, that it would not be divided, that it would stand strong for God and resolute on the Word. History:  -Romans 13 is labeled to submit to governing authorities, but never take one chapter out of the Bible to follow because it can be misrepresented. God has an overarching plotline of redemption of all mankind. The church was never meant to bow to the evil of the world which encompasses government.  -it is used as a weapon against churches and as a reason why churches avoid politics as they want to stay in their comfort zone spreading the love of Jesus, but He will be seated at the right hand of God judging so He is a God of justice as well. He never shied away from confronting political offices.  -separation of church and state has become a secular belief so remove God from all government entities, but that is a lie.  -Tru

We Must Talk About Hell!

  We Must Talk About Hell “The Bible has much to say about Hell so we cannot ignore it, even though it makes people uncomfortable” -the word hell is used in thousands of conversations in hundreds of different ways every day. Ex. people use it in swearing, or to describe their daily lives like I am in a living hell, or hell on Earth -it is such a common word that there is no belief that it is a real place so pastors gloss over its significance. -New testament: again and again are direct references to the subject of hell and most of them are made by Jesus Christ. -people have come to associate hell with a kind of outmoded theology in which the devil is pictured as a red creature with a fork, tail, split hoofs and horns so it is not taken seriously. ***Bible tell us us about the love of God and the beauties of Heaven also tells us about judgment and hell -there is only one authority who is qualified to speak of our future life, and that is Jesus Christ New Testament statements: “Do not fe