Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Great Reset

 Are you ready for the Great Reset?

First must be the state of your church? Which do you attend?

  1. Courageous churches that are standing up for truth both inside the walls of the church and outside  in the public square

  2. Cowardly churches that abdicate political and policy debates because they’re fearful of blowback from taking a stand

  3. The complicit churches that are actually helping the woke left advance their diabolical agenda

The Great Reset: How do you reset if not broken-must break it and swoop in to make it look like you need saving-then reset your mind, body, and soul into worshiping the government entity that broke America in the first place.

10 Steps to destroy America:

  1. Destroy from the inside out by building racial discord so we hate one another based on skin color (example: Critical Race Theory & Restorative Justice)

  2. Redistribution of wealth is a con-not taken from the rich, but make people work harder for less money, debase the currency through inflation. (ex. Raise minimum wage but then products cost more so in actuality you end of making less)

  3. Remove masculinity-war on boys-misgendering (ex. Boys are liabilities in the classroom. Make boys feel like defective girls)

  4. Remote learning was an epic failure-Achievement declined-brainwashed kids in isolation (ex. Masks removed identity of children and silenced voices)

  5. Technology removes intellectual thought, common sense, and true debate (ex. Tech companies cut off voices to silence opposition (truth became a landfill of lies)

  6. Break America to lose the tech race with other countries (US can’t figure out how to provide baby formula, but has to buy it from other countries? Break the economy as well!

  7. Bankrupt America-Government spends so much money on other borders and giving money to one world orders that there will be no capital to fight back 

  8. No defending the country they hate (ex. Schools teach kids to hate America, promotes it is racist, white people are condemned, burn the constitution, and the founding fathers, remove truth of our history)

  9. Allow violence to run rampede, if police are removed and people are fearful enough they will buy into a police state-no right to freedom of speech or to bare arms-only government rule will be allowed

  10. Open borders so the influx crushes the economy, displacing people as the poor grows so government programs are all that will provide families. Full take over so no citizen is equal to the government like the constitution tried to protect. 

8 Predictions 2030 if the Government has their way

  1. Covid lockdowns has consequences: Government set stage for the great reset-You will own nothing and be happy

  2. United State will no longer be the world’s super power

  3. Scientific expansion of synthetic organs (organ donation transformed)

  4. You will eat less meat and like it

  5. A billion people will be displaced by climate change

  6. You could be preparing to go to Mars (heard this one before)

  7. Western values will have been tested to their breaking point (removal of all Christianity, Bible, freedom of religion, morality)

  8. Fossil Fuels will be obsolete to allow clean energy to destroy the grid in line with the great reset (full government control)-Energy will become currency

Consequences of decay of Law & Order

-fearful of government over God

-rejection of truth leads to lawlessness

Ex. restorative justice give the criminal more power and freedoms over the victims

-all cultures have a set of rules of law, but no laws leads to chaos which is Marxism as it is designed to weaken the way of life and society so the outcome is a new order with the removal of order and breaks apart the maintaining civility within society

Ex. incentives for committing crimes like laws that say it is misdemeanor if a person steals under $1,000. Removes the consequences of the commandment:Thou shall not steal. Stealing affects the care for the poor and needy 

-committing crimes are emboldened so people are less safe

–Evil exists so the reality is evil people need to be removed from everyday society, but instead politicians want to remove the ability for law abiding citizens to protect themselves

-role of government has been twisted that public safety is ignored through manipulation and deception by progressives

-ex. Ban citizens owning guns or removal of all prisons so that our foundation is chipped away to lead to removing the Constitution all together. 

-infiltrated the education of our youth that there are no moral absolutes so need for God that lead to destruction of American Capitalism

-Public school goal it to get our young people to be ashamed of America as founded because of past sins

****Today religion looked upon as evil not to be tolerated, but removed

****Teach children they are merely chemical reactions wrapped in skin then the logical conclusion is if we are random evolutionary accidents then our actions carry no moral right

****Human lives have no inherent value

Ex. babies in the womb are treated as inconvenient and disposable dressed up the name of choice 

-if our religious freedom disappears then all other freedoms follow

The Church Recognizes 

Cannot cure America’s illness of the soul through legislation or virtue signaling

The answer is Jesus Christ who gave us infinite value of our lives as he died on the cross so we have meaning and purpose. HIs outpouring of his spirit is the only way to heal our land.

-there is a sickness in the soul of America

-sin is a universal plague

-we are removing the restraints of evil

-Satan was a murderer from the beginning as he obscures God’s light which bring death of the spirit 

-Jesus spoke of the thief that comes to steal, kill, and destroy

-reject Satan’s path, but focus life on Jesus who came so we can have life abundantly

-Christ alone delivers people from bondage, breaks the shackles, and the chain of sin to remove guilt, shame, and ultimate power over sin

-man is broken so we need God’s laws to keep us in check 

“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare” (Jeremih 29:7)

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” Philippians 4:8).

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