Sunday, March 17, 2024

Unsuccessful vaccine & climate change experiment so let's move to WATER is the VICTIM

 Replacement Theory (Environment, People, Climate, Healthcare, Education, now water, etc…)

- We foresee water as a new paradigm of common good-which has to be governed and managed at in scale anywhere in the world to connect with the hierarchical cycle 

-we are impacting the very source of water which is precipitation

-economics of water -value of water-considering economic policy measures by putting a price on water as a guide and give incentives to reward stewards of water for the common good 

-equity, governance, policies, 

-virtual water trading

-leadership new paradigm in thinking-economics & innovation

-green revolution-ecosystem terms-fundamental change on global level with new governance systems, financing, 

-green revolution-

Plays out not just people, but cut water from developed countries like Americans to distribute water to poor countries in the name of EQUITY!

-Water is the victim? In their own words! WEF

Note 19:43 in video

When the World Health Organization speaks on water it may sound harmless, but when they start talking about government takeover of all water on Earth people should start to listen. We have heard the word salads but not as dangerous as this one by Mariana Mazzucato (Global Commission on the Economics)

-not see water as a sector but water as a common good cross secularities

-New economic thinking seeing the role of government key actor as a market co creator and shaper of the system

-the policies themselves need to be framed and shaped to get rid of this public private divide 

-collaboration co investments designed with a common good lens 

-equity and justice voices bringing to the table to be inclusive 

-the economics of water

-equity and self-interest water and climate crisis 

-Did we accomplish the goal of vaccinating every person in the world-NO

-water as a global commons

Human Experimentation:

-speaker says out loud that every kid knows how important it is to have water (unlike the the importance of climate change or vaccines)

To get citizen engagement

-experimenting with this notion of common good and see if we can deliver in ways we had not done before 

(Are you a tad bit curious as to what experiment they failed at and just what experiment they want to do with water all over the world?)

-300 billion dollars a year

-neglect of water-governance systems-mobilize for better livelihoods

-wastage of water-utilities-too easy to access water need to be reduced so other parts of the world have their primitive water systems updated

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