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Peter-New Testament Paper

  New Testament Book Overview Bible 102: New Testament Introduction 1 May 2021 Word Count: 2,8277 Introduction Deny, deny, deny! How does the apostle Peter overcome the lowest point of his life? Peter whose name was Simon encounters Jesus with his brother Andrew fishing in the Sea of Galilee. Jesus calls Simon to become a fisherman of men so with that Jesus gave him a new name of Peter. “Peter’s name literally meant ‘rock.’ Jesus gave him this name when first met him in John 1:42, and later said Peter would be the rock ‘on which I will build my church,’solidifying Peter’s position as a leader” (Nelson). Jesus poured his life into his inner circle which included Peter who “plays a significant role among the Twelve. Peter is often singled out and the rest are mentioned as a group with him. He also acts as a spokesman for the group” (Closson). When Jesus sends out the twelve disciples he lists Peter f

I Am Statement Paper

  “ I Am” Statement Essay Bible 102: New Testament Introduction 17 April 2021 Word Count: 1292 Who does this guy think he is? This Jesus who claims to be the great “I am.” Jews know that title is reserved for the redemptive Abrahamic covenant God who promised that his presence stayed with his people through the tabernacle as God moved with ancestors in the wilderness. “The tabernacle was built and the priest-hood prepared so that God could come and take up residence. God had chosen them to his people” (Walton & Hill, 74). When Jewish ancestors entered the Promised Land they built a temple so that God would have a dwelling place among His people. Our Jewish religious sacrificial system is set in rituals and cultural customs. This Jesus challenges all of those by stating that he is the sacrifice and we no longer need a building made by human hands to be atoned for sins, but through Jesus as “I am”

Jeremiah Paper

  Jeremiah Tanya Attebery Bible 101: Old Testament Introduction 28 February 2021 Word Count: 2718 Introduction Jeremiah was a voice during a very deaf generation. He stood alone declaring God’s messages of doom to Judah who had no willingness to listen to him. He was stricken with opposition by not only the kings and false priests, but to his great sadness his family and friends. Jeremiah would be found weeping over the fate of his beloved country as he knew it was coming with the judgment of God who was going to allow Judah to be taken into exile by Babylon. His dedication to stay aligned with God’s word as his spokesman for forty years is what drew me to this prophet. His passion never strayed while speaking God’s message. He was dismissed, ostracized, and isolated from his people by being thrown into prison and then a cistern. His God fearing love just exudes through his message even though he agonized over hi

Shingles Demand Letter

  Below is the letter I wrote and sent to the contacts listed below to fight for the option of the population under age 50 to obtain the shingles shot. If you want to also send the letter click on the links and also forward to anyone you think will also send demand letter. Let's make a movement :) Done: Board of Pharmacy: contact, send communication for that state ex. Nevada Done-copy/pasted emails Immunization Coalitions Network, staff emails: Done: Government: Done: CDC: Done: copy/pasted email  FDA: To Healthcare Representative: There is a population under age 50 that has been undervalued by the CDC, FDA, State Board of Pharmacy, and Coalitions by not acknowledging the effects on the quality of life by an outbreak of