Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Ever heard of a Cognitive Ecosystem? Can't you feel the left's push as America shifts?

Many people have the mindset that “if it is not affecting me or my family then I just

ignore it or just don’t pay attention.” What we are seeing happening in America will

affect every person in the United States. There is no bubble that will protect you. 

There is a call for Christians to engage in all aspects of society–politics, law, medicine,

and education

I watched the personal stories of the J6 accused and imprisoned which are heartbreaking.

They want their stories to be heard even from behind bars. I can’t say if I were there if I

would have just followed the crowd myself. “Their stories are not just about January 6th,

it’s about holding the Constitution of the United States of America. The revered text that

guarantees our freedoms. Our freedom of speech, our right to due process, freedom to

petition our government for redress of grievances, and the cherished ideal that

we are innocent until proven guilty. These fundamental rights are worth fighting for”

On December 13, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court said it will take up the case

challenging Jan. 6 obstruction charges. The decision could affect more than 330 defendants.

Can’t you feel the shift in America? 

“What is happening in America right now is that not public opinion but institutional control is driving the United States in a direction it has never intended to the degree that they are saying to America we are morally superior to the old America. This is a new America and that gives us the right to us by any means necessary to achieve a morally superior end. You are deplorable, irredeemable, Semi-Fascist, crazy, and ultra-maga. You do not have the right to object to the means we are using.” Victor David Hansen 

We study the Constitution by looking at what the founders were thinking and saying when they wrote the Constitution so  we are able to recognize when someone is violating those rights so we can defend and assert those rights.  

John Jay quote “ it is the responsibility of every citizen to read and study the Constitution so that we will know our rights 

Text vote to 50457 

Cognitive infrastructure:

-facilitates (or inhibits) the perception of opportunities by organizations members

-think for the collective-not to think for yourself, but what to think and what to believe

-they have the answers so you don’t have to think about making decisions on your own

-we own the science-so we tell you what is true or not true

Cognitive ecosystem: (Allenby, Braden R.)

“Social media, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the data economy are coming together in  way that transcends how humans understand and control our world”

- “built in periods of technological, social, and political upheaval”

-”arising from deep roots that transcend our everyday frameworks. It is arising from an evolutionary leap foreshadowed throughout human history, but now, after a long ramp-up, emerging explosively across social, military, political, and cultural landscapes”

-power to civilizational conflict, and social, cultural, and governance systems, will be profound

-”the countries and companies that can work with the new capabilities and powers that the cognitive ecosystem supports will succeed, and those that can’t will fail”


Data Economy:

“This domain thus includes data generation and distillation services ranging from Internet of Things devices and networks, and fleets of vehicles learning to be autonomous, to social media platforms, payment systems, and facial recognition technologies. The data economy requires sensors to generate the data in the first place, massive memory storage capability, and clever algorithms and the processing power to structure underlying data into meaningful patterns and products that are used for commercial, military, and security purposes. Although the physical capabilities of the expanding data economy are far beyond human cognitive capability, humans still control what kinds of data are developed, and how they are aggregated and used.” (https://issues.org/rise-of-the-cognitive-ecosystem-allenby/)

Cognitive Economy:

“This domain consists of those institutions, technologies, services, and products that provide the functional elements of cognition, from perception to constructions of intelligibility to applications such as problem-solving. Sensors in mobile phones, IoT products, point of sale payment technologies, facial recognition cameras, autonomous vehicles, and other devices provide information streams that are then processed by the cognitive infrastructure of AI neural net technologies for various purposes—from security to marketing to disinformation campaigns.” (https://issues.org/rise-of-the-cognitive-ecosystem-allenby/)

Institutional and Services Infrastructure:

“This domain comprises not only the platforms of such global social media firms as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, and TikTok, but also the rapidly deepening intellectual capital supporting the cognitive ecosystem, including behavioral economics, personal and evolutionary psychology, cultural studies, and neuroscience.” (https://issues.org/rise-of-the-cognitive-ecosystem-allenby/)

Wake up America: The left’s game plan for a worldwide infrastructure take-over (Can’t you see and feel it?)

-War against citizens 

-War between people in this country who hate our country and what it stands for and the majority of us “we the people” who love the United States of America and our founding ideals

-Cold cultural war: one side is using force to perpetuate its side to take over the other (no mutual resolution)

-weaponization of financial markets, federal police state, and our justice system 

-no middle ground between free speech and censorship, merit and group quotas, American exceptionalism and apologizing for who we are 

If they are allowed to prevent voters from voting for your political opponent. 

If they can punish people for crimes they have never been charged with then our electoral system and our justice systems are corrupt and meaningless and our democracy is fake. 

This is much bigger than Trump or even our next election. 

Turn the following against its citizens:  inflation, border, crime, energy, foreign policy not popular 

This is a pivotal moment in American history:

-Left has prepared a battlefield that any mention of J6 was supposed to be career ending. 

-Democrat elites see themselves as morally superior = they have the right to use any means necessary to further our morally superior ends or agenda and you won’t use the same mechanism-so it becomes a asymmetrical attack on you 

-the left is waging warfare through all the institutions: corporate board rooms, entertainment, k-12 education, university education, media, silicon valley, etc…

-political class celebrated Ashley Babbitt death-the shooter reigned as a hero

-politicized the military, federal law enforcement, local law enforcement (gutted them and drained their morality)

-Don’t be fooled: the left wants another mass demonstration to move with their agenda

***they know how they would act if they were trump-so they projected dictatorial behavior and insurrection onto Trump because it is a mirror image of what they would do if they had all the power

-desperate to stop any conservative agenda

-they want to trigger us to do something as a crisis should never go to waste

Ex. J6 used as ammunition-so they can change the political landscape or reinterpret the constitution-in a way that they would not have political support except scaring people

-trying to terrify us to they can take extra constitutional measures because they have no popularity and they do not have the will of the people

Ex. Irregular migrants? “Mayorkas also claimed that the government "continues" to enforce its immigration laws by repatriating these so-called "irregular migrants" back to their country of origin, allegedly with the help of countries like Mexico and Venezuela.

Mayorkas' new term was not exactly met with applause among commenters on the internet. "So a bank robbery is now an irregular withdrawal?" quipped one respondent.

Ex. “Inclusion is a national security imperative” Lt. Col. Bree Fram


*****The right believes in the system, but the left wants to tear down the system

What is the practical response to this?

-fight to preserve to live in a civilized system

-supreme court is vital: historical precedence not to rewrite the Constitution

-unite to win seats: president, congress, house, legislatures, senate, governor, judges, board members, etc…..

-No time to be silent 

-we must reveal that these people are spoiled bankrupt soulless people who are willing to every and anything to destroy America

-we must fight back with every legal means as possible 

-we have to get away from running away-step back in the arena 

***Evil prevails when good men say nothing!