Thursday, February 1, 2024

January 21, 2024 Posted thoughts on Socialism, Economic Forum, and Latent Tuberculosis

 Socialism only works if it is us who are poor will be rich like the rich and the rich will be rich like the poor-equal money so each person is just rich-not the other way around-we make all equally poor-then all the sudden it is not fair. Which is why we see it not working in every country that has tried it. The only level field is All are poor except the already rich elites in control.

Ever try to give more money to let’s say younger workers who don’t have years of service or education? How unfair, right? Or try to pay off school loans for some and not for those who have been paying on them for years. The redistribution of money sounds great when it doesn’t hit your paycheck or your bank account.

Government’s mentality is “we spent it into existence” speaking of money. The government doesn’t make money, it uses the citizens’ taxes on what they would like to “spend into existence.”

Check out my blog on the world economic forum to see what they would like to “spend into existence” if you think I am making it up. ( on my blog is the unconfusing of the primary vs. caucus explanation along with a couple voting items-yep people of faith should be planning on voting!

Next-Government run anything is just a bunch of smoke, mirrors, and lies. Here is a real life example. A school district employee gets a call from the department of health informing this person has been in contact with someone who has active tuberculosis. Almost seems like a joke or a really bad prank on someone, right? Then on the news a very fast announcement that this one person with active tuberculosis has been on 26 different school campuses? Then nothing-news says yep if you are at one of those schools you will be contacted. Oh really? By whom? Not the school district, not the school, but a random call from the health department requiring that the person come in to get blood work done to see if you contracted tuberculosis.

Unnerving, is the nonchalant way this news is given and no notice to the school, faculty, or students in this supposedly affected school. This person is told if you have no symptoms then just go to work and not stop your regular life since you have no symptoms then you probably have latent tuberculosis.

What is latent tuberculosis you ask? Well, no symptoms then you are not contagious. It is just laying in your lungs waiting to become active. So, blood work says you have latent tuberculosis. Then you need an x-ray of your lungs to verify it is just sitting there. Of course it is if your blood work tests positive. So, now you are on antibiotics for 3-6 months to hopefully kill it off? Don’t know or just to keep it latent? Will this person have to be tested yearly? How does one know it moved from latent to active until it is too late and you no longer have a functional lung? Nope, no answer! Just latent is manageable and active is not good.

What the heck is happening. Asking around, this person is the only person who received the call about being tested. How can only one person in the whole school contract tuberculosis? With no answers as to how this contact even happened. The health department tried to say the contact happened 2 years previously at a training center. Really? Somehow an active carrier was in training 2 years earlier hacking up a lung and even blood and no one noticed? Or this same or other person was at 26 schools and now 1 random employee contracted tuberculosis? Which scenario is true?

Why is this being swept under the rug like “nothing to see here,” "nothing to be aware of here” or “no information so don’t ask questions.” This person is 21 years old and this all just infuriates me to no end especially when it is my kid!

Maybe if people read this more will come forward! This secretive crap is wrong and I am tired of it all!

Prayers for my kid and others dealing with unknown illnesses that just do not make any sense whatsoever. Prayers God calms my anger that I am not filled with hate but he calms this storm raging in my mind, heart, and spirit.

I heard this song at just the right time this past week. "My God Can" by Katy Nichole

I might not be able to part the waters,
Might not be able to calm the storms
Might not be able to make my giants fall,
but good thing I'm not alone
'Cause there is a power that is greater,
so I'm not afraid of what's ahead
I'm standing in the confidence that even though I can't
My God can

Blessings to all of you,