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Jack Hibbs Podcast with Karen England: Porn or just an innocent graphic book?

 Here is the link to the actual podcast and some resources

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUqivBwuZIA (Jack Hibbs Podcast w/Karen England)

Take Back the Classroom


What are our kids learning?

 Why are parents showing up to school board meetings reading the graphic books 

 students are assigned to read?

-go to a meeting and see as they read these graphic books their mic is cut off or

they are removed from the meeting

for being too obscene

-school boards are using the obscenity laws to stop parents and other from 

reading the material in the meeting

-school boards us the exemption from the obscenity laws to ensure the graphic

books are available to K-12 students

What you don’t know:

-sex-education-passed back in 2015-annal sex taught in the classroom

-can’t use obscenity laws against graphic books

-obscene laws the prevents graphic books in school, but legislation gave an 

exemption on obscenity to (40 states)

state legislature exemption from obscenity laws in public libraries and public schools,

 and universities

-can’t ban books

-Where are these books? Libraries and in classroom curriculum

-AP & honors classes assign graphic books

EX. lists of banned books given to students and the assignment was to read

these books and decide which book

they want to do a book report on (no opting out for non-graphic book)

-Librarian is the book banners as they decide what books are on the shelves

-School systems believes they own your child 

-American Library Association promotes-1st week in October-premeditated

pitch to indoctrinate your

kids-curiosity pitch-displays 

-What better way to catch the attention of our kids but to tell them to read banned books?

-books bought with tax dollars

-virtue signaling-child protection-women’s rights-moralists-perversion-begins and ends in 


Last days-doctrines of demons, teachings of demons, spiritual wickedness

These things manifest themselves in humans to promote this doctrine

Resurrection of pagan religions as it comes after children and is always pornographic

Ishtar pagan rituals 

Federal tax dollars are paying for 

Small Example of Books: 

How to mentally molest our children in our public school system

1.Push by Sapphire: has a graphic rape erotica, incest, and molest scenes

**Parents have tried to read this book in school board meeting but they are cut off and

told they can’t read out

loud in spite of having a 1st amendment right to speak out about this book which

inappropriate for young minds

2. All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson has graphic LGBTQIA+ sexual scenes

3.Tell me: What Children Really Want to Know Bodies, Sex, and Emotions by Katerine Von der

4.Gethan was written for elementary students and includes descriptions of self affection like

touching own body and being okay with masturbation and figuring out what feels good when

another person is touching you

**if a kid reads this and is being molested start seeing it as just being normal

4.The Big Bathhouse by Kyo Maclear & Gracey Zhang is used as an example of cultural

appropriation-Adults and kids bathing together, but the problem is it is written for kids in


5. Tricks by Ellen Hopkins-criticized for having heterosexual and white prostitutes, questions

the age of consent

6. A Court of Mist and Fury-child perversion book series with Adult fantasy content

****Parents be watchful of QR Codes in the books your kids are reading****

Trans+ by Karen Rayne

-end of every chapter are QR codes -take you to a planned parenthood site

-how to have trans sex QR codes sends you to a site where you have to lie that

you are 18-

-educational book found in public schools system steering your kids to

planned parenthood

-connection between what is being taught pushing books because they think

it is great and

if you read it you

need planned parenthood to do it

-this goes through the authors QR codes so kids are now targeted by the groups and

 authors of this

pornographic material so invites and ads pop up in your kids feed

-transitioning-binders-how to get transitioned without parent consent-secret society

-they are banking on parents not caring

Why confronting graphic novels in our schools?

-erotica: picture porn-it leaves a lot to the imagination-start to visualize-developing 

worldview on sex-

-uses and abuses the kids natural ability to be curious about their body

-outcomes: suicide, assaulting each other, sexual assaults in school, 

-when looking at the pictures in these books forever change the mind 


-12 years old average age being exposed to pornography

-15% surveyed said saw porn below the age of 10

-75% age 17 had seen pornography

-52% age 17 has seen graphic porn-rape or someone in pain, choking

Why it should matter to the church

-Pagan religions focus on the children

-All ancient religions responsible for the rape and murder of children to their gods are 

starting to resurface

--practices of the Babylonians-worship systems

-How to worship Dianna-these are spiritual issues

-We were created in the image of God and Satan hates this 

-Biblical issues: Satan is going after Christian principles

-Women like romance novels-Sarah Moss-uses that to draw young female readers

-How can you be complicit when you drop your kids off at school knowing the building 

contains pornography?

******If Satan can destroy the kids then he controls the culture

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