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Video link and points in the Interview with author Eric Metaxas-A Letter to the American Church

 Whenever I try to talk with many of my fellow Christians I am told that the church is beyond these walls. Always missing my point that yep I can take my beliefs into the public square alone on my own, but I can’t bring what is happening in the public square into the church to find support and strength from the same people telling me the church is beyond these four walls. It is an oxymoron and can be very discouraging and confusing. 

I watched the interview with Eric Metaxas on My Faith Votes, so below is what I learned from that conversation. Below is the link to the actual interview and an add-on to why your vote counts. 

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington

Bottom Line:

-The Bible tells us to be concerned with what he thinks and do what he asks us to do. 

-God given us a tremendous opportunity to be his hands and feet in this world, empowered by the Holy Spirit, Faith in Jesus, we are to live that out

-We are called to be free to speak truth

-The great horror is when pastors, churches, Christians are silent

-The results are in God’s hands but we are called into the fight

-bring your faith into every sphere including politics

-sometimes it is in the political sphere that God will use us 

-Call to action-go where calls you-he made us to stand with courage lean on him believe in him-in the natural we are done but in the supernatural we are standing with God

-Americans must  live out their faith, values, laws, culture, by expressing God’s view in every aspect of our lives 

-We can’t tolerate evil

Bad theology: The Church is imploding upon itself by being silent in the face of evil

-there is No safe religious path

-you can’t avoid politics

-you can’t just go along with what the politicians and government authorities dictate

-Romans 13 refers to obeying government-but it is not the only chapter the Bible

-The Bible doesn’t evolve around Romans 13

-on the other spectrum to Romans 13 is the Book of Esther-Mordecai speaks out that he will dissent even if he would be killed (Both Esther and Mordecai understood what it meant to go against the government of their times)

The Big Lie:

-get the church to sit down and shut up

-Evil will not triumph if God’s people just stay in their protected religious lane

-pastors silent in face of evil-bought the lie I have to choose between faith and politics

-you must divorce your faith from how I live, how I vote, whether I vote, this is not biblical 

-stick to God preacher

-Satan says you don’t have business to have an opinion outside the religiousness of church

-I was just following orders-you don’t get a pass-you will be held accountable


-Satan’s voice & devil’s view more prevalent than God’s voice & God’s view

-admit we lack a biblical worldview and concern for the pastors

-missed God speaking avoiding politics and warnings signs

-well meaning religious people miss God

-not trying to reach those pastors and Christians who are turning a blind eye

-divisive is nonsense-repent of your silence


-vocalizing moral issues of the day extends into politics-the corruption must be exposed

-You think you can be silent on this transgender lunacy? 

-if you don’t care about people’s lives who are being destroyed with the erasure of the southern border, fentanyl flooding into the US, trafficking of women & children, etc…

-you are called to be a voice for others

Satan is on the move

-erased our borders-sex trafficking-stop being complicit

-transgender movement-corruption-go along with government-money moves indoctrination

-Dare to believe this evil has settled here

-Environmental agenda-ask yourself if a movement is being pushed are those officials involved not gaining in money or power-they should be giving up something not gaining profit and power

Example: God used this one man to change a nation

William Wilberforce:

-During the rise of Nazism, he was told to keep his faith private

-He was told his religious views was modern day slavery and it was wrong

-He was told not to bring his religion into the public sphere

-He should not dare impose his views on the laws of the land

-Wilberforce spoke out on slave trade

-his theology compelled him to speak out

-he was tempted to leave politics but John Newton(wrote amazing grace) told him to stay the course

-obliged by God to speak for them and use politics to gain their freedom

-politician doing politics through belief and faith in God above government (Wilberforce)

-stay in politics God can use you there

-devils choice is to give up

-leave-separation of church and state 

-bring your faith into every sphere including politics

-sometimes it is in the political sphere that God will use us 

-Civil Rights movement was born in the church but where did it end? In the laws being made

***Lie=church and politics is divisive and separate

Prepare for Battle:

-God is calling us to discern the times

-God is now see what you are made of, believe, faith through your works, 

-faith without works is dead

-Take your faith in everything 

-understand God’s will vs. the devil’s will

 -I follow God so get angry at those trying to lead people away from God

-American church has incredible opportunity to influence the world 

-clarifying moment to Christian leaders

-God called us into leadership

-encouragement-you should fear what God thinks not your elders or parishioners think

-God will meet your need-finances, careers, etc… or take the safe path

-only see God move until in that tough spot

-God’s people always had a tough time

-moment to live out faith to see God is real and will you fully trust him

***As you turn a blind eye don’t you think God is not going to hold you accountable?

***Think about what it means to go to hell figuratively and physically

***God is a judge and will allow judgment to fall 

“And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.  Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” George Washington

My Faith Votes: Conversation with author of, A Letter to the American Church, Eric Metaxas

Metaxas Conversation 

Voting Counts-Patriot Academy

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