Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Rise of Tuberculosis & Measles in the United States

With all the new information coming out regarding the rise of Tuberculosis cases, I have to say I do

not believe this school district and their story of one person with active Tuberculosis happened to move

through 28 or more schools randomly infecting people. When brought up it just gets brushed off like

no big deal, but for the person that has been infected or the family getting that news does matter. 

The claim is that this person has minimal contact with those on campuses but out of precaution staff and families notified by the Nevada Health District to be tested. No one can explain how my son who works in the kitchen as a helper being the only one infected in his whole school wouldn’t remember being around this single person with outward symptoms of Tuberculosis.

Told that most likely, if infected then it will be latent Tuberculosis. Meaning it is laying dormant in the lungs and the patient needs to take 4 months of antibiotics to hopefully keep the bacteria dormant. Then retest and then what? After the patient is cleared from this liability? Does the patient just go about business until hacking up a lung? Or be paranoid and any little sniffle gets tested for TB. 

*****The 1st question the Nevada Health District asked is if we had traveled out of country or come into contact with people from countries that do not monitor Tuberculosis like Philippines or most Asian countries, Latin America, Africa, or India******

2024 Update:

The Southern Nevada Health District is still waiting for results after testing students and staff that were potentially exposed. (January)

Also posted (contradictory unless only referring to one school mentioned in article)

More than 550 students and staff members have been tested for TB infection with no additional active cases of TB being reported. (February)


This is now a lifelong bacteria in the patient’s body so if my son is 22 then if younger people are contracting this then what is really going on here? 

Rise of Tuberculosis in the United States, Why? Couldn't be our open borders that would be some kind of conspiracy theory or maybe not!

The Rise of Tuberculosis & Measles

TB Cases Increase in U.S.

Notes below from the articles above:

 BREAKING MEDICAL NEWS: The California Medical Board just emailed every doctor about a “Substantial Increase in Tuberculosis (TB)”. Why is this a BIG deal? In their own words:

“•In 2023, the number of reported tuberculosis (TB) cases increased by 271 (15%) from 1,842 in 2022 to 2,113 in 2023.  

•Since 2020, TB cases in California have been increasing each year for a total increase of 24%.  

•… the percentage of people with TB who die has been increasing. In 2010, 8.4% of people with TB died and in 2020, 13% of people with TB died.”

So we have a 24% increase in TB cases and now it has a 13% death rate! And unlike COVID, this is not an exaggeration! 

What is TB? “TB is an illness caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB usually affects the lungs and spreads through the air when a person sick with TB coughs. Not everyone infected with the bacteria becomes sick. People that have been infected but are not sick have LTBI. People with LTBI can become sick with TB disease in the future if they do not take treatment for LTBI.”

But WHY the surge?? Well there’s more. In their own words: “TB in California particularly affects people who were born outside the United States with more than 80% of cases occurring in this group. The rate of TB among people born outside the United States is many times higher than among those born in the United States.”

How are we suddenly seeing a surge of people born outside the United States, who are carrying TB, actively infected by TB, and dying from it, while also potentially spreading it throughout the community? The answer is very likely illegal immigration. Here is why:

While TB has historically not been a problem in the United States after this horrible infection was largely eradicated many years ago, it remains a major problem in many parts of the world, including Mexico and central and South America. This is why getting an immigrant visa or green card requires a thorough medical examination INCLUDING TB blood test, chest x-ray if needed to rule out TB, numerous vaccinations including COVID, and testing for several sexually transmitted diseases, not to mention screening for alcohol and drug abuse. When we talk about legal immigration, these are some of the key components that we largely ignore. But we have these rules in order to prevent people from abroad from bringing in deadly infections. 

This recent surge in tuberculosis cases, not to mention the recent outbreak of measles infections in illegal immigrant shelters in the Midwest, is proof that we are not doing what is absolutely essential to maintain public health. As the alert mentioned, tuberculosis has a 13% death rate. And the only way to avoid it is to wear an N 95 mask incidentally! This is the one disease for which this mask was actually created!