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American Marxism Book Review by Mark R. Levin

  Chapter 1 List of Marxist Cloaks: Progressives Democratic Socialists Social Activists Community Activities Black Lives Matter Antifa The Squad Economic Justice Environmental Justice Racial Equity Gender Equity Critical Race Theory Dominant Culture “Woke” followers Battle: Capitalist system are unjust and inequitable, racist and sexist, colonialist and imperialist, materialistic and destructive of the environment Purpose: dispiriting and demoralizing the public, undermine the citizenry’s confidence in the nation’s institutions, traditions, and customs to create one calamity after another to weaken the nation from within; ultimately destroying what we know as American republicanism and capitalism Democratic Party tool set: Tactics of propaganda Indoctrination Demand conformity and compliance Silencing Contrary voices through repressive tactics Cancel Culture=destroy reputations and careers, censoring and banning mostly patriotic and contrary viewpoints on social media Attacking Academi