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American Marxism Book Review by Mark R. Levin

 Chapter 1

List of Marxist Cloaks:


Democratic Socialists

Social Activists

Community Activities

Black Lives Matter


The Squad

Economic Justice

Environmental Justice

Racial Equity

Gender Equity

Critical Race Theory

Dominant Culture

“Woke” followers

Battle: Capitalist system are unjust and inequitable, racist and sexist, colonialist and imperialist, materialistic and destructive of the environment

Purpose: dispiriting and demoralizing the public, undermine the citizenry’s confidence in the nation’s institutions, traditions, and customs to create one calamity after another to weaken the nation from within; ultimately destroying what we know as American republicanism and capitalism

Democratic Party tool set:

Tactics of propaganda


Demand conformity and compliance

Silencing Contrary voices through repressive tactics

Cancel Culture=destroy reputations and careers, censoring and banning mostly patriotic and contrary viewpoints on social media

Attacking Academic Freedom and Intellectual Interchange in high education

Aim at taking out all aspects of culture, historical monuments, memorials,


-created unimaginable and unparalleled wealth for more people in all walks of life than any other economic system (labor above all creates wealth)

-labor alone not determine the value of a product or service

-business and labor change with the demand of the consumer

-profit doesn’t create worker exploitation (Marxist)

-economic success is built on freedom and capitalism based on societal and economic development and advancement

***Marxis is an allure to utopianism that is “tyranny disguised as a desirable, workable, and even paradisiacal governing ideology.”

***Marxism doesn’t tolerate the competition of ideas or political parties. Demands for absolute one-party control over the body politics (sole political and governmental power)

***Marxism’s oppressor-oppressed class warfare (use of power of emotions- exploit-people want to belong to a group instinctively and psychologically)

Marxist Classism

Class warfare: groups with which they identify as oppressed  and victims so oppressors are found in existing society, culture, and our economic system

-the oppressed must liberate themselves

-marxism stresses classism over individualism-the individual has to be dehumanized and can only exist to identify with a group

Group Mob: wield substantial power throughout society and culture becoming belligerent, demanding, and even violent-revolution grows never quenched 

-Intoxicated by power-they are hostile to our nation’s inherited cultures and promotes lack of historical knowledge 

***Marxism world to destroy our society and culture, and overthrow the country as we know it (societal, cultural, political) 

Ronald Reagan “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and children’s children what was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Chapter 2 

Breeding mobs:


-Black Lives Matter

-Utopianism-paradisiacal future and the perfectibility of man, society, and culture

-Marxism- society & culture broken down into classes that are in a constant state of competition and conflict



-social activists

-social movement theory

-oppressed groups-told inferior status 

-collective activism groups

-wokeism-critical race theory-educational activism


-devour the individualism in two ways by consuming his identity and uniqueness

-make person indistinguishable from the “masses”

-only exist in a group identity based on race, age, income, sex, etc..intersectionality

-they speak to the well-being of ‘the people’ as a whole while dividing them against themselves

-unwilling or unable to assume responsibility for their own real or perceived conditions, but instead blame their surroundings, the systems, and others

-Lures young people into false hopes into a directionless life

-Makes the individual inconsequential and soulless


-demands conformity by firing, shaming, banning, intimidating, abusing, and assaulting who dare to voice contrary or different views that challenge groupthink

-BLM’s mission is to assault individualism and non conformism in today’s society through ‘cancel culture”

-must conform to “the collective” where the individual is a subservient to the state for both his own realization and the greater good of the collective

-eliminate economic classes by transforming society into an egalitarian paradise

-society and culture are cleansed of the past to create a collective Marxist culture

-self-interest is something tainted and evil and unclean so deserving of contempt

-The “cause” itself becomes the reason for one’s existence

Devout definition: always urged to seek absolute truth with their hearts and not their minds

Fanatic definition: cannot be weaned away from his cause by an appeal to his reason or moral sense, clings wholeheartedly to the cause 

***Fanatic and mass movements are centered on intense obsessive hatred. Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life 

-Hatred in a cause is calamitous societal and human consequences

Fanaticism are those who can get along without faith

-Glamorized as a righteous that respond to oppressive, inequitable, unjust, racist, and immoral society

***movement identity cancels the individual identity of self

History: Economy, Politics, and Education

-Francis Fox Piven and Richard A Cloward: militant uprising using activism to develop disruption, create crisis, collapse institutions, and excite riots as legitimate and necessary to transform society.

-build entitled welfare by creating major societal crisis: financial and political (goal is to recruit the poor)

***Piven quoted “social movements thrive on conflict”

-Piven and Cloward goal is to erode established electoral allegiances and coalitions to get rid of electoral politics by raising divisive issues

***Form and activate a violent mob, create societal fissures, attack racial and economic distinctions, undermine civic life and social associations====collective defiance

-Classrooms breeds grounds for resistance, rebellion, and revolution against American society

-build receptors to Marxist indoctrination and propaganda

-Marxism is not about free speech and debate, but domination repression, indoctrination, conformity, and compliance

***Destroy society and culture by removing intellectually, spiritually, and economically (trail of mass death, enslavement, and impoverishment)

Chapter 3

Hate America

-Marxist ideology throughout academia, society, and the culture-hostility toward capitalism

-Currently Americanized is an adaptation of Marxism

-Goal to overthrow all systems: government, economic, social, and cultural

-Weaponizing the culture against itself through “Critical Race Theory”

-Uproot traditional to pre-progressive oriented educational approaches and clear the way for progressive/Marxist-oriented ideologically based doctrinal approaches

-Remove American Individual Achievement

-Individual must sacrifice independence, free will, and personal pursuits for the greater good (the collective economic and political power)

-Only solution is the indoctrinate “the masses” to abandon traditions, history, customs, faith, and patriotism   

Ex. Green New Deal: war on man made climate change so high gas prices push toward electric cars whose batteries run on fossil fuels. Strives to disenfranchise, disunite, and marginalize citizens who are conservative, republican, capitalists. 

-Push toward redistribution of wealth decided by government control

****Plato’s version of utopian society is nothing more than a form of organized tyranny

-Remove churches-no faith then the only worship left is the God of government

-Rousseau and Dewey framed the educational approach to indoctrinate student’s minds insisting obedience and surrender to indoctrination and conformity

-Marxism attacks mental ability to distinguish right from wrong  and spiritual morality by removing the influence of families and churches by stealing away the social spirit of America

-Marx” the required collective and cooperative mentality.” no longer allegiance to the nation’s founding, ideals, or celebration of our free and civil society. Youth taught disdain for our country, history, and its founding (renounce America)

-allow outbreaks of hatred and violence to remove values by using fear of government not the spirit, faith, and God

-if man is not created by divine image = no God = man becomes God

-plan to remove any religion from education while destroying the working class (attack the family)-devour both the psychological and economic labor and replace it with a mindset

 of sacrifices made for the greater good.

-Marxism exploits societal imperfections and individual dissatisfaction to build a class theory of the oppressed vs. the oppressor (divide and conquer both under false belief of a no class society)

***Marxism Theology is “a promised fundamental transformation of society and the purification of man’s nature through the rebirth of society, replaced with a ‘collective salvation’ found in communal egalitarianism

Marxism leads to Communism: Chinese citizens are not free to change jobs, they are assigned social credits based on strict compliance of governamental dictates. There is a supreme leader who used brutality through reeducation concentration camps for those who do not comply. 

America words to watch:

-social justice

-reimagine (ex. Defund the police, safe spaces on school campuses)

-social change agents

-collective identity

-critical consciousness

-social movement

-political identity

Goal of Marxism: brainwashing against the American founding and civil society, and indoctrination about activism and protest–even violent if necessary–are constantly preached throughout academia. The goal is to create a generation of revolutionaries.

Chapter 4

Racism, Genderism, and Marxism

-Critical theory challenges laws, beliefs, and morality of society

-Herbert Marcuse invented critical theory ideology attacks racial, gender, and other critical theory based movements (Franklin School of political theorists)-purpose to overthrow America’s capitalist system

Redefining tolerance by infiltrating causes that serve oppression

-promotes intolerance toward prevailing policies, attitudes, opinions and extension of tolerance to policies, attitudes, and opinions that are outlawed or suppressed. 

-strive to convince people that they don’t even know they are oppressed so need to no longer be passive to tolerance 

-American society should tolerate its own demise

-Society is not truly tolerant if it does not sow the seeds of its own demise by Marxist revolutionaries

Marcuse urges the violent overthrow of American society

Critical Race Theory (CRT)-Marxism

-society made of up oppressors and oppressed

-oppressed rise up into a revelation so the oppressors need to be re-educated

-dismantle all societal norms through relentless criticism

-replacement of all systems of power with worldview that only describes oppressed and oppressors

Ibram X. Kendi (CRT)

-race is the primary way to identify and analyze people

-there is a racial hierarchy: top are the whites and blacks are at the bottom

-individual behavior is insignificant

-America functions within a society of systemic racism, structural racism, and institutional racism

-All whites must admit their culpability by confessing the advantages which supremacy-(white privilege)

-All whites fail to do so have white fragility-defensive so deserving of collective action from the oppressed

-reversal of power structures: Blacks, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

-creation of identity politics, collective social justice warriors, that will demand that all whites have done is racial and ethnic injustices of the groups

***CRT takes blame to a new and dangerously hateful level-based on victimization, emotional appeals, and separatism

-CRT declares that society is systemically racist white-dominant culture and enlists those who are disaffected, dissatisfied, and malcontented into a growing legion of anti-American revolutionaries


-oppressed is an endless list of disgruntled, ideologically driven groups

-discrimination is based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, economics, and a myriad of diverse human characteristics,qualities, preferences, and circunstances

(not allowed to look black but think white)

White Supremacy

-White people intentions and actions overarch political, economic, and social system domination

-must attack and break the history of America, Constitution, founding fathers (white people should not have ideas to run America as they poisoned society through white dominance and privilege)

***Marxist goal: the destruction of the existing society

-re-educate and train youth in critical race theory overarching over race, gender, class, exceptionality, and promote social justice and equality

-All American history is tainted by the legacy of slavery-American history must be reframed 

***Marxist goal: give voice to racist, anti-American ideology to brainwash kids with lies, and undermines our country

***Marxist goal: misrepresent country’s history that our government was make on white basis by white men for the benefit for white men 


-hard work being the key to success

-nuclear family: replace home education with social ideology brainwashing 

-belief in a single God

-values that unite Americans

-illegal aliens as neither illegal nor aliens, and are actually victims of “internal colonialism”

-Illegals are an oppressed group

-”Internal Colonialism” where different ethnicities and culture co-exist and follow an assimilation model


-target all aspects of whiteness to result in feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, confusion, defensiveness, and fear

-diversity trainings: 

  1. Individuals, by virtue of race (white) are inherently racist, sexist, and oppressive in both consciously and unconsciously

  2. Individuals (white) should be discriminated against and receive adverse treatment solely based on race

  3. Individual’s moral character is determined by his or her race

  4. Individuals (white) bear responsibility for action committed in the past 

  5. Hard work ethics are based in whiteness and should not contribute to the collective of the oppressed 

  6. Redefine “racial equality” and “racial equity” solely based on CRT race theology

  7. Only use the lens of CRT for all ideology outcomes to enforce groupthink (oppressed)

  8. CRT and BLM combined to train Marxism to achieve a classless world: World Communism

  9. Marxist-Critical Theory Ideology spread through academia and media

  10. Grow the movement to Latino/a Critical Race Theory (LatCrit)

****Mission LatCrit: CRT in educational research unapologetically centers on the ways race, class, gender, sexuality and other forms of oppression manifest in the education experiences of People of Color. (build social and racial justice empowered within communities of color

****Marxist ideology goal is to have open borders to overwhelm and collapse the system, change the nation’s politics, demographics, and citizenry, and ultimately transform the nature of the government system

  1. Add Critical Gender Theory: Intersectional movement-trans oppression

***Mission of CGT: movement claim is that the dominant society and culture which should be seen through the lens of a biological, empirical, scientific, and normative fact, having oppressing LGBTQ communities. Socialism to fight for transgender liberation through fanatical leaders, organizers, and activists with destructive and revolutionary purposes 

  1. Gender is a social construct that should destroy traditional viewpoints so removal of traditional gender so seen as privileged and dominating over the gender oppressed

  2. Blur the lines between “sex” and “gender” so all people should be “unsexed persons”

  3. Removal any moral idea to defeat “biological destinies” to change the definition of sex into binary 

****Mission of CIS/Trans: eliminate pronoun disticntions between males and females by infecting our laws, intrude into the lives of the most innocent-our children-infilitrate the ideology in schools and professional medical community (ex. Under age of 18 has access to sex-changes without parental permission)

  1. Marxist feminism: empowerment and equality of women can’t be achieved within the framework of capitalism 

  2. Eliminate Judeo-Christian values by building intersectional network into a seemingly endless list of oppressed individuals and groups obsessed to transform and overthrowing the American republic and society

Chapter 5

Climate Change Fanaticism=Environmental Racism=Critical Environmental Justice

****Globalization of mother Earth/Mother Earth is the victim 

****Climate change fixes systemic racial, social, and economic injustices 

-global crisis rule over political and economic systems

-America is wicked climate destroyers who owe the poor countries even if the means America no longer exists to meet its moral and legal obligations to save the planet

-If fanatics save the planet then that will be the salvation of humans

-demand the implementation of a justice, ethics, and moral court on climate change

-transformation of the economic, political, social, and cultural systems at local, national, regional, and global levels

Climate Declaration:

  1. Anti-patriarchal people’s power

  2. Transform food production to ensure food sovereignty

  3. Transform energy production to fight poverty

  4. Transform energy consumption through regulation of renewable energies 

  5. Participate in city planning to ensure fair and sustainable access to land

  6. Eradicate unsustainable exploitation of nature

  7. Transfer funding to developing countries 

  8. Protection of displaced people and be defender of environmental rights

  9. Eliminate all use of fossil fuels

***Contradiction is that carbon dioxide is not, never has been, and never can be a pollutant

-bottom line is the removal of Capitalism

-alter definition of ‘man’s right to life” as people are free to exercise their rights (remove the Constitution that provides the laws to ensure men are truly free)

-must understand the link between individual, economic, and political freedom

-socialism cannot guarantee individual freedom 

****Environmental movement attacks American constitutional republicanism and capitalism

-environmental movement objectives is to insert Marxism through the guise of environmentalism

Ex. Green New Deal uses CRT to declare environmental racism so use environmental justice to target minority communities

-”Degrowth” evolved into a social movement where people engage in collective actions (ex. No more gas powered cars but destroy fossil fuels and push electric even though it will be destructive to all communities

***Definition: social movement envisioned by these utopians would drag America into a regressive, impoverished society with widespread economic and social dislocation to be forcibly applied (ex. Demand for reparations to support ecological debt of the oppressed)

****Marxism ideology eliminates capitalism and promotes redistribution and egalitarianism as it views any materialism as the bigger problem (you won’t own anything and you will like it)

****Marxism requires forced indoctrination, forced reeducation, forced relocation to abolish the existing society by removing its history, family, schools, and religions

-Ann Rand (ecological economics)-immediate goal is to destroy the remnants of capitalism in today’s mixed economy so establish a global dictatorship

-denounce capitalism using psychological tools like guilt and fear

-Capitalism blamed for global warming, global dimming, global cooling, and all consequences of human organisms who reshaped Earth

****Climatology used as a social criticism to enact new forms of material equality, political deliberation, and psychological emancipation

-Man are seen as weaker than the animals where there are social groups that affect environmental hazards

Critical Environmental Justice Pillars:

  1. Recognition that social inequality and oppression in all forms intersect

  2. Current social order stands as a fundamental obstacle to social and environmental justice

  3. Current society must be fundamentally transformed into egalitarian nirvana

  4. Transformation achieved by force, repression, and educational brainwashing

  5. Reject the view enunciated in our Declaration of Independence

  6. Indispensable to the collective to reject white supremacy and human domination

  7. Intersect: Environmental Justice Studies, Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Studies, Critical Feminism and Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Anti-Statists/Anarchist Theory

-Must understand how social inequality, oppression, privilege, hierarchy, and authoritarian institutions and practices shape the lives of human beings. 

-Guise of Declaration on Climate Change: restructure social structures and functions in society: gender, race, sexuality, citizenship, systemic racial hatred, inequality, domination, liberation

Chapter 6


***Note: Marx was a journalist

-Marx understood the power of mass communication and need to control it and shape it to frame events and opinions

-Marx knew the need to inflame and divide the entire nation along ideological lines

-Media’s use of targeted, personal attacks on individuals and subjects that defy or resist the trajectory of events and movements for which journalists have become committed and open advocates

****Marxist thought is the cleansing of history for purification of future existence

-all that came before must be rejected and destroyed, by violent revolution if necessary to make way for the Marxist society (politics, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, charity, education, and all other fields)

-Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government

-Build a revolution against ‘realism,’ common sense, and all ‘the possibilities of the world’

-Ameritopia must include totalitarianism

-Receptive audience filled with society’s disenchanted, disaffected, dissatisfied, and maladjusted who are unwilling to assume personal responsibilities but instead blame their surrounding “the system”

-Result is equal in misery and equality of conformity 

-Liberty is inherently immoral 

-Controlled people can’t tell the difference between truth and fake pseudo-events 

-Pseudo-events (propaganda) intended to deceive, control, and direct the people, are critical to promoting Marxist and totalitarian movements

****”social activism” is a call of the public (community) journalists to promote liberalism tasked to aid in promoting habits of mind and character, the intellectual and moral patterns,putting emotion and purpose into execution to confuse the mind to conform to the indoctrinated with the social activist mindset

–social activists view themselves self-righteously as Good Samaritans

-”Community journalism” is engulfed in Marxism so journalism shifted to substituted slants and biased opinion news

-”Political journalism” undermines American institutions, traditions, and institutions 

-Propaganda pits ‘people of color’ vs. ‘people not-of-color’

-Media pushes systemic racism 

****Goals: Schools, entertainment, media, companies, and government us repressive actions including threats, censorship, character assassination, and banning people, speech, words, broadcasts, and social media access by redefining language, history, knowledge, and science 


-Academic Freedom and Free Speech were once considered the foundation of higher education but are no more on campuses today

-Intolerance and canel culture have spread to outright discrimmination in hiring, promotion, grants, and publication of professors and graduate students who do not abide by the ideology demanded by campus revolutionaries

-Classrooms: CRT teaches white children they were born privileged and advantaged so students study lessons from BLM and Marxist who actively seeks the elimination of capitalism and American governing systems

-Teachers: goal is to conform white privilege, reform history, lessons on ideologies of politics, gender identity, and the rights of intersectional ideologies

-Education is being infused with Marxist-oriented extremely divisive, racist and intersectional indoctrination

-”Global Citizenship”= collective responsibility for climate change 

American Marxism: Use American freedom to destroy freedom






-destroy existing society and culture

-repress liberties through cancel culture

-ban differing views

-false narrative of oppressors and oppressed

-stigmatize “white dominant culture”

-silence voices

-destroy careers

-bankrupt businesses

-undermine and remove academic freedom

-replace with fear and intimidation

-distort American history

-brainwash students

-muzzle media

-promote -isms as weapons

-infiltrate with critical race theory, critical gender theory, critical climate theory, intersectionality theory

Chapter 7

We Choose Liberty-fight against the lies

  1. Not allow the relentless degrading and weakening of police force (ex. Reimagine policing, all police officers are systemically racist) 

  2. Not allow American Marxism to attack our schools and college campuses (ex. Teachers unions promote students be taught to hate our country, promotion of gender fluid sex education k-12, racial propaganda, civics to become social activists)

  3. Not believe social media mouthpieces that promote social activism and progressivism as they assault our liberty, families, and country

  4. Boycott: withdraw support of corporations, media, and big tech who promote American Marxism

  5. Divestment: campaign and withdraw funds to pressure local and state government to withdraw support of Marxist movements

  6. Sanctions: campaign the ban the teaching and indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, and tax-payer-financed policies

  7. Use Freedom of Information ACt to request truth being taught to our youth

  8. Attend board meetings and community committees to examine classroom curriculum, textbooks, and teacher training so fight against what should not be taught

  9. Follow the money-research who you vote for-voting matters 

  10. Climate Crisis is a lie-fight against the expansion of power federal bureaucracy, politicians, and international/global institutions that want to manage, dictate, and control society and our economy through regulations and mandated under the guise of public health and safety, clean air, clean water, and even national security

  1. BE AWARE of your child’s curriculum

Ex. Health & Wellness Lesson:

-awareness of weight based discrimination

-understanding all the -isms like trans-sexualism

-moral issues on abortions as a sex-ed health issues

-sexuality transgenderism

-Marxist Health oppression

-social constructions: why genitals are not part of person identity

-race and gender discrimination ex. Hispanic Trans-intersectionality

-no more binary constructs dominated by Judeo Christian values

-collective healing from ancestry-trauma=systemic racism 

Ex. Math Curriculum 

-purpose to create revolutionaries 

-Algebra and Geometry are racist constructs

-racial disparities in COVID deaths 

-how prison gerrymandering harms communities of color

-racial wealth gap: causes & solutions

-dreams deferred bor DACA applicants

-addressing the rise in hate crimes against AAPI communities

-redefining and racially discriminatory housing practices

-police killing of people of color

Ex. Art Curriculum

-promote social justice

-art as an activist tool used to brainwash students to participate in social activism using stencils

-build a monument to justice

-culture jamming graffiti art

-printmaking for Social Justice 

-design art pieces to identify racism

-design art pieces to identify intersectionality

-draw the lines between explicit and implicit racism

Curriculum changes:
"Oppression entails a state of asymmetric power relations characterized by domination, subordination, and resistance, where the dominating persons or groups exercise their power by restricting access to material resources and by implanting in a subordinated persons or group." (Prilleltensky & Gonick, 1996, p.130)

Levels of oppression:
-social group dehumanization of victims of oppression
-state as systemic structural inequities/discrimination
-verbal or emotional abuse that shapes behavior
-interrelated of images of inferiority of learned helplessness

"Microaggressions are "brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to people of color because they belong to a racial minority group....often unconsciously delivered in the form of subtle snubs, dismissive looks, gestures, and tones." (Sue et al, 2007, p. 273)
ex. micro recognition: lead minoritized individuals to feel invisible
ex. micro validations: help minoritized individuals feel like their identities and experiences are accepted
ex. micro transformations: lead minoritized individuals to feel their identity groups are integrated into the organization
ex. micro protections: lead recipients to feel protected from harmful behaviors, practices, and policies tied to their identity

School Policies that are biased:
-discipline referrals
-dress code
-special education referrals
-access to honors/AP courses

"If you have come to help me, you are not wasting yours time. If you have come because of your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." (Lilla Watson, Aboriginal elder, activist, and educator)

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