Monday, April 10, 2023

Be an informed citizen: Public Comment on Nevada Legislation Bills and Resolutions


“This is undeniably a nation settled by Christians and founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. But it’s undeniable that the culture has become hostile toward many of those principles. There was once a time when it was normal to profess Christianity and adhere to Christian morality. But like Daniel, we now live in a culture that demands us to compromise our principles.” Robert J. Pacienza

Politics needs Christianity and the Bible. Because without it, it is a godless pursuit.


Here is the site to help you monitor and submit your public opinion on Assembly, Committee, and Senate Bills:


Go to

Click on NELIS. This will give you the NELIS Home Page.

The first thing you must do if you want to interact with NELIS is register/sign in. (See upper right corner of page.) You only register once and then sign in with your username and password.

Click on Legislation (upper left of page) and then click on All Bills and Resolutions.

In the box under the word Filters, type the bill number.  In this case SB131. Click on the box Apply Filters and bill number will appear below. Click on the bill number.This will take you to the Overview page for the bill.

Scroll to the bottom of the Overview page and click on Submit Opinion or View Opinion Stats. Select a position (Support, Opposition, or Neutral), enter your personal information requested and click on Submit.

****You can also track a bill-you get notices so you can monitor bills you are most interested in. The majority of people sign up for the free version.

You can now track Bill Draft Requests (BDRs), Bills (when available), and Budgets (when available) using your PLT account.




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