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Open Your Eyes They Are Coming For Your Kids


-went in and engaged with people outside of the church

-He modeled Romans 13: to submit to those in charge as they are ministers of God, so we elect people, we pray for them, and we also minister to them as they are ministers of God- holding them accountable as God has all authority over all people

-politics is about decisions of a nation, so that is why Christians should be involved with the decision made over our nation

-government is necessary as we need to be represented in the law

-voting defines what we believe and how we want the government to represent our values

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”-proper authority: God, we the people, government.

Today’s example: we are told if we do not accept gender ideology then we are on the wrong side of history-this thought process assumes it will be so bold that it will affect all future.

-we can’t assume creation of man and woman reaches into the future if we are not involved in the politics of it being erased today which will affect all future generations


-used his citizenship to hold the government accountable

“As they stretched out to flog him, Paul said to the centurion standing there, ‘is it legal for you to flog a Roman citizen who hasn’t even been found guilty?” (Acts 22:25)

***Do not be lazy or cowardly-get involved- the 1st amendment is worth fighting for

***Political involvement is a sacred opportunity to give hope to souls in the marketplace

Importance of the 1st 11 books of Genesis are the most political in all the Bible:

-why you exist

-what is our existence and purpose of it

-what is a human being

-is man naturally good or naturally bad

-culminates in genesis 11-what happens if you try to build a political project and you ignore God and dishonor God = City of Babel

-metropolis-city-centralized government -both Thomas Jefferson and the Tora hated centralized authority cosmopolitan government with no checks and balances


-blurred lines can be undone if you look at Genesis

-distinction between man and God-God made man-man did not make God

-blurred lines between man and woman-distinctly and uniquely made separately with two different creation narratives

-distinction between man and nature-nature is there for our purposes- we are no nature-we are not here to worship nature-we did not come from nature

-Biblical creation story only ancient creation story where man is spoken into existence by the creator

-we are made in the image of God

-rational speech is our ability to make sense to a confused and broken world

-logos: apologetics-rational thought

-God gives us distinction and gives us order & how to make connection with transcend and divine and eternal is daily/hourly trying to be obliterated by the culture in the secular left

-restore western civilization, save our country, we must start at the foundational building blocks

-our distinctions are derived where we get our liberties from

This is at the heart of the trans movement, LGBTIQ movement, CRT movement:

-they believe that the distinctions are tyrannical, false constructs, and want to get rid of all distinctions

-what is immoral of believers is to stay silent and just watch God’s creation distinctions get blurred and/or removed

-distinction between good vs. evil

-how do you know what good is good?

-can’t talk about true reality without having the law come down on you to repress and suppress (gender ideology where men can have periods and women become just birthing persons)

-remove that we all are recipients of a Christian inheritance

-no common-sense values of the world

Children should not be taken advantage of-that is not common sense-that is a Christian value

Power should not be centralized in one person but separate with checks and balances

We should look out for the poor

These are Christian inheritances that the rest of the world doesn’t honor

If we do not honor our inheritance as Christians and believers and keep on the sidelines and stay to the “I only preach the gospel” and I don’t get into the controversial stuff, then you are wasting time-

-left’s desire to be God-

Why we believe in the Biblical God? The God of creation:

-Hebrew the word create is only ever used with God not with humans- so not in the human realm

-to change nature is new secular German historicist scientist belief

-science should be about understanding, exploring the natural world-Not try changing the natural world

-we believe nature is worthy of appreciation and understanding because there is a melody and harmony because of Genesis 1:1 god created the heavens and the earth

-not that natural world is an accident or just a roll of the dice-but it has purpose

-original scientific investigation of the west is it was created so we better understand it

-Sir Isaac Newton-founder of modern physics-he wrote more about biblical prophecy in Isaiah than he did about physics

-Devote Christians are responsible for all major scientific breakthroughs until mid-1800’s

-German historicists adopted a different belief that we can now like Gods

-Ideology responsible for Naziism, communism, -if there is a science to the natural world then there must be a politics in the science- lie that we can learn how to perfectly govern human beings- throw out old documents-bible is outdated-advances in technology we don’t need old schools of knowledge

-technology does not remove the soul of man-without Jesus, man is just as broken as man was 2,000-3,000 years ago

-we believe there is a God, and you are not Him

-transgender movement: if there was a God, I want to be God

-change biological reality through intrusive interventions and force

-queer theory boils down to rejecting the true God of creation to being their own Gods to rid the creation of man and woman. It erases women altogether

Genesis 3-The fall of the 1st man and woman:

-1st manipulation of language-remember Eve-did you know you can be like God? There is no distinction between you, and God-you become your own God

-Plato reasoned that Technocracy:  the goal is very clearly to replace democratic self-rule with a form of rule by experts. 

EX. remember when we couldn’t be with our loved ones who were dying-You could face time and watch your loved one on a screen. The person died alone, and it was forced social acceptance

Cultural Revolutions:

-cultural revolution led to social science: human social behaviors impact relationships, economics, and politics. EX. Climate mandates to removes all natural resources so socially we must embrace electric cars, remove gas stoves, and new one is if you have a mortgage your payment will go up so we can pay for other’s rent so spread the wealth-impacts the working class

-cultural revolution-demands you agree with socialist ideology, so you have freedom of speech-but if you speak against socialism then your freedom of speech is removed (remember when Covid lockdowns had re-education camps if you chose not to take the vaccine?)


-Woke: (to be enlightened and a good citizen) take over the arts and sciences-can’t counter socialism-only one stand to view the world and it will be imposed on everybody

Ex. new world order wants to mandate the removal of rice from the world as it causes global warming=Rice

-Maoism: It is a doctrine to capture State power through a combination of armed insurgency, mass mobilization and strategic alliances. The Maoists also use propaganda and disinformation against State institutions as other components of their insurgency doctrine.

-Marcuse: German American philosopher (The father of the new left)

-Frankfurt School of critical theory: capitalism demands a level of surplus repression that supports the development of the death instinct and social domination.

-remove capitalism and reshape the mass culture to shape personal desires

-Mass culture result in domination of human subjects with removal of moral understanding and replace with what is so called critical thinking

-creates a rupture in the existing reality so we enter a liberation from existing reality to become fully autonomous (acting in accordance with one’s moral duty)-the question is what is your moral duty? Where is your moral compass?

***Creepy sex book=eros in civilization-the way back into the garden is to take a second bite from the fruit of tree of knowledge

Communism: oppression is bad because we are on the outside so move to middle to be the oppressors

Ex. we see this that black and brown people have been oppressed so it seems right to destroy white people, remove law and order, stealing is reparations for invisible wrongs

Nazis: oppression is good because people at the top do more for society so being an oppressor is seen as clean

Gnosticism: doctrine taught that the world was created and ruled by a lesser divinity called the demiurge

-the demiurge is the real creator of the world and is subordinate to a supreme being

-that Christ was an emissary (person sent on a special mission like a diplomatic representative) of the remote supreme divine being of whom enabled the redemption of the human spirit.

-proposed in heretical gospel of Thomas (not in the Biblical canon)


-We are up against a cult-inner circle pulling the strings and are purposeful in what they are doing

-obsessed with power with assumption that man is incomplete who is capable of completing himself and at the end of that he “becomes God”

American church:

-needs to understand this is the greatest manifestation of spiritual war in front of us and the lack of moral, biblical, or theoretical, logical clarity on this topic

-even agnostic academics are warning the American church

***We are not the only ones as Christians that are now promising eternal life***

Transforming Warnings: Open your eyes they are coming for your kids:

***Satan doesn’t come up with his own ideas-He steals God’s words and promises and builds a side path

-For years Christianity was popular because we promised eternity BUT TODAY

-Satan provides his own eternity through transhumanism

“Belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond it current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”

-Trans-humanism-you will be a spiritual being in an astral realm and live forever (truth is that is hell)

-promising a falsified, synthetic, obviously heretical version-appropriated the promise and beauty of Christianity, but put through a scientific secular lens

-anti-racism is the new religion providing sacraments passing out divine grace to the oppressed and Hell to the oppressors

-Satan wouldn’t go and create a totally fake and false opposite of Christianity

-he would take the proven elements of Christianity and launder it through a lens that would get people to think that they are doing something righteous and virtuous but really on their way to hell

-Satan picks up where he began with Eve

-Genesis 3-sin and trouble entered when a human being didn’t obey God’s command to not eat from the tree of good and evil

-women’s sex bodies being medically attacked

-revolution of sex doesn’t matter

-Biology doesn’t matter-replaced with I am the God so what I feel matters and trumps God’s design

-women are being erased

-young women are being deconstructed (ex. getting the double mastectomies, their ovaries removed, having their wombs removed

*** Follow the money=take over of human production with technology

-you can’t talk about reality with out bringing the law down upon you

-women are being arrested for saying that men can’t be women

-overlaying a virtual reality over the natural world and subjugating the natural world

***when no one has a conscience then the voice of God dies and so does humanity**

-the United Nations has opened the floodgates to normalize sex with minors

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex, may be consensual in fact, if not law.”

-decriminalizing statutory rape

-Making pedophilia legal with the belief that young children make intellectual decisions to have sex with an adult

“But it states that children have both the capacity and the legal right to make sexual decisions.”

-So why not make it legal for children to decide on their own to remove body parts as well

**hope and salvation came into the world by obeying God’s commandments**

God is the true God because in creation He wanted a relationship with His creation while all other Gods dominate and demand that you obey. There is no personal relationship, so by faith we believe in the God whose moral compass is written in the pages of scripture.

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