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The Stakes Ch. 5-6 Notes: America at the Point of No Return by Michael Anton

 Chapter 5:

Economic-Administrative Zones:

Homogenization: economic theory

-the ruling-class “celebration” of “diversity” masks and even leads to, their underlying and fundamental push for homogenization

-differentiating products to satisfy cultures, tastes, and needs undercut economies of scale and drives down profits

-hire fungible workers who never stand up for themselves drives down wages 

***transformation of the world economy


-uses homogenization as a very effective way to make the population pliant and controllable

-this enables manipulation for the rulers in a nominal democracy who still rely on elections to gain, keep, and legitimize power


Ex. porn is a moral and spiritual disaster for society, but when used as a political idealog: porn is good as it reduces rapes

What kind of leaders harm their own citizens?

-leaders that fear citizens

-those who wish to strip them of any restiveness that might coalesce into threats to the ruling class

-its purpose is to deaden you

-to drain you of any sense of dignity, self-worth, fighting spirit, or inner belief that you are worthy of respect

-render you  unwilling to stand up and demand–to fight for–what you’re owed as a human being and citizen 

-the ultimate aim is pacification


-literal decline of moral behavior from one generation to the next

-ruling class prefers you to be doped up, drunk, obsessed with consumerism, spectacle, porn and sexually addicted, etc…

**completely opposite from that of our founding fathers

**ruling class incapable of self-government

-full destruction of any lasting moral and republican virtue in the citizenry

-making “citizen” or any common good alien and even worse hostile

-every move they make is for their own self-interest 

-claim to be serving some higher good such as an earthly utopia

***it gives the lie to the notion that the ruling class couldn’t possible intend the destruction of the middle class, the historic core of the American nation

**demoralization is the deliberate lowering of morale, enthusiasm, belief in the future, confidence that whatever difficulties lay ahead, the outcome will be worth it

-truly demoralized people allow the eroding of their standard of living

-ruling class demoralizes the citizens to accept their own impoverishment

-ruling class demoralizes the citizens to accept their literal starvation by cutting wages, inflation, outsourcing jobs, importing foreign competition, driving up costs of housing and other essentials

-ruling class demoralizes citizens through mass immigration and de facto amnesty

-ruling class demoralizes America by using our own education system against its citizens

-teaching that America must be anti-white, anti-Western, anti-Americanism

Ex. painting Christopher Columbus as a genocidal maniac

Ex. Jamestown was a slave colony (attacking history)

Ex. the 1st Thanksgiving was anti-Native America

-rewrite history to brainwash within the education system

some points:

**drill into kids that they should never be proud of America but ashamed as the country has never had any past achievement

1. First, because it’s not your past; none of you personally accomplished any of that and it’s unreasonable to be proud of something you didn’t do

2. Second, it’s not even your ancestors’ past; they and you are falsifying history–stole that past from its real heroes-those who are oppressed 

3. Third, because your past is shameful and evil it is irrational to be proud of past actions but you should feel guilty for things you have not personally done as you are in the line of white supremacists and oppressors

***This toxin started brewing in universities but is not spread through k-12 education

***Students are being indoctrinated to hate their country

***America is importing mass immigrants that hate this country


1.Has any other nation in history dedicated its entire education system to teaching its own children to hate their country, its history, at least half of their fellow citizens

2. Has there ever been a racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse society whose ruling class, as matter of policy, used the schools to attack and demonize any semblance of a common national identity?

-a ruling class that will use distortion, omission, exaggeration, puffery, unjust denigration, and straight-up demonization

Ex. 1619 Project tried to use inclusion and demystification arguments in the name of balancing historical facts that only used untruths to make their point-no no avail-discredited movement

-A demoralized population is unlikely to rise in its own defense, assert its rights, to insist on a say in how it is governed, or to demand a share of the future

America’s future = China?

-force feeding propaganda to the domestic market

-they don’t care about or are actively hostile to your needs, wants, and tastes

-they want you to sit still and shut up

-They want you to die, preferably without reproducing

**transformation of the United States, the West, and rest of the world interconnected economic-administrative zone

-individualism must be stamped out and replaced with the collective

-remove religion/God as religious superstitions

Ex. override religious freedom over fundamental rights of the collective like LGBTQ so

-you must make a cake even if it is against your religious beliefs

-you must not prevent a public library from host a drag queen story hour

-you must prioritize the collective over a superstitious religion

Chapter 6:


***one body, one population one citizenry

***If everyone in the world is American then no one is American

***the logic of immigration absolutism leads to its own unraveling: in insisting on the universality of Americanness, it strips Americanism of all distinction or meaning

-xenophiles are those who reject open-borders absolutism and fear the death of the West which is wrong

-rewrite American history, glorify immigration, and demonize anyone who dares question it

-now liberal consensus for America

-leftward cultural, political, and economic shifts to shape immigration policies

-immigration only enriches America

-immigration makes us better people, collectively and individually

-there is an economic case for mass immigration

-immigration solves America’s fertility problem 

-immigrants are Americans

-immigrants are more American than Americans

-endless immigration will fix entitlements

-borders open to finance entitlement

-immigration enriched America is vibrant 


**immigrants change the culture force changes in the laws

**immigrants do not make America less racist by making it more diverse

**countries change to accommodate the demands and preferences of immigrants

-with each new ethnic group transplanted to America brings with it, to varying degrees, the grudges, animosities, and quarrels of division

-their personal beliefs intrude on American policies including transforming the American electorate

-mass immigration entitlement and retirement systems such as Social Security and Medicare without ever putting in a dime to provide all the services 

-civilization die off through open borders through conquest, disease, famine, and internal strife

-wealth breeds self-indulgence

-immigrants breed and citizens of America do not then that is the the great replacement theory come true

Break America: Is it now a right to move to America? Immigrants provide votes

**change the vernacular from immigrate to emigrate (weaponized social experiment)

**transformation of “civil rights” that give foreigners inherent “rights” who emigrate to America regardless of American law or the expressed will of the American people

**the burden of proof is placed on the American people to justify limiting the supposed “rights” of foreigners

-occupancy of American soil is to bring in more and more immigrants

-increase of immigration demands push up prices on all items, foods, services, and housing

-discourage fertility as “overpopulation” is killing the planet

-the real threat to mother earth is Americans having babies

-promote endless “education,” “careerism,” consumerism,” and late marriage to restructuring society and the economy to make families less affordable 

-need for more taxpayers to pay for America’s expensive entitlement systems which are already bankrupt and can’t possibly meet the obligations to ever growing population

-entitlement insist that our system is unsustainable even with a vastly larger U.S. population

-promised benefits are too generous 

****dramatic declines in living standards–which overpopulation would certainly cause–America would still eventually run out of sufficient space, water, clean air, and food and land on which to grow it to support a population without limits

-endless population growth cannot be the solution to the entitlement problem

-public assistance is shouldered by taxpayers

****They = foreigners, who are now the new “we the people”

Republicans: The Stupid Party

-the party that shrugged and takes for granted that mass immigration is a trend over which no political control can or should be exerted, like the change of seasons

-the party is so passive when their own electoral prospects depend on them doing something, when their own voters tell them over and over that they want immigration into the United States to vastly be lessoned

-Republicans desperately want to believe that since banking is the ultimate business–it’s all about the money

-Republican sectors: energy, pharma, defense, agriculture, manufacturing, economy

-should be governing in the interests of the actual voters

-the GOP used to be pro-business 

**not on behalf of hedge funds, derivatives, diversity consultants, outsourcing,hookup apps, and global supply chains, chamber of Commerce

-Republicans should not give federal concessions: tax breaks, pork projects, defense appropriations–for their donors

-Republicans should be benefit taxpayers by rejecting mass immigration (open borders)

***Republicans are so daft on immigration is that a majority of them have completely internalized the rewritten Narrative of America as a “proposition nation” with a racist past that must be atoned for 

-Republicans buy into demoralization who should be standing against being called racist and limit mass immigration

**Shortsightedness will destroy them as a national party, the same way that unchecked mass immigration has made Republicans irrelevant

History: Democracy

Democracy- Greek- literally meaning “rule” by the “common people”

Democracy- is rule of the whole political community (polis) by a part of that community 

-classical philosophers and historians alike condemn democracy as a bad form of government, in part because of the specific nature of the demos

-our founders avoided the word “democracy”

Democracy- after one thing and one thing only: majority rule

-rule is the ensure a voice for the collectivity, to prevent the state from becoming an instrument that purely serves the few, or the one

-electoral college are so viciously attacked and despised 

-the goal is to eliminate the Republican party

**international neoliberal order and enforce its edicts to facilitate the movement of capital, goods, and labor across borders in ways that benefit themselves

-expect the rich to get richer and the middle class to disappear

-wages will fall and employer-funded healthcare will disappear

-replace it with socialized medicine

-quality of care will for all but the people at the very top who can buy out of the government system

-implement mass immigration, trade, and war 

-public-private: trade, tax, and labor (migration) patterns and paradigms that benefit finance and big business

-government collusion with big business, especially tech and finance

-government promoting “social credit system” by ranking people based on their opinions

-use of mass surveillance

-government tells us we have no political rights and aht self-government is impossible

***the left has finally found a way around the First Amendment:consolidate all “speech” and public expression onto a handful of private-sector platforms run by oligarchs and staffed by Wokerati

***Money playbook expanded to banking and credit to take over financial system to move to a cashless society

***nationalized healthcare services already denying medical care to those deemed racist, sexist, or homophobic (ex. Covid care)

***change the culture through smartphones, entertainment, social media, video games, porn, drugs (ex. Legalization of marajuana and indifference to opioid epidemic)

***Criminal justice reform finds criminals as a protected class who go unpunished

***Sexualization of children where pedophiles become the protected class 

Government control wish list:

-opposition eliminated or neutralized

-humiliation is part of the appeal

-religious persecution (hate the Jews-honor Hamas)

-abolishing ICE-open borders 

-eliminate America’s entire energy section (the Green New Deal - Climate hoax)

-reparations racially divisive built on DEI oppressor and the oppressed

-removal of the Constitution, no more creator or “we the people”

-legislative power and executive power used in an unaccountable way

-congress has not power but defers all to the executive power

-Democrats are in power and can do whatever it wants 

-there will come a point where there is no need for rigged elections that is fully controlled by the Democrats

-replacement gendersim wokeness in our military 

The only hope:

-restoration of the American Constitutional order

-insist on fundamentals such as virtue, morality, piety, liberty, industry, enterprise, thrift, decency modesty, and courage 

-take the pages of their own playbook to fight back for the survival of the America our founders intended it to be 

-claim back “we the people” 

-stop calling open borders immigration reform and be honest about closing our borders

-truth about the effects of the Coronavirus shutdowns had on the economy and businesses 

-fix our crumbling infrastructures 

-remove environmental-cultists 

-bring back pro-American industrial and trade policies

-full transparency on cost of healthcare including all drugs by pharma

-civil service reform-for the people by the people

-bring back “family values” 

-bring back law and order-appreciation of our police, border patrol, etc..

-an accountable justice system-punishment of those who break laws 

-maintain positive foreign and defense policies

-bring back patriotic education into our schools

***pledge our loyalty to the Constitution our country was founded