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Ever heard of Ecocide? Then what kind of steward are you?

 Stewardship requires an understanding of which position of authority you are ruled under?

1st: The world defines good stewardship by using dominance, regulation, and forced obedience. The elite, leaders, and government are spelling out how 

-World economic forum meeting to discuss taking rights away and being owned by a world government

Money: Programmable Digital Currency (Central Bank)

-create an individual digital identity (ID) for inclusive development

-power to revoke a driver's license, cancel a loan, deny access to your bank account, track your location, etc..

Redistribution of wealth: 

-Rep. Cori Bush “when COVID was destroying us, we invested in the American people in a way that kept the economy afloat.” “The government can invest in the same way in reparations without raising taxes on anyone.”

“Where did the money come from?” “We spent it into existence.” (Rep. Cori Bush)

Lie-socialists and Marxists don't care about money (see quote above)

-all about class envy = breeds bitterness and anger and division

Remove the Constitution:

“Our country was not founded on the principle that all people are created equal. It was founded at the expense of the lives, freedoms and well-being of black people, African folks who they stole, whose enslavement, exploitation and dehumanization were written into the Constitution.” (Rep. Cori Bush)

-reward the unlawful man as the same as the lawful man

-structural racism = means it must demolish the foundations and structures America was built upon like patriotism, religion, morality, and faith

Climate: Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker and Ecocide

Lie-crisis lies in the over-reliance on natural gas instead of renewable energy

-tracks where you travel, how you travel, what are you eating, where do you shop, what platforms are you consuming, over carbon allotment shut your car off, shut down your heater or air conditioner, too much money spent shut down what you can and can shop for, and what if you purchase a gun? 

Fossil Fuels & Humans: Ecocide:

-accused of killing the globe, humans are some kind of virus damaging nature, nature is collateral damage when we participate in environmental genocide like being alive, using any type of energy, etc…

-there should be legal punishment when invading environmental space

-who are these climate criminals? Farmers, Fisherman, Ranchers, so anyone using land resources to grow things, animals, fish, or plants as food are killing the Earth

Ex. irony: Isn’t eating bugs killing the Earth or do those count? 

Noah Yuval: Legal system of human rights is a fiction story so not reality not biological reality-jellyfish have no rights so humans have no rights either-cut open a body you don’t find rights-humans invented human rights

Irony: One World Leader speaks truth

“I'm here to tell you that the western world is in danger and it is endangered because those who are supposed to have to defend the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inextricably leads to socialism and thereby to poverty.” President of Argentina, Javier Milei

2nd: Spiritual stewardship is recognizing that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God and being grateful and generous with those gifts. God reveals His perfect and infinite love for us visibly in His Son, Jesus Christ. A steward makes God's love visible by imitating Jesus. Stewardship is the intersection of prayer and action. It’s discipleship—living your faith

-Genesis establishes the absolute truth that God created everything


-the goal is not to turn out people who just know how to vote, but they will preach in season and out of season

-to use the expository teaching of the word of God

-the word of God comes with implications, the gospel comes with implications

-embrace the entire body of Christian truth

-Christianity comes with a stewardship and responsibilities that has to be made clear through the preaching of the word of God. 

-to understand Christian ministry in the context of a Biblical centrality of the church and purposes of God

-centrality of preaching in the life of the church, and their responsibility to preach the word in such a way that God's people live it out faithfully


-vital role of Christians in the world should be to be educated in a solid Christian worldview and political philosophy 

-truth becomes more costly when it is not defended 

-do not be trained by the world- all medias want to indoctrinate you to become political progressives

-you have a stewardship of influence ex. Not voting is voting-it is living in unfaithfulness telling God you choose not to be a good steward because you do not believe in what God can do 

-Politics is too nasty but why are Christians surprised? 

-we should be disgusted by it as we are moral beings who should propel

righteousness and justice

-What is your criteria for voting? What is your criteria on stewardship?

What is your criteria to have belief and faith in our all encompassing God

-when Christians are involved in the public square then we can be part of

preventing before the system is broken because trying to repair a broken

system is much more difficult

-we should be informed, aware, make a difference, and concerned citizens,

therefore more likely to vote

-we do not represent a voting pattern but believe in essential truths-want

society to thrive and survive-faith is essential and vote is an extension of that faith

2 dimensions in the Christian faith: (by Dr. Albert Mohler)

-one one hand ultimately all that matters is the kingdom of Christ. It is visible right

now in Christ’s people and it will come in its fullness of the biblical promise that every

knee will bow and tongue confess -the redeemed will be with Jesus-no more tears or

pain & Christ will reign with saints forever-in this sense we can lose anything in this

world and it will not matter 

-on the other hand Jesus has not yet come to inaugurate his kingdom in his fullness,

that means that God’s sovereign plan is that our time in this world will mean something,

we are given this opportunity so as Christians we must maximize every opportunity and

stewardship, be faithful in every dimension, even as our ultimate citizenship is in a heavenly

kingdom, God for his own reasons for his own glory has left us in this earthly kingdom but we

have to be just as much his people on the earthly kingdom as we are in the heavenly kingdom,

-be encouraged to stay in the battle 

“Principles of the kingdom of God bring the world in order. God created the world to work in a certain way. He gave us His law so when we obey it brings prosperity and is how a society flourishes.” John Cooper (lead singer of Skillet)

Divergent secular humanist utopia = create a perfect America where everybody is equal and everyone has the same amount of money and everyone’s culture is celebrated, but take away God so that man becomes god. Government becomes a god where the wealthy elites know better than those being controlled. They must displace Christianity to build up the government to take over-leads to dystopia!

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