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Facebook Post Where is your destination?

  Where do we look in the midst of heartbreak. When the pain is all consuming? When we look at the world and see such atrocious injustices, where human life is dismissed from the unborn to the elderly, or when a pronoun, a mask, and vaccine has more power over a society than all humanity combined? Revelation in the Bible has been very controversial in its interpretation, so I read books to help me wrap my mind around its meaning of the future. When I did the study I kept reading there will be thousands and thousands in the battle against those who become Christians during what is called the end times. It was not until the division of the outcome of this pandemic did I realize how many people truly do not believe in God or even a higher power or that there is life after death, so the fear of death has people justifying their anger and self sanctimonious lecturing allowing the government take-over mandates truly believing the government is the savior of this world. It is hard to watch so

Why The Universe Is The Way It Is by Hugh Ross Book Highlights

  The Book I read is “Why The Universe Is The Way It is” by Hugh Ross In the book, he discusses how humans are constantly trying to recreate Eden or blot-it-out. Today, it seems getting rid of God is getting easier where people’s lifestyle or control of government have become Gods from: 1. Gender is fluid-break Eden story-no more-man and woman gender not a man-construct-biology points to a creator. Problem: Equity Act forces religious people to produce products, hire people, teach, and go against their morals and beliefs. This Act could force churches to hire staff members who reject the church’s religious or moral beliefs Problem: Ministries will be required to open their sex- specific facilities to members of the opposite sex which has been instituted in schools against the biological separation of boys and girls Problem: Places like shelters threaten to force their women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence to transgender men with no separation Problem: Children sho