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Critical Race Medicine and the Immigration Crisis

“The U.S. was founded on the radical principle that “all men are created equal”. But the U.S. economy was founded on the socially-constructed race-based system of chattel slavery. While the concept of race did not originate with science – slavery predates the construct of race – scientists have played a pivotal role in constructing and legitimating race for centuries through the use of scientific racism. The field of scientific racism sought to prove that a hierarchy of groups existed in nature” (,

Ever heard of Medical Reparations?

Should hospitals give preferential care based on race? One hospital in Boston thinks so, using critical race theory as a basis for “medical reparations.”

“To fix the inequitable outcomes in cardiac medicine, the pilot program seeks to give “a preferential admission option” to black and Hispanic heart patients. It also seeks to institute preferential admittance in hospitals, giving cash transfers or tax breaks for hospitals that implement “race-explicit protocol changes”. The program also seeks to provide discounted or free healthcare for minorities.”

Critical Race Theory in Medicine

Critical Race Theory in Medicine 

"Approaching the doctor-patient relationship through a Critical Race lens is being implemented under the umbrella of 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion' and other euphemisms, such as Ibram Kendi's 'anti-racism' approach. 'White privilege' and similar concepts, pushed by Robin DeAngelo and others, are being infused into the medical school culture," he said. 

Critical Race Theory Defined

Critical Race Theory in Medical Practice & Education

Immigration crisis has immediate health ramifications

Is America Responsible to fix all the Disparities in the world?

Healthcare is not a Privilege but a Human Right

Public health must become a key component of this conversation. Our immigration crisis is not only about public safety and economics, but has very clear and immediate health ramifications as well. No one wants tuberculosis to exist in our country in the way that it exists outside the United States. And there’s no vaccine for it as well!

Let’s make this a priority. Asap.

This is the perfect illustration of how critical race theory can be applied to anything, even aspirin. This is the basic formula:

-Observe racial disparities 

-Assume those disparities are caused by “bias” or “systemic racism,” rather than behavior, culture, biology, etc.

-Propose “equity,” which, in practice, is impossible

For Advil’s new “pain equity” initiative, it’s particularly insidious. Anyone can buy aspirin, so there is no possibility of “bias.” So, what Advil is really talking about is prescription pain medication, which is already massively over-prescribed and has led to all kinds of addictions, complications, and deaths.

Despite all the therapeutic language, if the “pain equity” campaign is successful, it would mean putting more people, and, in particular, more black people, on heavy opioid pills. Then, after this causes problems, as it has done to whites in Appalachia, for example, they will blame doctors for “systemic racism” in the other direction.

Disparities are not always a good basis for making policy, especially when you assume they are reducible to a single variable, and doubly so when that variable is unmeasurable and unfalsifiable, such as “systemic racism.”

Social Justice in Healthcare Curriculum

Language Equity in Medical Education

"We have analyzed CRT-related training in colleges and universities and elite private K-12. As bad as those institutions have become, things are much worse in medical schools because the stakes are so high. Patient care and people's lives are at risk when doctors and medical providers view patients as proxies for racial or ethnic groups in sociological and political battles," he continued. "Every person has the right to be treated equally as an individual, based on his or her medical condition, without societal racial politics influencing treatment. Yet increasingly we see the medical establishment, including the American Medical Association, demanding that medical students and physicians become race-focused activists."

The subjects of mandatory training and coursework are worded and phrased differently at individual schools, but use terms including "anti-racism," "cultural competency," "equity," "implicit bias," "DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion" and critical race theory, according to

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