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Primary vs. Caucus, Ranked voting, and Require Voter ID

 Presidential Preference Primary vs. the West Caucus

There are two elections held in Nevada. You can choose to vote in BOTH or in only one

***The party will use the results of the Caucus, and NOT the Primary to determine how it will award the state’s delegates at the Republican nominating convention. 

How do I check the status of my voter registration



-must be a registered Republican or Democrat to vote

-Republican and Democratic candidates who choose to be in the PPP will not be on the Caucus Ballot

-Early voting sites: January 27th-February 2nd, 2024

Secretary of State 2024 Election Information

Early Voting Sites

***Make note that the sites do not provide information on the Caucus

-Walk in Primary: February 6, 2024



John Castro

Armando Perez-Serrato “Mando”

Heath Fulkerson

Brent Foutz

Hirsch Singh

Marianne Williamson

Michael Pence (dropped out)

Steven Lyons

Timothy Scott (dropped out)

Joseph Biden

Donald Kjornes

Jason Palmer

Nikki Haley

Donald Picard

Stephen Leon

John Haywood

Gabriel Cornejo

Frank Lozada

Superpayaseria Crystalroc

Mark Prascak

West Republican Caucus:

-must be a Registered Republican to vote (last date to change to Republican was January 8, 2024)

West Caucus Republicans

Former President Donald J. Trump

Vivek Ramaswamy (dropped out)

Governor Ron DeSantis (dropped out)

Former Governor Chris Christie (dropped out)

Governor Doug Burgum

Ryan Brinkley

Date: February 8. 2024

Time: Check-ins starts at 5 pm, the meetings start at 6 pm, and will end at 7:30 pm

-Drop in voting is between 5 pm -7:30 pm

-must know your Congressional District (Precinct) as you can only vote at assigned precinct

Northern/Southern Nevada (smaller counties can look up by county)

-How to look up your precinct (example Southern Nevada)

-Find where to vote based on your precinct (example Northern Nevada)

-Find where to vote based on your precinct

Nevada GOP West Caucus Locations (control f to search by precinct you found from above link)

Ex. precinct 3022 in clark county will be located at Canyon Springs High School (address listed)

Voting Resources:

MFV Election Reminders

Clark County Caucus Q & A videos

MFV: Text vote to 50457 (updates) (notifies you of upcoming elections-goes to your email)

2024 Nevada State Judicial Candidates 

Judicial Candidates by county

Washoe County 2024 List of Offices Up for Election

Clark County 2024 Elections (look to left Site Navigation-listed out by position-look for Nevada if you see multiple state listed)


Listed on Nevada Secretary of State Site

2024 Petitions

Urgent Petitions and voting not listed on site:

-A bill pushed by Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo this year to enact voter ID laws stalled in the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

-Purpose of Initiative Petition: 

  1. In Person: Each voter in Nevada shall present photo identification to verify identity when voting in person at a polling place during early voting or on election day before being provided a ballot.

  2. Mail In: Each voter in Nevada who votes by mail-in ballot shall enter one of the following in the block provided next to the voter’s signature for election officials to use in verifying the voter’s identity (last 4 digits of Nevada Driver’s License Number or last 4 digits of Social Security number)

-need 140,000 valid registered voter signatures

-where to go to sign: Feb 8, 2024 West Caucus voting precincts

-Consequences: Must be on the ballot in 2024 and 2026 to become law, so sign the petition to get the initiative on the ballot for the 1st cycle (2024)-watch for 2nd cycle (2026)

On the 11/2024 Ballot, if C-01-2023 gets enough signatures on the petition (Pro-life then Do Not Sign)

Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom PAC Information

-adds language: regardless of age, eliminates parental involvement protecting predators and abortion traffickers

-adds rights to equality and equal protection: gender identity and expression

-removes language-blurs the line at what point can a baby survive outside the uterus w/o extraordinary medical measures

-abortion legal through all 9 months of pregnancy

Vote Against: (Ranked Voting--Passed once ranked voting just needs 2nd vote to change Nevada voting)

By using ranked-choice voting, we’re putting our elections into the hands of the elite experts and computer programmers who created the algorithms that assign votes to candidates and determine a winner that, most times, is not one anyone wants.

-no limit to list of candidates so cout be up to 16 names

-people vote until one candidate gets 51% of the vote 

-if no candidate get 50% of the vote on the first round

-then the lowest number (bottom 2-5 candidates) of votes is even distributed between rest

-repeat process until one candidate gets that 51%

-You have no idea if it will be your favored candidate during the redistribution process. 

Nevada against Ranked-Choice Voting

(Bottom Line-A computer picks who will be in charge of your state-Vote NO!)

January 2024 Informational Events

Southern Nevada

Moms for Libertyy-Take back the Classroom

Tuesday, January 30th

Sahara West Library

9600 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Time: 6 pm-7:30 pm

Northern Nevada

Believers At the Ballot Box

Calvary Chapel-Reno Sparks

220 Edison Way, Reno

Begins at 6:30 pm

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