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Overton Window with Dr. James Lindsay & Charlie Kirk

 Dr. James Lindsay (new atheist) and Charlie Kirk (Christian) come together to speak on religion vs. all the -isms

(Here is what I learned over 2 podcasts)

Overton window-is the range of ideas the public is willing to consider and accept. It is a political theory that refers to the range (or window) of policies that the public will accept. It is a model for understanding how ideas in society change over time and influence politics. 

Ex. support in the US for same sex marriage has catapulted into the Overton window of not just political possibility, but legal feasibility, being now legal in all 50 states. 

Today, the overton window is being used in attacks against families and churches. Tolerance of trans-gender adults has become forced participation in as our kids are being programmed that we are a genderless society, pronouns are required, and chemical castration, puberty blockers, and gender affirming surgeries are just a normal part of life where there is only happiness and no gloom in the consequences of transforming a child’s body and mental state. 

The formula:





How did tolerance turn into forced participation? Marxism worldview

Marxism worldview: equals victimhood, victimhood is noble, currency, and only way to aristocracy. We are living in the oppression olympics. There are incentives to find victimhood labels. You are automatically important if you express a label (ex. Trans-gender person of color=oppressed and victimized by society)

Important facts:

Marxism-only sees children as commodities, products to control, quantitative liabilities 

Christianity-values children-God gave us humanity-cherishes the heart, mind, and soul 

The fruit of heterosexuality is children

Alphabet soup: 

went from you Christian bake me a cake even if you don’t believe in gay marriage to We want as a government entity to assign a gender to your child without notifying the parent and now if a parent rejects reassignment surgery is looked at as a crime so next will be how can the government remove your child from your custody if you don’t engage in child mutilation.

Why it should matter to Christians:

Do you love Christ? Do you serve Jesus Christ? Do you put your faith in Christ? Then you should have an actual commitment to influence every institution! May be a temporal meeting-but affect the everlasting soul of every human being

-alphabet mafia is aligned with Biden administration playbook 

-Administration tells us that our kids are not ours, but the state owns them

-they are subsidiaries of the leviathan

-assume the family unit is not the basis of community so it is a lie=Marxism

***Fight= My children do not belong to the United States of America-they belong to me as their parents until they are ready to be on their own


-Christians don’t want to input on politics or push their morality on other people. They keep it in the prayer closet or behind church doors. Lukewarm Christians' do not engage whatsoever

-not recognizing that the worldview culture wand to corrupt our children as we ignore and/or refuse to engage in protecting the innocence of our kids

-God gave me jurisdiction over my children so not engaging is giving your children to government control

-Government is preparing to use weapons to take away your children through legal castration

-Government is not neutral-they flip the script by making themselves stewards to define the political space-they know better on how to raise your kids than you do

Overton Window:

  1. Redefine male and female (no divine creator)

  2. Redefine human reality of marriage (no Bible based marriages)

  3. Redefine custody of the physical body of a child (no Bible based parenting)

  4. Redefine use of pronouns (state takes control over Bible based definition of male & female)

  5. Redefine use of gender affirming care

  6. Redefine use of gender affirming care on children

  7. Exterminate foundation of the family

  8. Transform definition of family to remove any Christian definition of family

  9. Removal of Christian values, morals, definitions, motifs, etc…

  10. Replace culture, commerce, morality, politics 

  11. Insert relativism, humanism, secularism, socialism, and marxism

-Fundamental truths that humans know to be true that is based in natural law and the creation story in the Bible-God made male and female not a combination 

-State redefines human life in the womb-God says He knew you before you were knitted together in the womb-unborn babies matter, but education and political institutions redefine the actions against the sanctity of life-human person in the womb

Marxism has stolen education:

Original purpose of education-create educated citizens who are productive in everyday life by learning facts, to think, lean on values and virtues.

Today-education turned into this is how you can get credentials and have competencies: education, racial, and gender, to transform on who to become a peg to fit into their economy.

Marxism has stolen education with new definition:

-True education is a political education, marxist indoctrination, understanding concrete conditions of our lives through the Marxist lens. 

-Teacher becomes facilitator in the Marxist worldview, whatever is relevant to your life now called cultural relevant

-Curriculum becomes the mediator of political knowledge. Ex. math word problem calculation is not just about subtraction, but engage students on going to a museum-discussion on why some have and have not been to the museum-discussion is not longer math but to disparity of those who haven’t been to the museum 

****Parents ask how this marxist curriculum is getting into our schools?

-under the guise of 3rd party material hidden under supplementary tools (ex. GLESN, CASEL)


Marxists education in 1960’s was purposeful, centralized, planned, plotted, and funded into professions to infiltrate and transform education on all levels

-Question: Where did all the 60’s radicals go? Not to religious cults or yuppidum, but to the classrooms-key was to gain control of the institutions

-Marxism: society reproduces itself through its institutions in particular education, so if they take over the schools to program kids

-Removal of teaching freedom, liberty, and how to become a productive member of society

-Education hijacked my Marxism by capturing the colleges as students who will become the teachers of the next generation and move into all professions: military, law, media, and all levels of education


-Pastors not clear on threat of socialism religion that wants to dominate over Christian religion and eventually will replace it

-Marxism claims to have secret knowledge that mankind can save himself-man can elevate themselves to be Gods (also known as gnostic heresies-worshiping themselves as God

-Gnostic Heresies = the God in Genesis who created the world is just a character so there is a God behind the God of creation

-New Age Movement = enlightened modernists that our spirits are social spirits or spirits of the time of all people so no longer need of a holy spirits, but recreation through the lens of economics and sociology

-Marxism makes the serpent (satan) in the garden the truth teller and the God character the liar

-Secular Socialists are infiltrating and transforming the church

-Socialism: awakening to the secret conscientiousness morphed into class conscientiousness 

1st step to socialism is to be woke to communism-rule over the mechanism of economics 

-oppressed seize the factories, farms, and employment

-economic conditions determine character of man

-man creates himself absent from God & absent from any other form of creation

-How does society obliterate the church? Marcuse stated if you transform education you transform society

-Socialism is the religion that must directly replace Christianity 

-5 areas of culture called cultural hegemony that will infiltrate and transform from within

  1. Religion, 2. Family, 3.  Education, 4. Media, 5. Law

**hegemony is leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others

**ex. The U.S. government strictly censors all social media companies and demands their obedience. Twitter CEO Elon Musk admitted on 27 December 2022 that all social media platforms work with the U.S. government to censor content, reported Fox Business Network. Public opinion in the United States is subject to government intervention to restrict all unfavorable remarks. Google often makes pages disappear.

Transform role of religion:

-Bible based role of faith in transforming the world through values that can’t be justified by intellect alone but requires faith-it is a saving grade of the heart, mind, and soul

-if the cultural values of society can be transformed then it starts in our schools with the goal of removing belief in Biblical truths, but gaining control of their minds but also capturing their hearts and souls

-transform the meaning of the gospel and Biblical truths through Marxist’s liberty theology (men can atone for themselves with no need to have belief in the God of the Bible)

-Marxist= posed as a Catholic imposing empty, meaningless, and complete perversion of the Christian doctrine but redefined culture, power, and liberation critical studies 

-Liberal Critical studies is a radical formulation of pedagogy through revitalization of language, utopianism, and revolutionary messages 

-Transformed Marxist Catholic Church: die to the world of oppression, reborn on the side of the oppressed, live your own personal Easter as that is where you transform values. Easter celebrities death not life

-Transform values with counterfeit religion referred to as woke inversion-appropriates like atonement for original sin, but there is no freedom from forgiveness (people of color oppressed-whites are oppressors who cannot atone for the sin of being born white-forever guilty)

-Woke prophetic = calls us to build the kingdom of God here on Earth, with allegiance with the oppressed

-Inversion perversion of Christian doctrine by using Christian language, motifs, and things that will resonate 

Marxism in 2020:

-economic marxism didn’t work in America because capitalism delivers so could not infiltrate and trick America to move from prosperous economic conditions to communism

-Shifted to cultural issues such as race, status, sex, gender, health, ability status, and personal identity politics

-Leverages that racism is systemic and purpose is to obliterate the ideology of white supremacy

-People of color need to seize the means of cultural production to rise up and overthrow the production of man (what needs to be overthrown)

-Church is an overwhelming powerful, and absolutely central means of cultural production and cultural maintenance

-cultural marxism reappropriated economics, race, and accusations against the church for not being more diverse

-cultural marxism is dressed up in seduction language and any push back on its theology then accused of being racist

Genesis 1-11

-for Marxism to succeed they have to debunk Genesis 1-11

-they have to obliterate distinctions such as between man and God & man and woman

-Transition to alchemy=evil religion (alchemy means we are just made up of transformed matter so we are a universal elixir. Ex. occult sciences like astrology)

-religion replaced with us being purely social creatures where man exists for the species called the collective

Ex. man woman boy girl, we are all the same

-Implication is that man poses as girl are all the same, so an 8 year old can consent because a 28 year old male identifies as an 8 year old- next step is to make pedophilia legalized

State vs. Family:

-destroy distinctions

-elect the enlightened (those with the secret knowledge)

-you can’t bring your values to your children

-purpose is to break the connection between parent and child 

Ex. Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labels groups like Moms for Liberty as anti-government extremists and hate groups 

-targets parents who are fighting against indoctrination curriculum, hidden curriculum, and advocating for parents’ rights in public education

-Public education wants removal of parents so the school makes the decisions on molding the student in formative years into adulthood (college)

***institution becomes the divine as it manifests on Earth-God is the state!

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