Monday, September 11, 2023

Ever heard of the Lift Principles?

 Ever heard of the Lift Principles? LIFT stands for limited government, individual liberties, free enterprise, and traditional values (Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute)

Limited Government:

-government should be fiscally responsible

-not wasteful, fraudulent, or inept by increasing public debt

-taxation should never be employed for the purpose of redistributing wealth

-government should not restrict productivity, economic growth, or savings

-government should encourage self-sufficiency and promote the work ethic among its citizenry

-public funds should not be used for people who are capable, but unwilling to provide for their own needs

-government welfare programs for the needy should strive to enforce dignity of the individual, strengthen the family unit, and individual’s potential for self-sufficiency

Individual Liberty:

-laws tend to restrict free exercise of liberty and property

-no law should pass unless there is compelling reason to do so

-proponents of any law should have the burden of proof that the passage is necessary

-rights of the individual should, but not be limited to, those rights guaranteed in the Constitutions and the Bill of Rights of the United States

-rights should include God-given rights of freedom

-the individual is more important than the state

-individual's obligation to conduct himself as a responsible and productive member of society

-all citizens are entitled to security of their persons and property

-government’s primary task is the maintenance of law and order to ensure these rights are protected

-system of just must afford each persona access to competent representation and a level playing field to ensure justice can be met

Free Enterprise:

-through free markets, individuals and groups form relationships and exercise self-government 

-states should intervene to establish minimum health and safety standard that encouraged competition

-it is dangerous when the government chooses to use power to regulate free people 

-individuals have the right to choose in free market systems

-individuals have the responsibility to inform themselves to make choices that best suits their needs

-government should actively enforce fraud statutes

-government should not attempt to protect the public from what it perceives as poor choices

-private property is the cornerstone of a free nation

-communal needs should not override private property rights for the sake of convenience

Traditional Values:

-family is the foundation of society

-government should not interfere in its function as little as possible

-family unity and inter-dependency is necessary to foster and encourage culture, learning, and long-term national stability

-parents have rights and obligation in the upbringing of their children, including their moral, intellectual, and physical development

-marriage is meant to be a permanent relationship between one man and one woman and is the foundation for healthy and stable families

-human life is sacred and inviolable from conception to natural death

-protections of the unborn and elderly, compassionate care for the sick and infirm are essential elements of a culture of life and necessary for the health of civil society

-traditional American ideals must be preserved and impressed upon each generation

-duty, honor, and love of country are some of those values, but equally important are the pursuit of justice and equality before the law 

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