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  World view vs. Christian Worldview Bible 103: Christian Theology I 10 October 2021 Word Count:1,917 Counselor: “Hi, John Smith-Jones I see you are not passing your classes, so just checking on you.” Student: “I am fine, I am just struggling with some personal relationships and future family events which is causing me to delay school work. As for my gender, I purposefully had it left unmarked but I believe I had pronouns listed as they/them/elle and prefer to be addressed with one of my last names than my first, so they is Smith, Jones, or Smith-Jones.” When did the pronoun “you” become a trigger word that would offend a person that they have to provide a reprimand. Isn’t it interesting that while chastising the student uses my am I pronouns. This may seem like an insignificant r

Brown the new privileged

  Okay, it has been a long beginning of this school year and trying for some distraction I tried to give a couple shows I used to like the benefit of the doubt and maybe just maybe the woke lecturing would not bleed into the new season, but I really didn’t think it would get worse. Okay here is the scenario: What is politically correct now? Hue of skin color? Minority brown? Can I use, let’s just use, brown. She is brown and yes her pronouns are she, her. She also identifies as lesbian. Hope I met all the criteria up to this point. Anyway, this character who was last season homeless and has worked her way to being an intern in a hospital. Her girlfriend has money so she has a more current stethoscope, some sort of medical tech book, and she got a ride in a nice car with her girlfriend to work. The three interns getting off the bus see her and then they pounce on her in the hallway. They each lean into her face and point out “must be nice getting a ride while we have to take the bus, y