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Education: Race and Groomers


****No abnormality and no normality

****Alfred Kinsy opined that humans are naturally bisexual but religious precepts and prejudices have forced people into chastity, heterosexuality, and monogamy-endorsed sodomy-saying that all forms of anal intercourse are natural and healthy

Alfred Kinsey: ‘Father of sexual revolution’ who claimed babies have orgasms and child rape is benefiial to the victum. (His research influenced social and cultural values)

-Kinsey reports “Sexual Behavior in Human Male” (1948) & “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” (1953)

-Biologist whose goal: revolutionizing sexual customs to normalise and legitimise his many illegal fetishes

-Kinsey’s Reports include infant orgasms where he hypothesized that infants are orgasmic from birth, so incestual relationships and paedophilia benefit children

-”Children are sexual and potentially orgasmic from birth (womb to tomb), are unharmed by incest, adult/child sex, and often benefit thereby.”

-belief that “all orgasms are ‘outlets’ and equal between husband and wife, boy and dog, man and boy, girl, or baby

-Kinsey wanted sexual taboos and sex laws to be eliminated so called for “cultural conditioning” 

-1960’s sexual revolution embraced Kinsey’s sexual behaviors theories as an instrument social reforms 


Kinsey-based sex education has put children at risk

A Movement: Government-SDC-Education-your kids

-CDC used a study called “Adverse Childhood Experiences” which looked at various childhood experiences that affected their development and foresee could result in early death. 

-CDC list of negative childhood experiences:

1.Physical and emotional neglect

2. Emotional and sexual abuse

3. Domestic Violence

4. Divorce

Recently added

5. Discrimination (CRT and transectionality, added gender identity to curriculm)

6. Community Disruption

7. Lack of Opportunity

8. Social Capital 

***CDC points that all students can be categorized in one of the above areas so the government has a duty to develop a plan to tailor education in a way that “helps” kids. 

Government intervention model (government’s solution based on CDC today called “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child.” This model changes the role of schools and teachers into places of therapy. This model assumes that every child has some issue. The trick is to identify a label for every student  ex. Oppressed, oppressor, gender confused.

List of model intervention in 10 key areas of education:

  1. Physical education and activity

  2. Nutrition

  3. Health education

  4. Social and emotional climate

  5. Physical environment

  6. Health services

  7. Counseling, psychological, and social services

  8. Employees wellness

  9. Community involvement

  10. Family engagement

***Notice that the role of teacher is one that is an advocate not to stick to the subjects of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. The goal is not to ensure a student gets an education but has been replaced with indoctrination of restorative justice and gender identity. To destroy all constructs of education:

Ex. schools need to have a “Gender Support Plan” as early as elementary school

Ex. allowing teachers to hide circumstances where children change their gender at school (Gender Closets)

Ex. counselors provide “safe places” to receive gender identity support 

Ex. assume that outside of school students are having adverse experiences

******Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used as a guise of “trying to protect kids” therefore a need for promoting puberty blockers and getting surgical altered without the permission of the parent/guardian

Progressive Plan: 

-Social Emotional Learning= equity-centered systems and structures

-Cultural Proficiency= inclusiveness 

-our kids are being brainwashed and it starts with the content they read, see, and hear as toddlers, preschool, and throughout the public school system

-attack and transform the definition of woman that strips away the work women fought for with Title IX-death of NCAA women’s sports

***man can be a woman and win medals in women’s sports as it is in his truth that he is a woman

***society didn’t draw a line when boys/men wanted to use women’s bathrooms and use of locker rooms

***Chromosomes don’t change so men will always have an advantage even it transitioned 

-feminists no longer fight for women’s rights as men are now women

Sex education

 consisted of human biology, reproducatin, hygiene, and marriage. Now school boards are advocating teaching children that they are “sexual beings” from birth and that they need to be aware of all types of sexual behaviors.” 

-Example: trans debates entertains chemical castration of children

-Example: traditional marriage is not promoted, but liberation of relationships to redefine sexual norms

-Example: not such thing as a man or woman -intersex and asexual genders 

-Example: dead naming is using the original name of transitioned person

-No definition of what a woman is

-Men can become pregnant (men become the oppressed group)

History education

-Constitution is a liberal document

-American history through lens of Critical Race Theory-so no pride in growing up an American

-Founding fathers were racist and only wanted white privilege to prevail

-Must break the oppression held over people who deserve reparations


Purpose of education is to gas light, remove parental rights, and build programs based on propaganda

-gay flag in classroom

-adult comes out to kids of sexuality and push students to think about their own pronouns

-promote activities like “drag queen story hours”

-become social justice warriors

-become gender fluid

-there is no moral truths so each person has own truth so no absolutes regarding being a citizen or sexual being

-recognize deteriorating society so need for mass liberation

Infiltration of LGBTQ vision on our kids…………


  1. Tolerate-is not bothering me than I just will not say anything

  2. Accept-if you do speak up to disagree then you are a bad person (canceled)

  3. Celebrate-take your kid to gay pride parade or trans story hour

  4. Participate-no age limit on hormone blockers, x on birth certificates, no gender or gender fluid, schools and government promote kids to change identity without family input

Seems like this is happening more often:

Disney and Sesame street push propaganda into the minds of our children. In this cartoon series “Baymax” has a boy character that menastrates and promotes same sex relationships of young kids. (June 30th)

Progressive Agenda:

Tyranny-watch your language, your word choice, you or association, you social media comments always as if someone is watching and if you say something wrong your life will be derailed and if you answer yes then you are not free.

Grooming children- 

Example: teachers talk about sexuality to elementary students 

Example: assignments like draw places in your home where you can touch yourself in private

Indoctrinate kids-

-Hate America

-Only see through lens of race and gender oppression

-Only accept collective thought

-Removal of any individuality but conformity

-Demoralize, confuse, and force people to submit to progressive will 

-Disagree then you will be canceled

-All careers embrace pronouns and gender identity

***example: military run with transgender flag not American flag

-Women are not special so replace women with “birthing persons” and “menstruating persons”

When government becomes God you get the following:

Disrupting Dehumanization and Affirming the humanity of BYMOC (boys and young men of color) and their village

-Racialized trauma that stunts healing to thrive in healthy villages

-provide safe and supportive spaces 

-culturally responsive programming

-CDC involved with health consequences of individuals who sustained trauma

-Racism linked to discrimintation so outcomes are negative health outcomes like substance abuse and depression

-Toxic stress: emotionally costly that affects brain development so consequences for behaviors need to be seen through the lens of race

Racialized Trauma

  1. Historical dehumanization-US history no longer taught by dominant culture-being proud of our history is dangerous in inflicts pain on people and communities

  2. Cultural/spiritual dehumanization-removal of Judeo-Christian values that whitewash other cultural and spiritual practices

  3. Social dehumanization-juvenile justice systems removal of consequences but resources spent on reforms in disproportionate minority communities

  4. Emotional dehumanization-police are a trigger of people of color as their emotions have been trampled upon so fear and injustices need to be addressed 

  5. Physical dehumanization-thoughts, feelings and actions of dominant culture put blame on people of color as they are the only threat to communities-consequences of behaviors is undeserved when seen through the lens of dominant culture-white lens 

***Only way to heal is to address all the above to ensure reframing of all policies in homes, schools, communities, and in governmental control

What can you do to combat and be ready for the battle? PragerU has a number of short videos that can help educate parents and families. Find out what is being taught in your kids’ school. 

  1. Go to board meetings

  2. Join the PTA

  3. Get to know the teachers

  4. Look at curriculum

  5. Ensure opt-out options

  6. Watch the social media your kids’ participate in 

  7. Watch who your kids’ are friends with in person and online

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