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Why voting matters: Parents Protect your Children & Women the Battle is Here

Notice the removal of women which also is ironic that it states "dominated by male students." Trans women are male-biological males-not changing sex on a whim. They are prioritized over women-biological women/girls in women/girls sports. 

What does the new Title IX mean?
Title IX was designed to end discrimination based on sex in educational programs or activities at all institutions receiving federal financial assistance, beginning with sports programs and other spaces previously dominated by male students.
“On the Basis of Sex…”: Title IX Compliance in a Time of Evolving Legal Interpretations of “Sex” 

 I do not need a visibility day made by man. I do not need validation from any man who repeats “I see you.” It is just creepy and I sure as heck do not want any adult saying that to a child. I certainly do not find my value that I can cross off on some calendar. August 9th is Tanya visibility day.  It is my birthday, but I don’t expect the entire society to stop in their tracks to honor my existence. 

Only deal with aesthetics and not the heart, mind or soul. Delay puberty clinical experiment genetic clinics culture war it is not hidden.

Trans is a belief. There is no biological evidence or marker that identifies a "trans person." 

Gender dysphoria is a form of mental illness or distress. 

Trans is the pseudoscientific and religious belief that the soul of a boy can reside in the body of a girl, and vise versa. 

Providing irreversible medical treatment and removing the body parts of mentally ill people and children is medical malpractice, fraud, and it's evil.

Urge Congress to pass the Families' Rights and Responsibilities Act (FRRA)

My Faith Votes, along with over 40 organizations, is working at all levels of government to protect every parent’s right to make decisions regarding their child’s education and health care. This coalition called Promise to America's Parents recently sent a letter to House and Senate leadership urging congress to pass the Families’ Rights and Responsibilities Act (FRRA). 

This Act was introduced in the House and Senate on 1/10/2024 

S.3571 and H.R.6934 

This Federal Act does the following: 

  • Gives parents a way to hold the government accountable when it oversteps its proper bounds.  

  • Ensures parents have choices regarding their child’s education and health. 

  • Ensures parents have access to their children’s education and medical records.  

  • Provides parents with the transparency needed to make decisions for their children.  


The Families' Rights and Responsibilities Act aligns with the principles outlined in the Promise to America’s Parents coalition effort to protect the rights of parents through law and policy and we encourage you to contact those who represent you in Congress to support this legislation.

Voting for Less Evil

Voting as Christian

Is Your Vote Based on This One Thing?

Do You Desire to Please God with Your Vote?

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