Monday, December 4, 2023

Progressives vs. Conservatives: Consequences of decay of Law and Order

 Consequences of decay of Law and Order:

-Rule of Law: all people need some order police part of maintaining civility and order in our culture


-rejection of truth

-weakens our way of life and society part of Marxist design to create chaos

-out of chaos comes a new order

-new reality = removes God

-role of government = public safety

-sickness in the soul of America

-sin is a universal plague by removing restraints

-Satan: murderer from the beginning takes God’s light obscures it and brings death 

-thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy


-prisons just full with no way to reform people, so no point in having prisons, don’t change path of person

-foundations are chipped away for ungodly heritage

-manipulation and deception at its core

-man's basic nature: belief that man is perfect

-incentives crime/people are less safe 

-turn from God 

-nor mor religion

-religious liberties all removed

-no more religion = intolerance

-religion looked upon as evil not to be tolerated but removed 

-worship of idol of self = trans agenda

-remove prophet works of the church

-punish Christians dare to speak God’s word 

-teaches children they are merely chemical reactions wrapped in skin = logical conclusion = If we are random evolutionary accidents then our actions carry no moral right

-human lives have no inherent value 


-man is broken, God’s law keep us in check, 

Romans 13: Government should protect us from evil, law & order best understood with right understanding of mankind

-man’s basic nature: belief that man is flawed

Deeper meaning of the 10 commandments

-obey commandment like do not steal keeps public safe

-Jesus came to set son free-free indeed

-Christ delivered from the bondage of sin

-Cross broke the chains from sin-shackles are broken 

-Cross removed guilt & shame and power over sin 

-source of freedom: God looks at the heart enslaved in sin and frees it from bondage

source of liberty: 

-only from God = Jesus

-Frees the soul

-urges civil and political freedom

-gospel of Christ = grace

George Washington quote: religion and morality twin pillars on which government rest let not that man claimed title of patriot who labors undermine those pillars

-if our religious freedoms disappear all other freedoms disappear all other freedoms follow 

-Bible made us all and loves all

-inherent worth and value

-Jesus came to have life abundantly

-cannot cure America’s illness of the soul through legislation or virtue signaling or pushing memes online

-Jesus Christ = infinite value of our lives as he died on the cross who gives us meaning, purpose, his outpouring of  spirit can heal us

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