Tuesday, November 7, 2023

November 7, 2023 DDF Politics and Cancer

 Okay, well I have run out of memory space in my google photos. So, I've been researching where I would put my conversations in the car if I continue that part. I think my writing is a bit more interesting. Instead of trying to force myself to record weekly I may just post one here and there when a topic I just need to talk about comes up. I am converting my videos to Youtube so wish me luck.

I volunteered at a rally for the first time. Not saying for whom, but I did get a pretty on-fire sunburn on my forehead and cheeks. Yikes, but all healed now and thank goodness for cocoa butter and my favorite numbing cream, Penetrex, which took the sting away. I gotta remember I am old and way past my baby oil sun tanning days. I really just wanted to see if the vibe of what I see on tv was real. It was and I am glad I went. People avoid even talking about politics, so being around people who were willing to talk about issues was a great experience. We didn’t all agree on every item, but were able to have a calm conversation on the future of our state and that of our country. Politics will be heating up with the 2024 election coming. My hope is that people get talking and ensure your vote is legal and meaningful.

My Faith Votes does not point to a specific politician, but when we write letters or postcards we always say to do your research and vote for your faith and values. I read that people are voted in not just by votes, but by those who chose not to use their voice so didn’t vote. Those none-votes are usually given to the person who doesn’t have your faith and values in mind. I know many say my vote will not matter and the election may not end the way I want, but I do know my God is watching. He provided this great country where we have the privilege of voting and I want to be a good steward of the privilege of living in such a beautiful country. Hope you all take the time to research, pray, and take time to vote.

**Side note for Republicans-the Caucus will be February 8, 2024-no places set yet but will be coming out soon.

Politics aside, I read a young woman many love dearly posted on her status say “here we go again” hashtag cancer sucks. The gut punch as I read through the responses that the battle won so many years ago would be back so I ask prayers for this young family whose now wife and mother is preparing to go back in and fight. May we all not take healthy life for granted so be there for one another and know you are not alone in whatever is happening in your life. May healing wash over her today and everyday. May the strength of God cover this beautiful family. Many blessings to each of you.

I send this song out to her today and to any of you who need to be reminded who walks beside you through every storm in life. “I’ll Be Okay, but Lydia Laird.”

Give me peace when I am tossed and frightened
Lost among the waves
Give me hope when I am in doubt
And fears are clouding up my faith
Would You come and move the mountains
'Cause I'm too weak to climb?
Promise that You're with me in this fight
I can hear the thunder, but I'm okay
'Cause You're with me
I know You will cover me, I'll be safe

'Cause You're with me
I'll be okay, I'll be okay
I'll be okay, I'll be okay


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