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Five Fatal Flaws in Transgender Ideology

 I started to put this blog together but happened to run across Bills to watch so warning those reading this to let parents know this is real and happening now!

Bills to watch for:

SB 107 kidnapping bill-age 12 can consent on surgeries, minor wants surgery can be taken by anyone brought over state lines to get gender surgery without the parent knowing or giving consent. Kids can be taken to group shelter where parent has no access-parental rights removed

SB 145 reduces gay men sentencing who have sex with a minor. Legalizes sex with a minor-Lowers age of consent-even age 9 can give consent 

We should never celebrate human pride- leads to destruction

Definition groomer: is a person who pushes grossly inappropriate sexual topics onto young children for the purpose of normalizing sexual behavior, exposing them to abuse, or implanting the notion they should mutilate their bodies to cure dysphoria. 

Frank Turek’s re-published book “Correct not Politically Correct” and “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” was interviewed by Charlie Kirk. Here are the notes from the interview. A link at the bottom will take you to the original conversation along with a few more videos that may interest you regarding this trans agenda and trafficking our kids. 

Five Fatal Flaws in Transgender Ideology

Flaw #1: the design of the human body proves there is only 2 genders

-a human being can only produce a sperm or an egg 

-there is no 3rd option-can’t reproduce 50+ outcomes 

-incapacity is not a capacity

Flaw #2: Transgenderism must presuppose fixed genders

-the trans hand: all these different genders are gender fluid

-the truth hand: trans unwittingly presuppose there are only 2 genders

-if a man thinks he is a woman then he must have some idea of what a woman is to become one and vice versa

-woman trans to man needs skin taken from other part of body to roll into a penis

Ex. If I am a man and I think I am a woman then I have to have some idea of what a man is and I know what a woman is to know that I have this mismatch in my psychology and my biology 

-if there was no fixed gender as a man and no fixed gender as a woman then how would I have any way of knowing I had gender dysphoria.

-Also if I tried to make the so called transition from being a man to a woman which is physically impossible, so:

***** I must admit that there are only 2 genders to make transgendering even possible

Flaw #3: You can change your mind but not your biology

-if the T’s get their way that there are no fixed genders then the LGB don’t exist because they rely on fixed genders 

-feminists not too happy with this either-no fixed genders then there are no women and if there are no women then there are no women’s rights

 -this ideology erases women and the identity of LGB people

Ex. What is a Woman?

-if they answer biological females then trans ideology is false

-If they refuse to answer which is what they tend to do, then transgenderism is impossible because who is transitioning into what and what is the purpose of women’s rights if you don’t know what a woman is 

-affirming a person in their transgenderism or gender identity is like affirming an anorexic that they are overweight

-mismatch between their mind and their biology need to get their mind fixed not their biology

Ex. a woman who thinks she is overweight but she is anorexic doesn't offer her liposuction.

-your mind is telling you tricks 

-Transabled person-new trend-in my mind I am disabled, but all my limbs work just fine-would you cut off the healthy right arm of a person

-a kid believes she is a mermaid you don’t go to the ocean and drop her off 

-suffering in a delusion-you can change your mind but can’t change your biology

-you can’t change your 100 trillion  cells or your DNA 

-sad that atheists have more courage than pastors speaking truth on this subject 

-Richard Dawkins came out and said there are 2 genders its science get over it

Flaw #4: Sex is not assigned at birth

-Trans activists to succeed they have to get people to believe what they know is really the unbelievable idea that sex is assigned at birth rather than discovered-it is discovered- doctor doesn't question:  baby is either boy or girl

When asked if there is evidence of God, I ask is there evidence of gender?

-if they say no-then I can’t help you with the God question-if you can’t look in the mirror and know what you are then how am I going to convince you that there is an invisible being that created you and sustains the world

***This is a War on reality

Flaw #5: There is no basis for transgender rights

-there is no basis for any rights without the existence of God- trans or human

-declaration of independence states-we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created and endowed by their creator-not by government-with certain inalienable rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness

-government serves as entity to ensure/secure these rights-not to give you rights or to take away rights

-in America today people are creating rights every ten minutes and these people are atheists

-no way to justify rights if there is no God 

-its just my opinion against your opinion

-there is no standard unless God exists-no objective standard of rightness so there are no rights

- everybody just has an opinion

Objectively right and objectively wrong 

-in our hearts if we are honest-there are objective standards that are right and objective standards that are wrong

-right to life-objectively right-suppress it or go other way but know it is true

-we know that mutilating children is objectively wrong-but suppressing the truth in name of transgender ideology-call evil what it really is 

-stand, draw line in stand-why are we allowing it on our watch


-we ought not to be part of politics-ask 2 questions:

1- Should Christians care about how others are treated

2-Should Christians care about how people are treated by their government

Welcome to politics then

-it may not be your 1st calling-bring to gospel-2nd calling is to ensure that the government allows us to do the 1st calling because governments can stop our ability of preaching and living 

In the gospel

-don’t believe then China ruled out preaching the gospel-government ruled it irrelevant-politically

-we take advantage of the religious freedom in our country-stand up to ensure we keep our religious freedom if for not other reason then to preach and live the gospel and to help other people know what the right thing to do is

Pastors fear of being engaged in these topics-fear of losing people in their staff or congregation numbers-money

-Pastors truly love people-love doesn’t mean you approve of what people do 

-love means you love them enough to tell them the truth

-Pastors are silent as they don’t know how to deal with the issues 

-Pastors need to learn how to be equipping pastors with the ability to speak on these issues 

In a coherent way and not an obnoxious way

-Spiritual Battle-struggle-what is the spiritual component to this trans issue 

-What is the invisible dimensions here-scriptures say about this theology when it comes to rejecting one’s own biology

-God made us male and female in his image so when we attack that binary we are attacking the image of God

Message to the church

-Paul wrote in Romans chapter 1- it begins with suppressing the truth-that we know the truth-we know there is a God-his invisible qualities are clearly seen so we are without excuse-but we also suppress the truth about him and not just unbelievers that are guilty of this

-we suppress the truth about God and about his standard of rightness-because we want to go another way

-we want to do our own thing

-Paul warns us that if we do that long enough particularly on the sexual issues God is going to leave us-He is give us up to the depraved mind to the point where we are not only doing evil but we are cheering on others who are doing evil  

ex. NY Hokel-signed a bill that her state is a safe haven for kids who want gender reassignment surgery-She wants kids to be mutilated-she should know it is impossible to change your biology-yet she thinks this is the way instead of good counseling-proper way to deal with a mental issue 

-you don’t deal with a mental delusion with surgery you deal with it through psychiatry with cognitive therapy 

-seen on college campuses-Kirk blocked by kids shouting trans rights 

-80% of kids with gender dysphoria grow out of it by age 18

-why would you give them the drug Lupron that they give to sex offenders to chemically castrate them

-why underage gender surgeries when they will grow out of it anyway

-the enemy wants to get to as many children as possible to spiritually corrupt them- to have them believe in nothing-destruction of their lives 

-Church has to stand against this 

Transgender Ideology:

-transgender ideology-this is something we are teaching-it is increasing  because social contagion-it is against the natural law-

-People believe one man and one woman marriage are called bigots

-make marriage genderless -procreation is no longer the purpose of marriage 

-we have broken away from the natural standard which comes from God himself but you don’t need to believe in God to be a Christian

-there is no such thing as a valueless society

-can’t legislate morality

-whose morality will be legislated? Hokel is trying to legislate morality-saying it is morally wrong to prevent kids from mutilating themselves 

-we are experimenting on kids because there are no protocols to change the sexes because it is impossible 

-The doctors are making this stuff up as they go 

-no basis to permanently mutilate a child and irreversibly call it science 

-pride is a sin-deadliest sin-catholic church-pride month out of control 

How Christians respond:

-speak the truth-in a way people will understand we are speaking truth not because we want our way

-it is not my way or my morality that I think should be legislated -its not your morality-it is The morality 

-Thomas Jefferson = spoke of being self-evident

-The Apostle Paul said the gentiles ought to have the law written on their hearts 

-am not imposing my own view- I didn’t make these morals up

-I didn’t make up abortion is wrong-murder is wrong-rape is wrong-theft is wrong

-men were made for women and women were made for men

-the best way to perpetuate and stabilize society which is the reason that government is involved in the first place to legally recognize the man and woman relationship over every other relationship 

-we are the lifeboat as we know what is the right thing-truth

-Tell the truth and leave the results to God

-Don’t sit on sidelines

-Don’t be silent in a world that is going down

Do No Harm:

-Affirm peoples lifestyle is harmful

-love doesn’t require approval

 ex. If parent approves of everything a kid does then that is not loving

-you don’t love people by approving what is evil

-you are loving by seeking what is best for them

-that means standing in the way of evil.

Biblical perspective:

Paul says 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

-Paul’s point is that  love always protects

-Paul’s point is that love doesn’t rejoice in wrongdoing 

-Paul’s point is that love rejoices in the truth

-Paul’s point is that love does what is right and doesn’t approve of evil 

****tolerance of evil is the virtue of a dying society and that tragically is where we are 

No tolerance when it comes to children:

-calling out wickedness

-Douglas Murray is a gay man speaking against the trans movement going after children and that this is railing over the original LGB movement-we were okay when it was between consenting adults but not including children

Slippery slope:

-logical trans agenda is to go after children

-they can’t reproduce themselves so they have to recruit

-marriage is genderless then there is no becoming one to have children-creation brings purpose

-what institution that protects children? 

-Union of opposites

***if you have a problem with morality then you don’t have a problem with me-you have the creator whose nature is where this morality is derived -this morality puts forth humans to flourish the best that is why we are for it 

Link to original interview for you to listen:

Tim Ballard Prageru video (God’s children are not for sale)

LGBT Activist Regrets 

Government oversteps


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