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Indoctrination has no Hidden agendas: It is in plain sight if you choose to see it or not

Social Justice:

The classroom curriculum prepares students to navigate both their academic learning and

their role in the society at large. 

Foster critical thinking and questioning of dominant narratives, so that students can play

a role in creating new policies and practices for a more just society.


-when it is counselor appreciation week and in the middle of the “we appreciate you” is a

“what have you done this week for Black Lives Matter?” 

-English Language Learners Handbook (pg. 20)

As a WIDA value, social justice includes creating positive change, challenging discriminatory

actions (i.e., in terms of language, culture, and race), and promoting equity to improve the

education of multilingual children, youth, and families.

What is in your child’s textbook?

Major curriculum publishers integrate models of culturally responsive education that could

advance student academic learning, build cultural competency for a diverse world, and develop

critical thinking. These are essential building blocks that students will need to participate in a

diverse and complex society, and to lead us to a more just and equitable world for generations

to come. 

The purpose of the woke textbook is to fundamentally change it:

  1. All three curricula, McGraw Hill Wonders, Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt IntoReading and Savvas myView, were Culturally Destructive or Culturally Insufficient. Curricula reinforced stereotypes, centered White or Eurocentric ideas or culture, and offered little guidance for teachers to connect curriculum to students’ lives.

  2. All three curricula used superficial visual representations to signify diversity, especially skin tone and bodily presentation, without including meaningful cultural context, practices, or traditions.

  3. All three curricula were dominated by one-sided storytelling that provided a single, ahistorical narrative. 

  4. All three curricula used language and tone that demeaned and dehumanized Black, Indigenous and characters of color, while encouraging empathy and connection with White characters.

  5. All three curricula provided little to no guidance for teachers on engaging students’ prior knowledge, backgrounds, and cultures; or reflecting on their own bias, beliefs, and experiences.

Restorative Justice:

-Under the guise of the American Rescue PLan Emergency Relief III funds form the department of education to create and implement progressive disciplinary actions based on restorative justice 

- NRS 392.4644  Plan for restorative discipline and on-site review of disciplinary decisions; annual review and revision of plan; posting and distribution of plan; written reports by board of trustees concerning compliance with section.

2.02 on agenda:

Gender dysphoria:

What is rapid-onset gender dysphoria?

-form of gender dysphoria and often emerges in adolescence and may be a social contagion

“adolescents who do not have a childhood history of gender nonconformity or gender distress or issues with their sex.” These people “don’t have issues with being boys or girls, and these problems seem to develop only in adolescence.”

Frequently, they have mental health issues unrelated to gender. 

“They have co-occurring mental health problems, anxiety, depression, autism, [obsessive compulsive disorder], eating disorders, history of trauma, you name it,” he adds. “They are predominantly, although not exclusively, but predominantly female, right, and they belong to peer groups where some of them are male or female. The kids come out as trans in clusters.”

Yet those healthcare professions and scientists who do not think clinicians should automatically agree to a young person’s self-diagnosis are often afraid to speak out. 

Parents are routinely warned that to pursue any path outside of agreeing with a child’s self-declared gender identity is to put a gender dysphoric youth at risk for suicide, which feels to many people like emotional blackmail.

Transgender series, part 1

Warning: parents being accused of “mental illness” if they oppose child transitioning

-medical profession promotes tricking parents into allowing their kids to be transitioned as children

“So from my perspective, when I frame it next to hormones; usually they are like ‘Okay let’s do menstrual suppression,” he explained as the audience laughed. “It’s all about the delivery and the messaging.”

“that parents often have “irrational thinking” when their child claims to be transgender and that he tells parents that only children know their true selves. He also encouraged parents to talk about sex and gender identity with children as young as three years old.”

Gender doctor against parents objection to transitioning their child 

As kids, they thought they were trans

The Trans Movement is Erasing Women in Sports

Fundamentally Transforming Education:

ACLU has a “know your rights” for students to promote the gender identity movement

CCSD P-5138 The rights and needs of students with diverse gender identities and expressions

-classroom activities

-school activities

-intramural and interscholastic activities 



-school attire

-access to school facilities

-field trips

-professional development

-queer kid stuff in youtube (100’s of videos to indoctrinate your child)

What is gender dysphoria with a picture book and a teddy bear

Picture books about trans kids

Picture books 

-just do a search of transgender on Amazon and 40,000 titles are listed

-then do a search of transgender books for children and 3,000 titles are listed 

Two Examples:

-Me and My Dysphoria Monster by Laura Kate Dale

“This touching story is the perfect book for discussing gender dysphoria with children, explaining what it is and how they and their families can deal with it. It also includes an accompanying guide for parents with further information about gender dysphoria, terminology, and first-hand examples of the author's own experiences.”

-Eugene the Unicorn: A Kid’s Book to Help Start LGBTQ Inclusive Conversations by T. Wheeler

“A book about the unique friendship between a lonely unicorn and an out of place donkey who explore diversity and decide to share their new found confidence with everyone around them. Sharing is caring, and they hope to help anyone else who feels out of place with their new found knowledge of the beauty of diversity. The intent behind this book, although subtle, is to allow questions and conversations about the LGBT+ community to be raised naturally.”

Racism: teach students to hate America:

"The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination," Kendi wrote in 2019. "The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination."

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, responded to Carr's post, asking, "What is the scientific definition of 'racism' here? How do you measure it quantitatively? How do you determine the causal influence from racism to intermediary institutions to individual income?"

"With what controls?" added Rufo. "And what is the current quantity of racism in the United States?"

Does your school district need an anti-racism, equity diversity, and inclusion (DEI) advisory committee?

-the anti-racism, equity, an inclusion advisory committee shall submit the annual districtwide equity, access, and inclusion report to the superintendent of schools and the board of school trustees

-address the dangers of racist propaganda and cyber-racism 

-required postings of the purpose of the anti-racism, equity, and inclusion policy

Watch how the school district defines and uses legislation to promote Diversity, equity,

and inclusion practices (DEI) guiding practices:

-identify and remove systemic barriers of staff and students: historical and formal organizational

barriers exist 

-fortify pre-k access, elementary pathways, middle school transition, and best-fit high school

programs that close barriers leading to cycles of inequality

-equitable access to those excluded or marginalized

-remove inequitable outcomes based on race

-structural racism removed that refer to history, culture, ideology, and interactions perceived to

be detrimental to students based on race

-social studies must include multicultural education (no long U.S History or American Government)

-must include all cultures when educating on structural racism present in history

-ensuring equitable access, culturally relevant, remove systemic racial barriers

-be culturally responsive

-enhance cultural inclusion of all staff

P-5139 Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

P-6161 School Libraries Inappropriate Books