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Why voting matters: The Identity of the American Citizen is Erased, The New Equitable Census

The Census matters:

Open borders = votes

How do we make the census equitable? Flood states with non-white illegal citizens who now are counted as citizens deserving of political representation.

If an illegal immigrant applies for welfare they are asked to register to vote. Non-citizen overriding a citizen's  vote. Non-citizens out numbering citizens will break the system in the name of equity.

The census’s ability to fulfill its core purposes of allocating political representation and funding to everyone according to their fair share. And they show that the only path to true census accuracy is census equity. The Census Bureau must put equity at the forefront of its plans as it begins to prepare for — and improve — the next census.

Seats in the House of Representatives are divvied up among the 50 states based on their relative population sizes. Redistricting allocates seats in state legislatures among communities in much the same way, with district boundaries drawn based in part on where populations increased or decreased. And the size and characteristics of specific communities help determine the funding they’re allocated for many critical federal programs, such as Medicare and food assistance. 

Who are undercounted? According the the 2022 Census

Black people 

Latin people

Indigenous people


Who is overcounted?

White people

Asian people

Home owners

Numbers like these produce inequitable distributions of political power and federal funding, reinforcing societal inequality and undermining the census’s core purposes. When groups are statistically invisible, we are all worse off. Undercounted states can lose out on congressional representation

Both Congress and the Census Bureau are scrutinizing how to improve the count going forward. Centering equity in future reforms will be key to producing the census our democracy demands. We recently released Improving the Census: Legal and Policy Reforms for a More Accurate, Equitable, and Legitimate Count, a report that proposes how to reach this goal.

Replacement theory electoral votes.

The count would be # of people in the state, not the number of citizens.

Border open but not about race, it is about electoral votes.

Can't replace working class illegal representation.

Why politicians change from border security to open borders.

Ever ask yourself why Obama, Pelosi, and Biden all agreed on borders but now replace lost voters population representation congressional districts.

Call you a racist to stop you from talking about their replacement plan. 

Could things get worse?

Unrealized gains tax is an economic fallacy

Taxed on future money you will make?

Equity Census Reference

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