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Introduction to the Constitution with Hillsdale College Professor Larry P. Arnn Videos 9-10

Introduction to the Constitution with Hillsdale College Professor Larry P. Arnn Videos 9-10

Video 9: The Necessity of Virtue

Constitution = structure that channels the public control of the government in a way that encourages good character in the people

-the separation of powers is the greatest of the institutional restraints on government

-the principal restraint is a virtuous people

-ultimately, the maintenance of free government depends on the people themselves

-Auxiliary precautions such as separation of powers and checks and balances are necessary but they are insufficient

-experience has shown that a people will either be virtuous and free or else corrupt and ruled

-people are going to be self-governing and uphold sovereignty then they must be good people

-purpose of government is to protect our rights and freedom 

-building our character-George Washington 1st inaugural-quotes James Madison

If we become better people then we will be happier people 

-Thing about the founders-political system-they were warriors-fought a war and won it

-set it up in some way that it will not collapse under its own weight

-George Washington part of Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus 519-430 BC-premise is he was a farmer-called to fight a war-once done return to his life as a farmer-Washington not want association to aristocrats so almost not show for the Constitutional Convention-Madison talked him into it. 

-James madison-the most important thing in the constitution is its structure

-there is no one provision but the whole thing

-it channels the way we do politics to make that results healthier

-the whole structure-the separation of powers is how it is laid out

-He then talks about justifying this-he talks about the order of the human soul -arrangement of rationality and passion

-passions are important but not to be managed

-Constitution engenders the correct cooperation in its structure of reason and passion

-2 virtues of ethics-Aristotle-doing and thinking virtues-courage, moderation, and justice 

-courage-deals with pain

-moderation-has to do with pleasure 

-virtue- is the right disposition to those two things 

-you have to want to do the brave thing

-action is beautiful a thing then you are courageous 

Video 10: Ballots Rather Than Bullets

-Declaration of Independence asserts that government is legitimate only when the people consent to it

-the election of 1800 demonstrated the legitimacy of the American system of government because the people were able to assert their will and change the government, according to the structures of the Constitution.

-with the election of Thomas Jefferson to the presidency, the American people affected a change of government without firing a shot

-no longer a king with all the sovereignty but a popular vote 

-1861 Abraham Lincoln-1st time that ballots replaced bullets as a way to change government

-Economy-set up their own government-foolish-constitutional convention urgent-seed planted in Declaration of Independence-grows-logical-principal-but put into practice

-ratification: hard to get harbor states on board-follow the money

- levy tariffs:  paid by the importers when the cargo landed-follow the money

-Chief leaders-Madison & Hamilton-NY and Virginia-constitution-stake in current arrangement 

-American Revolution-1763

-1800-election of Thomas Jefferson-abolition of the federalist party-and his new party-president of the united states

-1861-lincoln-ballots is the way we choose our government

-the final causes of the union planted in the declaration of Independence gave rise to the structure to all to cooperate -government working by consent 

-Government: laws have to be made, laws have to be enforced, borders have to be protected, trade has to be secured 

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